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MasterCard, a prominent payment brand in the financial sector, facilitates money transfers between individual and business accounts, ensuring security against external breaches. Thanks to its reliable infrastructure, MasterCard is also employed in managing funds for online betting.

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4.9 /5
MasterCard MasterCard
Max. limit Processing time Min. limit Transaction fee
Deposit 0.00 Instant $10.00 No fee
Withdraw 0.00 2 Hours $10.00 $0.00
Visit Site Caesars Payments
4.9 /5
MasterCard MasterCard
Max. limit Processing time Min. limit Transaction fee
Deposit 0.00 Instant $10.00 No fee
Withdraw 0.00 2 Hours $10.00 $0.00
Visit Site BetRivers Payments
4.8 /5
MasterCard MasterCard
Max. limit Processing time Min. limit Transaction fee
Deposit 0.00 Instant $10.00 No fee
Withdraw 0.00 - 0.00 No fee
Visit Site betMGM Payments
4.7 /5
MasterCard MasterCard
Max. limit Processing time Min. limit Transaction fee
Deposit $30,000.00 Instant $10.00 No fee
Withdraw $30,000.00 2 Hours $10.00 $0.00
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4.7 /5
MasterCard MasterCard
Max. limit Processing time Min. limit Transaction fee
Deposit 0.00 Instant $10.00 No fee
Withdraw 0.00 - 0.00 No fee
Visit Site Borgata Payments

All betting companies that accept debit/credit cards take advantage of the expansive reach of MasterCard, which facilitates payment for over 300 million users. This article will guide betting sites through creating a payment model with MasterCard in order to effectively tap into this large audience.

About MasterCard - what makes it a good choice?

MasterCard has one of the best online security systems. It is updated regularly hence no third party can interfere with transactions. Thanks to its money transfer processes, its anti-money laundering activities are easily captured with the system, making betting safer.

It is the first choice payment method for many businesses due to the wide network. MasterCard has satellite offices and operational jurisdiction in most countries in the world.

How to start betting with MasterCard?

Everything You Need To Know In 5 Easy Steps!

How to start betting with MasterCard?
Open A MasterCard Account

Register, create a MasterCard account and add some money.

Visit Your Desired Sportsbook

Log in to your sports betting account and register the payment method

Access The Cashier Page

Go to the cashier/payments page and select MasterCard

Deposit Funds

Enter the total amount of funds that you wish to deposit and click on the deposit button.

Confirm Deposit

Confirm that the funds have been added to your balance at the sportsbook and continue betting.

How Does MasterCard Work?

It is a debit/credit card payment option that links with the betting site through a special code. The movement of money is between the betting account and MasterCard holding account, which in most cases is a bank. There are security procedures such as username and passwords, which are unique to the gamer. In case of a deposit or withdrawal, the transaction has to start from the betting site.

MasterCard App

The MasterCard app helps in multiple ways other than facilitating payments. Besides money transfer, it can help identify nearby MasterCard ATMs, Point of Sale spots and locations. Others are frequent merchant spots, a map showing the larger area and where to use the card. To get it go to App Store (iOS), Google Play (Android), or Windows Store (Windows phone) and search for the MasterCard app and download it.

Costs and Fees

All deposits from MasterCard to the betting site do not attract any fees. However, other sportsbooks have a withdrawal fee based on the amount the user withdraws. The reason and amount levied for withdrawals is a discussion between the payment service provider and MasterCard. Others give the transaction charge as a bonus, which they can use on special markets.

How to use MasterCard for betting

Before using the card on the betting account, depositing and confirmation is the sure way to confirm it. The next 3 subtopics explains in detail MasterCard account registration, depositing and withdrawing.

Opening MasterCard Account

  1. MasterCard accounts are joined to a bank account.
  2. Therefore, you have to go to a bank that offers MasterCard services and request a MasterCard sign-up.
  3. Present your personal details, including your phone number and an email address.
  4. These two will be used to verify your identity. You will be given a card with a special number at the back that you will use to link to the betting site.

Depositing To Your Sportsbook Balance

After linking the card to your sportsbook account, go to your account and click on deposit. Select MasterCard and write the amount you would like to withdraw. A code will be sent to your phone or email to verify the transaction. After confirmation, the amount will be credited into the sportsbook account, ready to be used.

Withdrawing from Your Sportsbook Account

  • Go to your account and click on withdraw.
  • From the list given, select MasterCard and enter the amount you would wish to withdraw.
  • Press okay and wait for a confirmation push message from the sportsbook.
  • The money will move into your MasterCard, where you can access it via point of sale, an ATM, or online transaction.

Which countries accept online betting with MasterCard?

The 320 million people and businesses that access MasterCard are spread throughout the world. Since betting is accepted in nearly all countries, it logically informs that many betting sites rely on MasterCard to facilitate payments. Thanks to its secure transactions and advantageous properties, it is popular among betting companies.

Its vast customer base confirms its global network, a factor that makes it popular among payment methods. It does not have any usage limitation in any country that accepts sports or casino gaming. The only payment option that can rival MasterCard is VISA.

The best online betting sites that accept MasterCard 

FanDuel is one of the biggest gambling companies in the United States. MasterCard is one of the main payment options listed, with a good number of bettors using it. Besides periodic deposit reloads and timely transactions, the payment method opens up financial independence for the betting site in countries allowed to set base.

MasterCard betting bonus

Some betting sites have specific offers where part of the terms and conditions is deposit via MasterCard. A good number of special occasions such as welcome bonuses and reload offers. The reason for such specialisation is operationalisation; directing more players towards the payment. Thanks to its anti-money laundering processes, betting companies prefer it to make their work easier.

Also, MasterCard sometimes runs promotions in conjunction with the bookmaker to increase membership and participation on the platform.

Conclusion: finding good sportsbooks that accept MasterCard

Part of the reason why people settle for a sportsbook is the ease of doing transactions. MasterCard has good processes that make betting experience easier. Online betting with MasterCard has advantages such as security systems, faster pay-out rates and competitive pricing for withdrawals.

We also have MasterCard sponsored promotions and offers, which part of the requirement is using MasterCard.

To be certain, ensure you do background research on the bookmaker to ascertain their market perception and experience. Timely payments are guaranteed as you enjoy placing bets. However, keep PINs and passwords away from prying eyes.

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