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Snooker is a cue sport that was first played in 1875 in India after its invention by the British Army based in Jubbulpore. Over the years, the governing body, WPBSA, has improved the sport, making it entertaining and worth betting on. Keep reading to learn how to locate the best odds for snooker betting and some of the top sites to consider if you want unmatched snooker gambling services. Also, expect coverage on some of the main snooker betting markets, among other vital details.

How Snooker Odds Work

Before betting on Snooker, you should know that every market comes with prices commonly known as odds. Snooker betting odds, expressed as 6/1, 7/1, or 200/1, are assigned to markets based on their probability of happening.

This explains why you can tell the underdog from the favourite with a single look at the odds values. The odds are vital for researching and calculating your expected payout after placing snooker bets on minor or major tournaments.

Odds Comparison - Get the Best Snooker Betting Odds

Oddspedia derives its working format from bookmakers. The platform lists over 302 bookies who share approximately 100 betting markets. Our odds comparison page gives you the upper hand in choosing which bookie suits your stake.

For single bets, odds comparison is straightforward as you choose the best from the rest. However, multi-bets need analysis before wagering. Different sportsbooks have different mechanisms that ascertain the odds value. You will find that the top bookmaker on one bet is different from the other. Pick all the multi-bets, and the platform will calculate and give you the bookmaker with the best marginal odds value.

The advantage of using odds comparison is the marginal amount of money you will make if your bet wins. Also, the economies of scale that come with odds comparison are significant. You do not have to sign up for different bookies with the best snooker odds in their category. With Oddspedia, you get the highest odds from a market from the best Snooker bookmakers in the industry.

Live Snooker Betting Odds

Live snooker games are the most entertaining, as odds and decisions come in real-time. Odds fluctuate based on the flow of the game. You can get the best deals on the market if you research well. At the beginning of every match, the odds value in a live snooker game emanates from past encounters. However, the dynamics of the game shape how the odds fluctuate.

Oddspedia is the best site in such a case since it gives you the best bet in real time. As the live scores and odds change, the site provides you with the best from the rest. All you have to do is select and place your stake. Also, all bookie information on the in-play game reflects automatically on Oddspedia. That is to say, it assembles all participating sportsbooks in one place and selects the best so you can compare and choose which one suits you.

However, observe each bookmaker's underlying terms and conditions, as generalisation may affect your bets in the long run. Most bookies use the same conditions on Snooker live bets, so read the terms and conditions to avoid disappointments.

Make the Most Out Of Great Odds - Snooker Betting Tips and Tipsters

Finding high odds on various snooker markets is easy, especially when using Oddspedia. However, fantastic odds only make sense if you place winning snooker bets. Therefore, consider using snooker tips at Oddspedia to place accurate Match Winner and Outright bets.

After all, Oddspedia provides clients with fantastic snooker betting tips for World Championship matches, among other snooker tournaments.

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Types of Snooker Bets

Snooker matches offer players various useful bet types when placing single and accumulator bets. The main types of snooker bets include:

  • Over/Under
  • Match Winner
  • Outrights

You will also come across the highest break bet type on multiple occasions. This betting option allows you to predict the player that will score the maximum break for the entire tournament or a single snooker match, such as an event between Mark Selby and Gary Wilson. The bet types are often the same across all snooker competitions, including the UK and Snooker World Championship.

Snooker Betting Markets

When betting on Snooker, expect different markets as a guide on the kind of predictions you can make online. The most popular snooker betting markets include:

  • Asian Handicap
  • Correct Score
  • Total Frames
  • Total Centuries

Using the markets, you can predict whether Shaun Murphy will win the opening frame in a UK Championship match against Jack Lisowski. You can also use the markets to bet on events played by some of the best snooker players like Steve Davis, Robert Milkins, and Ronnie O'Sullivan.

Other aspects to keep in mind when dealing with snooker markets, whether betting on World Championship events or matches that take place at the Green Baize, include:

In-play betting

Every snooker season, you will find a bookmaker that allows you to bet on live events. This form of gambling is called live betting. With this option, expect live odds that require tracking if you want to understand the game and increase your chances of making winning bets. You should also know how to differentiate between locked and open markets.

Prop Bets

Snooker prop bets are markets that allow you to predict snooker events that are not tied to the match's outcome. Thanks to this form of bets, you can wager on how long a snooker frame will last, the correct final score of a frame, who will have the highest break, and which ball will be pocketed first during a snooker match. Prop bets make Snooker betting exciting as they allow you to make predictions that would be impossible otherwise.

Betting on Major Snooker Tournaments @ Oddspedia

Oddspedia is the most recommended online gambling resource with in-depth coverage of snooker tournaments. The site provides access to the latest snooker odds and links bookmakers with the highest Outright odds. Oddspedia gives you all the tools to bet on major snooker tournaments. Some of the main tournaments covered by the gambling resource include:

Snooker World Championship Betting

Oddspedia offers players access to the best Snooker World Championship odds. You will also find a list of legitimate bookies covering all the World Championship matches, so you do not miss any snooker event. Thanks to Oddspedia, you can also compare snooker Outright odds and access betting tips on the player likely to walk away with the prize money.

Masters Bets 

Oddspedia should be your default betting resource to place winning Masters bets. The Masters is a triple crown, which means the matches are competitive, making it hard to make correct predictions. However, thanks to Oddspedia Masters tips and high Masters snooker odds, you can easily stake on the player who will score a century break.

UK Championship

At Oddspedia, you will get a list of top bookies that offer the best UK Championship betting services. Oddspedia provides clients with reviews of the bookmakers so that you can confirm their suitability. Your only task is deciding which brand is worth considering for placing UK Championship bets.

Players Championship

Oddspedia has you covered whether you want to compare the Players Championship odds for various markets or access links to bookmakers that offer the best Player Championship bonuses. You will also find the latest snooker Outright odds if you wish to wager on the player likely to win the tournament.

Other Snooker Tournaments

Apart from the above competitions, Oddspedia covers other tournaments, including The Cazoo World Snooker Championship, which is held at the Crucible Theatre. Also, expect odds and betting tips for the Champions of Champions, World Grand Prix, and, most importantly, Champions League events.

Best Snooker Betting Sites

Oddspedia offers clients recommendations to the best snooker betting sites suitable for placing the World Championship and Masters bets. These bookies include Bet365, bwin, and 22bet. These sites are unique because they have decent coverage of snooker competitions with multiple markets per event. Furthermore, they offer quality odds, which Oddspedia can confirm are the best in the market.

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Snooker Betting FAQ

Where Can I Get the Best Snooker Odds?

You can get the best snooker betting odds at Oddspedia. The sports betting resource allows clients to compare snooker odds for a chance to land the highest prices in the market.

Are there Profitable Snooker Betting Markets?

Yes, there are multiple profitable betting markets for snooker, for instance, Outright Winner and Correct Winner. Prop bets are also profitable since multiple sportsbooks offer high odds on these markets.

What Is the Best Bookmaker for Snooker World Championship Odds?

Bet365 is the best bookmaker for Snooker World Championship odds. The betting site offers quality odds on primary and secondary markets.

Can You Make Money Betting on Snooker?

Yes, you can make money betting on SnookerSnooker. Use Oddspedia for snooker betting tips and to access high snooker odds. You can then stake real money in the event to win significant amounts.

What Snooker Betting Offers And Promotions Can I Find?

Bookmakers offer players amazing snooker betting offers, including reload promos, cashback offers, and match deposit bonuses. Select bookies also provide clients with no-deposit bonuses that you can use to place snooker bets deposit-free.

How to Calculate Betting Odds on Snooker?

You can pick fractions or decimals depending on your preference and the betting site. With fractions, the numerator represents the amount you will get after staking, while the denominator is the amount you stake. For decimals, multiply the figure by the stake amount. If you subtract the outcome from the stake, it gives you the profit. Irrespective of the method, the result is the same.

Are There Successful Snooker Betting Strategies?

Below, find three aspects of any snooker betting strategy:

  1. Understand the game – most betting markets rely on the game flow. If you understand it, you can interpret your markets.
  2. Do some research – dig into the history between the two players. Events tend to repeat themselves, and how good the snooker players are can give you a hint.
  3. Use bonuses – bonuses help you bet risk-free on games. Bookies have several promotions. So, use the proceeds to bet.

How To Choose The Best Betting Site for Snooker?

You can choose using the odds value, other enabling factors, or both. The bookie with the best snooker odds is the priority. Oddspedia does the ranking for you. Other factors include the ease of payments, availability in your area, and experience gambling on Snooker. So, if you find a betting site with all three elements, sign up and enjoy the betting experience.

How Snooker Betting Odds Work?

The higher the odds, the more unlikely it is to be accurate, and vice versa. The snooker bets show the same thing: the two players have the same strength.

As for in-play betting, the game's flow directs the value of the odds. If the events in the game favour one player, the probability increases, lowering the odds.

Is It Possible to Make Money Betting on Snooker?

However, your prediction and understanding of the game must be correct. Heed Snooker Tipsters' game's advice and understood how the game's odds system works. All in all, do not dwell on making betting a source of income. So, like other games in a sportsbook, do it for fun, and if you win, take it as a bonus.  

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