1X2 Betting Explained: Final Result Betting Guide and Tips Cover

1X2 Betting Explained: Final Result Betting Guide and Tips

by Oddspedia Experts
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The term 1X2 betting is prevalent in the sports betting industry. For many players in the betting market, the 1X2 is probably the main betting option used. If you are not sure what it means, then you are at the perfect place. The following is a comprehensive guideline on 1X2 betting to help you get in the game prepared.
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What is 1X2 betting?

1X2 betting is what someone talks about when making a simple bet on a match event. As the name suggests, 1X2 betting is a betting option with more than one layer to it. It includes betting on a draw, away win, or home win. This betting type is the most popular type, with more than half of punters using it.

The 1 is the home win, the two is the away win, and the X is the draw. As a player, you can choose either of these to make a win. The betting option applies to various sports, but football is the most common one. It is also the best way to get started in betting.

1X2 betting is a betting option with more than one layer to it. It includes betting on a draw, away win, or home win.

1X2 betting has different betting rules that you should know to not miss out on the lucrative wins. You will have to consider the terms and conditions and follow the rules to make your wins and get good payouts.

1X2 Bet Types

1X2 betting has various bet types that you can utilize to make your wins. These bet types include 1X2 First Half, 1X2 Second Half, and the 1X2 Handicap. You will need to consider the terms and conditions for the different bet types since each has its own rules. Here are a few details on the bet types available in 1X2 betting.

1X2 First Half

In 1X2 betting, the 1X2 First Half mainly stands for the betting outcome for any event but applies only to the first half of the play. The bets become void if the match is abandoned before the end of the first half. For matches abandoned during the second half of the game, the bet placed is still valid. So the 1X2 First Half mainly applies to the game from the start to its halfway point. Betting at this stage means you are placing your predictions on the first half of the gameplay.

1X2 Second Half

The 1X2 Second Half is slightly similar to the 1X2 first half but mainly applies to the second half play of the match. As a player using the 1X2 Second Half option, you will need to place your bets based on your predictions on the outcome of the gameplay after the first half. The second half of the game has to be completed, but you risk losing any full-time and second-half bets if abandoned. They will be void, and you can't make any wins from them. The 1X2 Second Half bet type doesn't include any other overtime that you can include in the match event.

1X2 Handicap

The 1X2 handicap is part of the 3-way betting. It mainly applies when one of the teams is overpowering the other one. Through this, betting sites tend to try and balance the chances of winning on the teams involved. You can use this factor to make your predictions about the winning team.

For handicaps, both negative and positive sides exist. Since they are placed on predictions on teams that will probably lose, you can always get some benefits from the number of goals even if your selected team loses the match. The 1X2 Handicap bet type is easy to bet on and has lower risks of losing in any event.

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Bet on HOME win
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Bet on DRAW or AWAY win

1X2 betting is inclusive of a lot of a variety of sports that a lot of players like betting on. Some of the most popular sports for 1X2 betting include football, ice hockey, and rugby. Such games have the infrastructure to allow 3-way betting, and so 1X2 Betting is possible. Below are some of the games you can consider next time using the 1X2 system for betting.


Football is undoubting the most popular sport that 1X2 betting is known for. The process and the sports structure make it so easy to include 1X2 betting, among other types. Since you have 3-way betting for football, the 1X2 betting increases your options for betting and your chances of winning. With football, you can bet on the first half of the game, the second half of the game, and the whole game. Handicap is a great option to bet on and still get some benefits even when there is a loss.

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is another popular game that 1X2 betting is efficient. Players have more chances of winning using 1X2 betting in ice hockey than using other betting options. The predictions for ice hockey can be tricky but utilizing 1X2 betting makes it so much easier to make wins. The process is simple, and players can make wins within the three types of 1X2 betting. The choice of the kind of bet for ice hockey is mainly based on the teams playing.

Other Sports

There are a lot of other sports that are most popular for 1X2 betting friendly. These include cricket, basketball, and even formula one. The options for sports are endless as more are becoming inclusive with time. Sports are taking advantage of the fact that 1X2 betting is an easy option for most players, making it the most popular betting type in the sports betting industry. The more sports included in 1X2 betting, the higher the betting market becomes.

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1X2 Betting Tips

To make considerable wins in 1X2 betting, it is essential to know the nitty-gritty details. The following betting tips will give you an added advantage in 1X2 betting.

First, don't just rely on betting on football alone. There are other sports such as ice hockey that you can bet on using 1X2 betting and make huge wins. Betting on different sports makes it easy to make more wins since you are diversifying. The more you bet on different sports, the better you get at 1X2 betting.

Look at the sports predictions on the market you are betting on. Follow up on the popular teams that you want to place bets on. Place the bets based on the data on the teams to know the most promising ones that will end up giving you wins all through. You can establish a betting pattern from the team's performance and decide if it's best to bet on the first or the second half. The more information you have, the better for your 1X2 betting.

Utilize betting bonuses. Many bookmakers tend to provide free bets as a loyalty bonus to players and most of the time these bonuses are tied with a prediction on the 1X2 market.


1X2 betting is one of the best betting markets within the betting industry. It is the most versatile and offers so much more compared to other types of betting. It is accommodative for both beginners and experienced punters. As a player, you will enjoy the experience and benefit from the good payout that comes. Since it is easy to understand and make bets from simple predictions, 1X2 betting is the best way to make lucrative winnings without spending too much.

Pros vs Cons
Thumb Up
Thumb Down
  • High availability in all bookmakers;
  • Inclusive of diverse sports markets;
  • Ability to place bigger bets;
  • Easy to bet on;
  • Hard to find good value due to the amount of time taken to set the odds;
  • You can't win based on results from overtime of the match event;

1X2 Betting FAQ

What is a 1X2 Bet?

A 1X2 bet is a bet placed based on the predicted outcome of a fixture. The 1X2 refers to the option you can use to place the bets on a match. It mainly represents three possible outcomes that a specific game can have; these are either a win, draw, or away win. The 1X2 bet is also referred to as a 3-way bet. The one is for the home win, the two are for an away win, and the X is for the draw.

🏆 Does Overtime Count With 1X2 Bets?

Overtime in any match is mostly for qualification purposes. The 1X2 betting structure is not built to accommodate any overtime within the game. You can only place the bets on 1X2 and handicap, one of the official betting rules in 1X2 betting. If there is any win based on a score on extra time, the win is not considered part of the 1X2 bet types, so it does not count. The 1X2 selections are the only bets that apply in any 1X2 betting event.

💶 Do All Sports Offer 1X2 Bets?

Many sports do offer 1X2 bets but not all of them. The offering is mainly based on the structure of the sport. For Do all sports offer 1X2 betting, sports that apply the best option are mostly team sports. The sports should have a system that includes outcomes of away win, home win, or draw. If the sports don't have such a structure, it is hard to include 1X2 betting. So bookmakers only tend to include the 1X2 betting option on such sports.

💳 What is The Meaning of X2 in Betting?

In betting, the term X2 mainly stands for a double chance. The X2 represents abet made for the double outcome. These are two possible options: either a draw or a win for the second team for the whole match. Placing X2 on wins means that you will get a win in the two outcomes as a player. The X2 option has an added advantage since it minimizes the risk of losing everything on the bet. The only loss comes if the team on one win.

🤔 Are 1X2 Markets Profitable?

Profitability in 1X2 markets is an excellent factor to consider when looking for a betting option to consider. It is deemed to be profitable based on the decades of data such as players and markets involved. Since some of the most popular sports globally use 1X2 as a betting option, many players opt to get better chances to win. Everyone gets a fair and balanced chance to win by using 1X2 betting, and the wins are also quite lucrative for many players.

What is 1st Half 1X2?

1st Half 1X2 mainly deals with betting on the first part of the match of an event. The matches are often divided into two timelines, and the 1st half only includes the 1X2 betting option. It means that players can opt to place bets on this first half based on their predictions and odds and make wins if the team chosen wins at this stage. The first half of the game must be complete for players to win; otherwise, this will be a loss to the player if abandoned.

🏆 What Does Final Outcome 1 Mean?

Outcome one mainly means the result of the match for the win on the home team. This outcome is the first win within the 1st half of the game. If you placed the bet on the first half 1X2, outcome 1 is the initial result. This is mainly used when players consider betting on the first half of the game and end up with the predicted results. 1X2 betting uses the outcome to process the first bet outcome of the player.

💶 What Does Final Outcome 2 Mean?

Outcome 2 is the final result of a match in the second half of the event. If you chose the 1X2 second-half bet, outcome two is what you should be looking for. The outcome two final results will determine if you have made a win or a loss. If the result is based on your predictions, it means outcome two is in your favour, and you can get the benefits of your bet.

💳 What is a 2-way Bet?

A 2-way bet is a type of bet also popular with most players. The bet mainly applies to games that are not likely to end up in a draw or have a chance to tie. The bet is mainly placed on events that can only have up to two outcomes. Such a sport is tennis, mainly in the doubles or singles since only one player can win. So, through this bet, you only place it based on players that your predictions show are more promising to win from another opponent.

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