Tokyo 2021 Summer Olympics Betting Guide

The Summer Olympics is one of the world's greatest sporting events. Arriving every four years, this year's competition may have been postponed but it's guaranteed to be a record-breaker. Get the best tips on Olympic betting and make the most of the Olympics at Bet on over 33 spots and some 5,000 medals or go all-out with nation medal tallies.

Summer Olympic Games History

The Olympics may have first launched in 1894 but the tradition stretches back to Ancient Greece. Today, this world-renowned event is the pinnacle of sporting accomplishment. World records are beaten every single year in traditional athletics, aquatics and gymnastics, among other lauded events. Tokyo 2021 will be the second time Japan has hosted the games. It’s also the first time an Asian nation has hosted twice.

Over the past 5 Summer Olympics, there has been a regular rivalry between the three highest-performing nations. The USA, China and Russia regularly pick up record-breaking medals. Yet with Russia banned this year, the scoreboard will get a serious shakeup. What’s more, a new crop of record-breaking athletes are set to compete to break the stars of previous Olympic games. Record breakers like Usain Bolt have retired, leaving the 100 and 200 Metres open to new legends.

In recent years, groundbreaking outputs from athletes have included Ryan Crouser storming the shot put in 2016. The gravity-defying Simone Biles will return for the US after her gold-lined run of 2016. Singapore’s Joseph Schooling’s win over swimming legend Michael Phelps in the 100m butterfly was another fantastic highlight. Viral Chinese swimmer, Fu Yuanhui, who stole the hearts of many with her humility and humour in 2016, won’t compete. China is still set to build upon their 2012 successes after winning their first-ever gold swimming medal.

Tallies of previous years place the USA in the prime position since 1996. China have dominated the second position since 2004 (with first-place hosting in 2008). This was all upset when Great Britain took the second position for most medals at the Rio Summer Olympics in 2016. All three nations, alongside high rankers like Germany, Japan, France, South Korea, Italy and Australia, are ones to look for. Russia are out, but its athletes can still compete independently.

2021 Olympics Schedule, Sports & Details

The Tokyo 2021 Olympics launches on 23 July with a spellbinding opening ceremony hosted at Japan National Stadium. Events continue through 8 August, when the same stadium will host the ceremonial closing. Emperor Naruhito is expected to open the Games with the lighting of the Olympic cauldron. Athletes will enter the stadium with the traditional Parade of Nations.

The award-winning film director, Takashi Yamazaki, will creatively oversee both ceremonies which are expected to celebrate Japanese culture. It will all begin with a show flight by Blue Impulse, Japan's Air Self Defence Force's aerobatics squadron. The day's first events will be archery and rowing.

This year’s Tokyo games will see the introduction of surfing, skateboarding, baseball and karate, world firsts on this stage. These new sports are always exciting sports betting options that are open to plenty of possibilities. No sports have been dropped, meaning that at 339 events in 33 different sports, it’s the largest Olympics to date. On top of these new sports, new events have been added to existing categories too.

The UK at the Olympic Games

The UK’s last outing at the Olympics was a record-breaking event. It came hot on the heels of their hosting of the Summer Olympics in 2012. As with previous years, there’s much to look out for and many world-renowned athletes to follow. This year's team is larger than ever before, with Team GB sending some 380 athletes.

Team GB have their eyes on cycling medals with Laura Trott and Jason Kenny heading the 26-member squad. Andy Murray will be defending his 2016 tennis title and a strong 11-member boxing squad is set to build on previous accomplishments. Relay, running, sailing and rowing are all strong disciplines that are set to be defended this year. In particular, Dina Asher-Smith and Keely Hodgkinson are looking to storm the 200m and 800m competitions.

Olympics Betting Odds: How to Bet on the Olympics

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Popular betting markets

As with the winter Olympic games, betting sites come prepared for the Summer games as well. When it comes to betting on the Olympics, popular markets include discrete sports categories with wide appeal. Football, tennis, basketball, hockey and badminton are all popular sports due to their worldwide team appeal. Other top markets include boxing, athletics, golf and swimming. Here, you can bet on competitors on a game-by-game basis, picking winners by nation or individual.

Medal Count

The medal count market lets you bet on total medal tallies and gold medal odds. These categories let you choose your overall Olympics medal winner. Pick from the most golds won, total medal counts or how many medals you think a nation will win.

Winner betting

Betting on an Olympic winner is among the most popular categories to get involved in. Choose precisely what nation you think will go for gold, or get more detailed with silver and bronze bets. You can take your bets on a match-by-match basis. Overall winners per game or category are also available.

Totals betting

You can find hundreds of different positions for bets on Olympic games. While outcomes once dominated sports betting, today you can fine-tune your bet by score. Look towards sports like football, basketball and tennis for these total bets at the Olympics. Favour a score? Take a punt for better Olympics odds than an overall winner. Group games, like football, provide more chances to bet on total scores.

Most Popular Sports to bet on

Pick the right sports betting site and you can bet on any Olympics event. Generally, the most popular events tend to be sports with outright winners. However, you can also make a range of prop bets for positions, penalties or record-breaking scores. You can choose from a whole catalogue of the biggest sports, with the following being the overall Olympics favourites.


Soccer, or football, remains one of the Olympics' most watched sporting competitions. Taking place before the World Cup, it's a nice precursor to the world's biggest footballing event. What's more, Team GB perform as a single entry, unlike their other international outings. Bet on the ever-popular women's soccer or pick detailed bets on scores, penalties, possession and podium placement. In Rio 2016, Brazil took gold against Germany in the men's games, while Germany won in the women's event. Both will look to retain their medals.


Basketball at the Olympics is one of the sport’s few internationally competing events. The USA dominated 2016 with gold medals across men and women’s events. Place total match bets or choose your medal positions for gold, silver and bronze on the leader board.


The Olympics gives star tennis players a chance to play for the glory of their home nation. Olympics tennis betting benefits from its familiar faces and proximity to Wimbledon and the French Open. While the competition doesn't count as a Grand Slam, if a player holds all 5, it’s considered a Golden Slam. This market is particularly popular with casual bettors because it is easy to understand and bet on.


Volleyball has been a signature Olympics event since 1964. With competitions for men and women, it’s one of the most fun and fast-paced games played. The USA, Brazil and Netherlands tend to dominate the men’s sport, but the female team winner changes every year! Place bets on the overall winner or scores on a game-by-game basis.

Other Sports

While team sports may provide exciting sports betting, track and field are among the most famed events. Track, in particular, is the biggest sport to bet on. Events run from 100m to 10,000m, with a variety of hurdles and relay options too. Markets are simple and easy to navigate. Choose your medal positions or bet for a record-breaking time.

Here is an overview of all the sports at the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo:

Field HockeyFootballGolf
KarateModern PentathlonRowing
SkateboardingSports climbingSurfing
Tennis & Table TennisTaekwondoTriathlon

Best Bookmakers & Betting Offers for Tokyo 2021

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Betting Tips & Strategies for the Olympics

Mastering the Olympics with betting is a fun way to enjoy the summertime action. While you may want to root for your home nation, that's not always the best strategy. Here are some top tips for betting at the Olympics. Remember, home nations often have an advantage, as China, UK and Brazil have shown successively.

Bet on underdogs with great value

Betting on the underdogs always yields the greatest return. If you win a bet placed on an expected low performer, you'll win way more than on a favourite. The bigger the underdog, the bigger the win. While underdogs provide fantastic returns, there’s an art to choosing them. Look for over-hyped teams or athletes to identify potential underdogs who can beat them. It’s no use betting on someone consistently trailing last in diving or swimming. Upsets are always more possible in team sports with solid teams that are just overshadowed.

Stick to the sports you are familiar with

While it’s tempting to back just about any of the Olympics’ fantastic sporting events, it’s best to stick with what you know. Every game has its own set of rules and regulations that can outwit those unfamiliar. Start with what you know. Not familiar with track competitions? Avoid them. Are you a fan of football? You'll know who the favourites are already. The last thing you want is to get distracted by an event you don't understand. Once you've made your profit on familiar games, you can start betting on those other sports that fascinate you.

Research previous athlete performances

Research is key to understanding favourites and odds. Athletes work hard to retain their medals and will be fighting for their chance to hold onto their titles. During the runup to the Olympics, qualifying times and other international competitions provide a database of athletic times and titles. Look at how athletes are performing and have performed over the past year. You don't have to be an expert to place a savvy bet. Watching early-stage events and listening to commentary will help to inform your betting decision.

Utilize generous promotions from bookmakers

The betting industry is competitive. Thanks to, you can compare and contrast Olympic events to find the best special offers. Smart bettors can discover loads of moneyback promotions and other bonuses before they get started. You can utilize generous first-time user promotions or enjoy Olympics-related special offers. If this is your first time betting on the Olympics, this is a fantastic way to start. Promotions will be huge this year with no deposit bonuses and enhanced odds to look for.

Use Odds Comparison to get the most for your bets

Odds Comparison tools are a great way to contrast different bookmakers and their odds. Prices and pay-outs can differ greatly across bookmakers. Oddspedia allows you to pick the most favourable odds for your chosen Olympic sport. It's always a good idea to contrast your favourite bookmakers so that you make the most profitable bet. Just a small increase in odds can unlock a much larger profit.

Don't just back your home country

It’s easy to get caught up in your home nation’s glory, but it’s best to make informed bets. This is particularly important if your home country isn’t best known for a particular category. If you are going to back your home country, make sure you choose sports that your country performs well in. Conversely, host nations often do far better at home than in previous events. Host countries usually see a boost in their medal total - so following Japan is not a bad idea. This is especially true on native sports like karate or previous silver and bronze medallists going for gold. 

Here is a list with the top 10 most successful nations in the Summer Olympics history:












Soviet Union










Great Britain


































News For Tokyo Olympics 2021

Stay on top of the news as it happens at the Tokyo Olympics. Oddspedia pulls together news from every major news outlet so that you can stay informed. You can check up on the latest stats and trends before, during and after they happen. Head over to the daily sports headline page for the latest news direct from Tokyo.

Oddspedia’s news isn’t just related to the Olympics. Follow transfer news and stories from the rumour mill for your favourite teams. Even better, you can stay on top of each nation’s social media and Twitter profiles. This is a great way to stay tuned in as the Olympics gets going.

Olympics Live Stream: Where to watch online?

Oddspedia can check which bookmaker provides live streaming for sports events. Many provide video links, while others provide up-to-date graphics and stats. Don’t miss out on the action; use Oddspedia to watch and follow the Olympics as it happens. Watching at home or the pub? You can still follow the latest odds on your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Summer Olympics Betting Guide - FAQ

Which country has the most Olympic medals?

Team USA has topped the charts of Olympic medals won over the past six events. The only exception to this was in 2008 when Beijing hosted the Olympics and China topped the table. If we compare all Olympics, the USA still tops the table with some 2,523 medals won. While Team USA is expected to dominate yet again, keep your eyes on China and Japan.

Is Sports betting on the Olympics legal?

Sports betting on the Olympics is completely legal. Oddspedia is the best way to compare the world's leading bookmakers for quick betting on Olympic games. The only exception here is if you're based in a country where gambling is illegal.

Where are the next summer Olympics?

While all eyes are on Tokyo for this year’s much-anticipated Olympics, the next Summer Games will be hosted in Paris, 2024. Paris will become the second country in history to host the Olympics three times. What's more, 2024 will mark the centenary of Paris' 1924 hosting.

Where are the next winter Olympics?

If you're rearing for fast-paced skiing, snowboarding and tobogganing betting, look out for the Winter Olympics. The next Winter Olympics will be held in Beijing, 2022. The international winter event launches in February. It will be the first time China has hosted the Winter Olympics and the fourth time they have been held in East Asia.

Is it popular to bet on the Olympics?

The Olympics is the world’s biggest sporting event and one of the most popular betting traditions. With such a wide variety of games available, you can pick from rowing and sailing to spectacular feats of gymnastics. While individual matches and events are the most popular categories, you can also place bets on overall medal tallies.

Are there Olympics special bets?

Special bets are among the most alluring and popular ways to bet on the Olympics. You can wager on events and what will happen in each game. Choose the first player to score at a team event or possession percentages. These special bets don’t necessarily impact the final result, but they’re fun and inventive ways to wager.

Where can I bet on the Olympics in the UK?

You can bet on the Olympics at most bookmakers online. To fine-tune your selection, Oddspedia correlates all available odds and markets. That way, you don’t have to scroll across many sites. Just log in to for quick access to the best odds and markets at the Olympics this 2021.

Is live betting going to be available for the Olympics?

Sure! You can make live in-game betting throughout the Olympics. This is one of the most popular and profitable ways to bet. Live odds are available from a wealth of bookmakers for you to make the best decision. With live betting, you can make a better decision based on the current play. You can then make your decision based on how a team or athlete is performing.

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