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Visa Visa
Max. limit Processing time Min. limit Transaction fee
Deposit 40,000.00€ Instant 5.00€ No fee
Withdraw 30,000.00€ 1 Hour 5.00€ 0.00€
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Visa Visa
Max. limit Processing time Min. limit Transaction fee
Deposit $0.00 Instant $6.00 No fee
Withdraw $0.00 2 Hours $6.00 $0.00
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Visa Visa
Max. limit Processing time Min. limit Transaction fee
Deposit 0.00€ Instant 10.00€ No fee
Withdraw 0.00€ 1 Hour 10.00€ 0.00€
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Visa Visa
Max. limit Processing time Min. limit Transaction fee
Deposit 0.00 Instant 1.00€ No fee
Withdraw 0.00 1 Hour 1.50€ 0.00€
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Visa Visa
Max. limit Processing time Min. limit Transaction fee
Deposit 10,000.00€ Instant 10.00€ No fee
Withdraw 35,000.00€ 1 Hour 10.00€ 0.00€
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VISA Betting 2022 - Bookies That Accept Visa

VISA is the biggest payment option with over 700 million users worldwide. Banks and other financial institutions constitute a significant percentage of this number, making a good network for betting sites. It transacts using a debit/credit card given by the host bank. It has good financial security systems, which include anti-money laundering processes.

The majority of sportsbooks have it as a payment option, besides MasterCard, which uses the same business model. Its functionality and payment procedures allow bulky transactions with a credible paper trail, making the work of players, regulators and betting sites easier.

How to start betting with Visa?

Everything You Need To Know In 5 Easy Steps!

How to start betting with Visa?
Open A Visa Account

Register, create a Visa account and add some money.

Visit Your Desired Sportsbook

Log in to your sports betting account and register the payment method

Access The Cashier Page

Go to the cashier/payments page and select Visa

Deposit Funds

Enter the total amount of funds that you wish to deposit and click on the deposit button.

Confirm Deposit

Confirm that the funds have been added to your balance at the sportsbook and continue betting.

About VISA  - What Makes it a Good Choice?

It has the world’s largest online payment network, which makes it trustworthy and appealing. Gamers can easily link their account to their preferred bookmaker and transact easily.

Their online security is top-notch, guaranteeing secure funds transfer between its account and the sportsbook’s wallet. It also ceilings to control transactions from unknown sources.

Transactions are instant, with no VISA fees on deposits and some withdrawals.

How Does VISA Work?

VISA is a payment platform that uses debit/credit cards for transactions. The card has unique customer details which they use to transact online. After registration, the new customer synchronises the card details into their sportsbook account to facilitate deposits and withdrawal. This means that any transaction on the card should be initiated within the sportsbook account. Thanks to its secure platform, chances of breaching are closer to nil.


There is a VISA app that can help do transactions among other financial services. You can search and download it from Google Play (Android Phones), Apple Store (iOS phones) and Windows Store Windows Phones). Customise it by entering your personal details and link it to POS accounts such as the betting site. It guides the user on other functions such as shopping, checking balances and managing the wallet.

Costs and Fees

There are no VISA fees on account setup. Likewise, you are not charged for a deposit. However, some bookies charge for withdrawals according to the transacted amount.

Comparing financial transactions between VISA and other payment options, the charges are competitive, with VISA having an edge due to its institutional backing. For gamers who use different currencies, the payment option has a conversion where they can change into applicable currencies.


How to Use VISA for Betting

Linking the account to your preferred sportsbook is simple and straight forward. After confirming the processes, all actions between your sportsbook and VISA card must be authenticated by a password/PIN. Below are some of the processes explained in detail.

Creating a VISA Account

Banks are custodians of VISA cards, which prompts the customer to open or link a bank account to the card. Ensure the names and identification numbers match with the ones on the account. Once the registration is confirmed, you can link the account to your bookmaker by filling in the required information. A code is sent to the registered number or email, which you must key in to confirm.

Depositing To Your Sportsbook Balance

Go to the main account and click on deposit. From the list provided, select VISA and enter the amount you want to deposit, and click Deposit. The VISA system sends an authorisation code, which you will key in to confirm the transaction. A push notification will be sent, confirming the transaction. Go to the main account and confirm the balance.

Withdrawing from Your Sportsbook Account

After confirming that the account’s balance can offset the withdrawal, go to the main account and click on Withdraw. Key in the amount you would wish to withdraw, and click OK. A push message will pop up, asking you to confirm the transaction. The transfer is made and the amount is received immediately into your VISA account.


Which Countries Accept Online Betting with VISA ?

As an internationally recognised financial payment system, VISA is accessible in nearly all countries. It can also be used on any Point-Of-Sale machine with a VISA sign and most big banks. Its acceptability within the financial institutions makes it easier to be used within the betting sector. However, there were restrictions by the UK government in late 2019 and early 2020 on using all debit/credit cards. Money laundering incidences had risen, forcing the government to take these measures.

However, in other countries, VISA cards is the main payment method used. From Australia to America and continental Europe, its coverage, efficiency and reliability make it the most trusted. Africa is also joining in as the next VISA betting destination.


The Best Online Betting Sites That Accept VISA 

Betway is a respected bookmaker in the United Kingdom and beyond. The majority of gamers using VISA as their first choice payment option. Not only is it secure, but also faster in remitting money and can transfer a huge amount of money at a go. Sportsbook games also create promotions that encourage the bettors to use VISA as their first choice payment option.

The complete list of bookies that uses VISA as an option is listed below.

VISA Betting Bonus

Welcome and reload bonuses of some specific bookies have bonuses that compel bettors to use VISA for the deposits. Such an approach is intentional since the betting company wants to ride on VISA’s financial prudence. It is purely a business decision by the debit card and the bookie. In sportsbook betting, such bonuses have a small wager before it matures. In most cases, the wager is 3X before the winnings move to the main account.


Conclusion: Finding Good Bookmaker That Accepts VISA 

Betting regulations have a clause on financial management and fairness, which VISA upholds in all its operations. They have a strict professional policy on data privacy and confidentiality. A good place to start is the classic bookies like Betway, Bet365, William Hill and 888sport. Payments are prompt, secure and reliable.

The rise in the number of bonuses and promotions has seen increased sign-up on VISA friendlier betting websites. Gamers enjoy the offers and, in turn, invest in the betting site in the long run. In turn, the betting site taps into the financial experience and network from VISA.

From the list discussed above, select a good bookmaker and sign up to enjoy convenience, efficiency and timely remittance.


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