Volleyball Betting - Find the Best Volleyball Odds, Markets and Bets

Oddspedia aims to present punters with the most comprehensive look at the volleyball world and, more specifically, the betting side of it. A big part of fulfilling that aim is giving bettors relevant information on the top bookmakers, alongside their volleyball odds and bonuses. As such, we currently offer volleyball odds from more than 80 different bookmakers. Between them, they cover more than 100 betting markets, ensuring bettors from most territories can place the bets they want.

How Volleyball Odds Work

Volleyball betting odds are one of the most crucial things to consider when choosing a bookmaker. That is because they determine how much profit you make from your winning bet. A betting site with competitive odds offers you more returns than those with lower odds.

With our volleyball odds comparison tool, we pick the best prices to ensure you make the most of your betting experience. We also ensure that our selected betting sites have many betting markets for the sport.

Volleyball Odds Comparison - Get the Best Odds

Betting odds are not the same for every bookmaker out there. Each online sportsbook will do independent research to set odds that it believes are fair and accurate. However, no one can see the future. And so, various predictions on how a match will turn out may differ, if only slightly. While one bookie can foresee a match as a slam dunk, another may predict that the favourite team will barely win. The odds will reflect that.

As such, placing bets at the bookmakers offering the highest odds is in your best interest, thus maximising your winnings. The website provides a simple way to compare odds across the best bookmakers in your market. To use it, click on any volleyball match on the schedule for a detailed breakdown of its odds across different bookmakers.

The best odds will be visible next to the match, but if they are unsatisfactory, you can browse and select a different bookie. Oddspedia has data on more than eighty Volleyball betting markets available for comparison.

Live Odds

Live volleyball odds allow you to place bets on games in play, with the betting odds constantly changing as the match develops. If one team is in the lead, their odds of winning will be higher than their opponent's. Thus allowing you to place a more sure bet. Alternatively, betting on the opposition to make a surprise return will net you an even higher profit.

To check the live games you can currently bet on, navigate to the top of the page and click Live. After that, select the volleyball tab. You will see a list of all matches currently in progress and the best odds offered for each team across multiple sportsbooks. This allows you to make an informed decision and maximise your profits by taking advantage of the highest available odds.

Make the Most Out Of Great Odds - Volleyball Tipsters 

Thanks to our gambling resource, you can place bets with confidence. Our experts provide you with fantastic tips and predictions for different volleyball events. With this, you have more details about how a game will likely end. Consequently, you place better-informed bets with a higher success rate. You can also employ our excellent volleyball betting tips at Oddspedia to increase your success rate.

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Types of Volleyball Bets 

There are different types of bets you can place when wagering on volleyball. These include:

  • Single Bets: In volleyball betting, you can wager on a single event at a time. For instance, you bet on France's men's National Volleyball team emerging at the top at the FIVB 2023. If your stake wins, you get a payout based on the odds you back.
  • Parlays/Accumulators: For this type of bet, you wager on multiple events and combine them into one stake. Every pick in that stake must be successful for the bookie to pay you out. However, some sites have an accumulator bonus where you still win if one leg loses.

Volleyball Betting Markets 

Here are some of the volleyball markets you'll come across at many online bookmakers:

  • Over/Under Markets: Betting on over/under involves predicting whether the total points in a match or a set are more or less than a set number.
  • Outright Winner: This involved wagering on which team will win a tournament. A good instance is a bet on which team will win the European Championships or the Summer Olympics.
  • Score Betting: This type of market requires betting on the correct score of a match. For instance, in the World Championships, you bet on Bulgaria beating Romania 3-1.

In-play betting

The best online bookmakers offer markets for live matches and upcoming events. With this, you can support your favourite team or player while the action unfolds. Top operators update these betting odds in real-time, depending on what happens on the field.


Prop bets fall into this category. The betting markets we explained earlier are related to the direct outcome of the match. However, a prop bet on volleyball might not impact the outcome of a set or a match. A good example is betting on the first team to score. The bet could also be on the volleyball players, not the team. For instance, you can place bets on the player with the most aces.

Volleyball is a popular sport, so it's not surprising that there are many tournaments that you can bet on. These include:

  • The Olympics: This is one of the most prestigious sporting events in the world, and volleyball is part of the Olympic schedule. The game was first demonstrated in 1924 but was not accepted till 1964. 1965 it was officially part of the Olympics and has remained a significant event.
  • FIVB World Championship: The FIVB World Championship is held every four years and, like the Olympics, is one of the most-watched competitions in the volleyball world. It includes both men's and women's matches.
  • FIVB World Cup: The FIVB World Cup is an international volleyball competition usually held a year after the Olympics. In its early years, the FIVB World Cup was open to male participants only. However, it included women's teams in 1973.

Best Volleyball Betting Sites

There are hundreds of different bookmakers taking volleyball bets online. Some are reputable, legally certified and proven to pay out winnings to the last penny. However, others have questionable reputations and morals. On Oddspedia, we have worked hard to verify and showcase only the Best Volleyball Betting Sites to ensure our users have a fair, enjoyable betting experience.

You can view a list of bookmakers with odds on a particular match by going to its page, or you can get an overview of all bookies on its dedicated page.

Every betting site offers a variety of bonuses, some of which are available for new customers upon sign-up and others for participating in special promotions. These bonuses can be used to place free bets on various volleyball matches, for example, and sometimes they even withdraw free cash. You can see an overview of the multiple bonuses bookies offer on our bonus page. See our bookie recommendations below.

200% Welcome Bonus up to $1,000
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100% Bonus on the first deposit up to €/$130!
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High Betting Odds
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Where Can I Get the Best Volleyball Odds?

You can find the best odds at Oddspedia. In addition to high odds, you can acquire information relating to volleyball betting using our gambling resource.

What Are the Most Profitable Volleyball Betting Markets?

The most profitable markets are those with the highest chances of winning. You can bet on which of the two teams will win by a two-point margin or who will be named the best server. No matter how high the odds for these markets are, it would be best to have accurate predictions to place a better-informed volleyball bet.

Which is the Best Bookmaker for Volleyball Match Betting?

Bettors will find the best bookmakers for volleyball match betting at Oddspedia. We handpicked these platforms after ensuring they have competitive odds, great bonuses, and multiple volleyball markets.

Is betting on Volleyball at the Olympic Games Legal?

The legality of betting on volleyball depends on your location. For instance, in the United Kingdom, punters can freely place bets on one women's event, the Champions League, the Nations League, and the like. However, betting on volleyball is illegal in most states in America.

What Does a +3.5 Mean?

A +3.5 spread means that the underdog must lose by less than four points for the wager to be successful. Another option is for the team to win the match or a set.

How Do Volleyball Betting Odds Work?

Whenever two teams are about to play each other, one team is usually more likely to win based on their players' strength and history. A team that won a championship the previous year is likelier to win it again than a team that never has. These probabilities are represented by bookmakers in the form of odds.

Are There Successful Volleyball Betting Strategies?

There are several volleyball betting strategies with various degrees of success. For example, a good strategy is to bet on the first set of a women's match with a total score of under 45.5 points. 90% of women's matches never reach 45 points total, giving you an almost guaranteed win. Another strategy involves finding a live match and betting on the first team to earn 24 points.

How Do I Calculate Volleyball Betting Odds?

Every bookmaker will set up odds for each event in the form of a number. The lower the number representing a team’s odds, the more likely it is to win, but also the less money you'll earn if they do. To calculate how much you'd win with a correct bet, multiply the odds by your stake and then subtract the stake.

Is It Possible to Make Money Betting on Volleyball?

Making money from predictions on their favourite sport is why many punters choose to place bets in the first place. If your predictions are correct, then you will earn some money. How much money that is will depend on your bet and the odds you bet against. But winning bets will always leave you with more than you gambled.

How Do I Choose a Betting Site for Volleyball?

Generally, there are three things you need to look out for when selecting a betting site. The most important one is to choose a bookmaker that operates in your country. Or else you risk not receiving your winnings. Also, you should select bookies that offer volleyball betting, as not all do. Lastly, choose a site that provides higher odds overall, as you win higher amounts there.

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