Best Basketball Odds Today - Betting Lines & Spreads Explained

Basketball is a competitive game to bet on, thanks to the intense rivalry, exciting matches, and fantastic Basketball odds, which you can find on some of the top sports betting sites in the US. Even though the National Basketball Association or NBA matches attract millions of gamblers worldwide, very few players understand how to use NBA odds to their advantage. As a result, this piece will explain basketball odds and discuss the importance of comparing them.

Understanding basketball odds and bets

Basketball odds are the numerical values added to different NBA markets, such as point spread. The odds highlight the favorites and underdogs, not to mention help you calculate the exact earnings you should expect from a bet. To understand basketball odds better, you must be conversant with three important aspects.

How to read basketball lines?

First, make sure you know how to read NBA odds. You need this knowledge to place NBA bets in online sportsbooks successfully. In the USA, odds are represented as -200 or +200. The initial odds size shows the favorite, whereas the positive value signifies the underdog. Therefore, in a game between the New York Knicks (+200) and Boston Celtics (-200), the odds are enough to tell us that the Celtics are the favorites.

How to calculate winnings?

Once you understand how to read the NBA betting odds, you must know how to calculate winnings. There are two formulas for deriving your expected earnings in online sports betting. If you have placed an underdog bet, you need to apply the formula (stake x odds)/100. Use the same formula to determine how much you will earn if your favorite bet is correct.

What to know when betting on basketball in the USA?

If you are an avid bettor, you already know the US is not entirely open to sports betting. Therefore, take your time to go through your state's gambling regulation and determine whether it allows sports betting.

So far, if you reside in Colorado, Illinois, and Nevada, you have the green light to start gambling. After all, these states and many others accept online sports betting. Besides scrutinizing your state's legalities in betting, check the sportsbook's betting rules. First, confirm whether the gambling site accepts players from your region. After that, go ahead and check:

Which types of bets are offered?

Different US sportsbooks offer distinct NBA betting markets to gamblers. However, regardless of the bookmaker you pick, you are likely to find the following top basketball bet types.


In NBA Moneyline, you are asked to pick which team will win the match. For example, in a conference semifinal game between Phoenix Suns and Golden State Warriors, NBA Moneyline odds will require you to select which of the two teams will win the match and secure its spot in the finals that will determine the Western Conference champion.


NBA point spread or just spread is the only bet based on fairness. It is designed to level NBA games regardless of the teams playing. So, if the superior Milwaukee Bucks are playing against Orlando Magic, the operator will disadvantage The Bucks with -2.5. Therefore, the Bucks have to beat Magic by three or more points to win this basketball point spread.


Any gambler who wants to place an Over/Under bet should choose Totals. This market requires you to determine how many points two NBA teams will accumulate at the end of the game.

Take an example of an Eastern Conference game between the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics. Based on NBA news and personal research, you may feel like both teams will achieve a cumulative score of 225 points or more. In this case, you can decide to place a Totals Bet of Over 225.5. Therefore, the wager will win if the game ends with both teams having scored 226 or more total points.

Prop bets

Nothing beats prop bets in NBA gambling. These bets allow you to wager on events that don't influence directly the NBA results. For instance, thanks to prop bets, you can finally bet on Stephen Curry, and Lebron James Over/Under points scored in a game. 

Future bets

Whenever you hear of futures odds in the NBA, the first thing that should pop into your mind is who will win the NBA Championship. The bet also allows you to predict which player will win the MVP, among other options. Future bets are very lucrative, especially if you wager on them before the NBA season begins.


NBA gamblers who are not afraid of risking their money always place parlays or accumulator bets. You can add three or more bets on a bet slip and place your wager with this option. Parlays guarantee significant odds. However, you need all your bets to be correct in order for your Parlays bet to win. If a single bet is incorrect, you lose your entire stake.

Why compare basketball odds on Oddspedia?

Oddspedia is the leading resource for odds comparison in the USA and other parts of the world for many reasons. First, Oddspedia gathers and compares odds from 30+ betting sites in the country to provide its clients with the highest odds. Furthermore, the website covers WNBA odds and NBA odds and betting lines of more than 100+ markets, so you are not limited. Here are other top reasons you should make an odds comparison with Oddspedia.

Odds comparison helps you win more on basketball

Make a thorough odds comparison if you want to win more money on basketball without risking placing accumulator bets. This will see you land fantastic odds, which will, in turn, boost your winnings. For instance, if your bookie is offering +200 on a specific favorite, you are likely to find +300 on the same favorite at different sports betting apps. All you have to do is search thoroughly.

Find the best basketball odds for today

You should know that odds vary as time goes by. However, some sportsbooks take time before they update their odds values. With that said, you need to compare odds to find sportsbooks with up-to-date odds. Also, if you search through bookies carefully, you will land brands that don't just offer updated odds but provide players with the best odds for today.

Track line movement

Tracking NBA line movements is not an easy task, whether you are searching for the best Vegas odds or odds from the games in the NBA finals. But you have to do so to understand the direction of the markets. If you check NBA playoffs odds before and after the games start, you will notice a huge difference. However, you can only find out the NBA lines are changing and in what direction if you compare odds.

Find the best basketball sportsbooks

Comparing odds at Oddspedia is the easiest way to find the best basketball sportsbooks. The platform allows you to peruse through different sportsbooks like Caesars and FanDuel, which are known to offer some of the highest odds in the market. You will find reviews of these and other gambling platforms on the site, which will help you distinguish the best sports betting sites from the rest. It is also the only way to discover top operators like BetRivers have better sportsbook promos and favorable terms.

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How do betting lines work in basketball?

Betting lines in sportsbooks are used to communicate more about the available markets. Using betting lines, you can identify the favorite, the underdog, and even calculate your expected bet winnings.

How to calculate basketball betting odds?

Basketball odds are calculated much the same as all other sports betting lines in the US. Moneyline, or “American Odds” display the probability in positive or negative numbers. These help you usually calculate how much you stand to win with your wager. Positive numbers show you how much you stand to win with a $100 stake. Negative odds show you how much you need to stake in order to win $100.

What does +200 moneyline mean?

+200 Moneyline represents an Underdog. It also means that the operator will pay you $200 for every $100 you will wager. To calculate your winnings for the odds, you use the formula (stake x odds)/100.

Which bookie has the best odds for basketball?

DraftKings is the US bookie with the best odds for basketball. The site is also a powerhouse for a wide range of markets, comprehensive sports coverage, and generous bonus offers.

What is 2.5 point spread?

2.5 point spread means the team with the disadvantage has to win by 3 or more points for the bet to be correct. Operators use point spread to level the playing field.

How does Oddspedia's odds comparison work?

When using Oddspedia for odds comparison, the site lists high odds from different sportsbooks. They also cover odds from 100+ markets. Your only task will be picking the ideal odds for a game.

How do you always win in basketball betting?

You always win on Basketball betting if you place the correct bet. Therefore, you need to choose an event and study the market extensively. After that, place a bet and wager, and if the outcome matches your bet, you win.

Are there successful betting strategies for basketball?

Yes, there are multiple successful betting strategies for basketball. Some of the important tips are checking the teams' schedules, the latest NBA news and doing adequate research before placing any bet.

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