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Week 37
12 May - 19 May
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Team and Player Stats

# Team
 Erling Haland
Erling Haland
 Cole Palmer
Cole Palmer
 Alexander Isak
Alexander Isak
 Dominic Solanke
Dominic Solanke
 Ollie Watkins
Ollie Watkins
 Mohamed Salah
Mohamed Salah
 Heung Min Son
Heung Min Son
 Jarrod Bowen
Jarrod Bowen
 Bukayo Saka
Bukayo Saka

Betting stats

Live EPL Scores - EPL Schedule and Games Today

While you might be considering the EPL betting lines out there, this page has been set up to serve as your guide while venturing through the world of online sports betting. There is plenty to know about the industry and here at Oddspedia, we aim to make all of this information readily available to any interested customers on the market.

EPL Live Scores

If you are considering placing a wager on an upcoming EPL fixture, you will need to take a lot  of information into consideration. Jumping into the scene without having done the necessary research may just end up causing you to join a lower quality sportsbook or you might be missing a clear opportunity to place an informed wager. We will be running through all the crucial details like the vast number of EPL stats, the general EPL odds you will find and what the recommended EPL lines are for the fixtures over the weekend.

The EPL features 20 teams from England and Wales and all of them compete in a league format where each team plays the other in both a home and away fixture. Here with Oddspedia, you will be able to find all of these fixtures in one convenient place. You can browse through our comprehensive calendar to get an idea of how a team’s upcoming opposition looks. You will also be able to find live scores of current games and the relevant results information to help inform your wagers. The EPL is one of the most competitive leagues on the planet and you will need all the information you can find to gain an edge with your EPL predictions.

Since the league is so competitive, you will find quite a variety of EPL betting odds out there as each sportsbook tends to favour one side of a match up. You can use this difference in odds on offer to try out some online betting strategies that experts make use of. Find out all about the numerous strategies within the online betting scene right here, you won’t miss a detail with Oddspedia and you also won’t have to visit any unnecessary site to find the latest EPL scores. 

EPL Stats, Standings & Top Scorers 

When it comes to placing an online sports wager, the more stats you have access to, the more information you can make use of to make your prediction. EPL odds may serve as one indicator towards the potential winner of the match up but there are so many more stats you can make use of. Once you have been through the EPL betting lines, be sure to check through the comprehensive statistics page right here at Oddspedia. This includes team and player statistics that will detail exactly how each player is performing in terms of goals scored, assists, clean sheets, fouls, suspensions and more. This will provide you with a further insight into the upcoming fixture.

In terms of the EPL champions odds, these can vary dramatically. Most soccer fans will remember the season Leicester City shocked the world to become the EPL champions and each season proves that the underdog teams also have a shot at claiming the title. You can also use our site to keep a close eye on the league table to see how the season is progressing and this may help in making your decision regarding the next fixture. Keep in mind that the lower three teams of the table will be relegated to the Championship at the end of the season.

You will also be able to make use of our winning streaks tool to help get a better picture of the EPL odds on offer. This will allow you to determine which team is in top form and may just provide you with the crucial piece of information to place that winning wager. You can compare the various teams and players if you would live to delve deep into the statistics of the EPL.

EPL news 

Another crucial tool that you can make use of with your online sports betting would be the news that is covered regarding the EPL betting lines. Not only do we bring you the latest scores and stats here at Oddspedia, but we also cover the various news topics surrounding the league to make sure that you don’t miss a thing for the upcoming games. Our news section has been compiled with our readers in mind and you will find just about everything you are looking for right here within our service.

The EPL has massive media coverage and our news section will bring you all the latest headlines from reputable news sources. This will usually include squad updates such as players returning from injury, or perhaps a younger player is looking to claim a spot in the starting lineup. We will also cover all the news surrounding the various transfer rumors that the league generates. With the EPL odds, you will find that there are two transfer windows throughout the season and this brings in a mass of speculation about which players are headed where. A new player can seriously shift the momentum of a team and you might find that the new arrival is exactly what the team needed to turn around a series of losses.

We also consider the social media presence of the clubs and players to find the latest little bits of information provided directly from the source. This is an incredibly powerful tool if used correctly. You might find, for example, that a player is unhappy with their current circumstances which could lead to a bad performance. To scour through each of these profiles is a challenge for any bettor out there and our team of experts here at Oddspedia have done the necessary work for you. You will be able to find all the relevant information right here.

To be able to place your money on some of the EPL odds available, you will need to have an active account with one of the many betting sites on the market. There are so many operators online today and each week we find a new service provider joining the ranks. This might cause a number of readers to feel overwhelmed by too many options, but each of them have been passed through our world-class review structure that allows a fair insight into the service that each of them provide.

One of the best sportsbooks on the scene today would have to be FanDuel. The online betting service has been on the market for a number of years and offers some of the best EPL odds and sportsbook promos on the market. You will also be able to watch all of the action unfold with their live betting and live streaming services. The entire FanDuel experience is licensed by the necessary commission and you will find a top quality customer service team to provide you with support if you encounter any issues with their service. If you are looking at placing a wager on the EPL betting lines, you won’t be disappointed with the service that FanDuel provides.

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EPL expert predictions & today’s free picks

EPL betting lines may prove to be a bit more complicated than you expected. For this reason, we have put together a team of experts who also offer predictions for the upcoming fixtures. While the prediction has no guarantee that the scoreline will materialize, you are able to find the opinion that is offered by some of the most experienced bettors in the industry. Our predictions are made readily available to all of our readers and you will also be able to make use of the public consensus module which gives you an aggregated opinion of what the result will be for the specific fixture.

These predictions should be taken into consideration along with our detailed picks pages that are included within our service. Our resident pool of experts has put together a number of picks pages that will help you avoid the mistakes that plenty of online sports bettors have made at the beginning of their careers. These picks pages will prove invaluable once you have gotten going and you can learn from some experienced sports fanatics on the scene. Keep this in mind while you are shopping through all of the EPL odds that are provided by online sportsbooks and sports betting apps.

It is important to remember that the EPL is an incredibly competitive league and even the most experienced soccer fanatics will have trouble predicting who will win each fixture. For this reason, it is recommended that you only bet on the league if you have some knowledge that is relevant to it and that you are familiar with soccer itself. By sticking to what you know, you avoid any unnecessary risk when you are placing your wagers.


By now, you should have a thorough understanding of the EPL odds out there and how you can look to incorporate all of this information within your online sports betting. You will be able to find the complete fixture list of the EPL right here on our site, and all of these fixtures are also updated with live scores when they are taking place. You will also be able to find all of the details surrounding the results of the games that have already been played.

Be sure to check through all of our stats that are included within the service to further inform your EPL predictions. You will also find the league top scorers and standings within this service. Our news resource will bring you the latest information from the popular news outlets covering the EPL. You can also find the odds that sportsbooks are offering on the upcoming matches to find the best deal for the fixture you are interested in. Use this alongside our expert predictions to gain an informed opinion regarding each match. All of these tools should definitely be of help when you are looking to place your bets.

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