Betting on Draw Explained: Draw Betting Guide & Tips Cover

Betting on Draw Explained: Draw Betting Guide & Tips

by Oddspedia Experts
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Betting on draw strategy is one of the most underutilised gambling systems in the football gambling scene despite draws accounting for approximately 25% of the total results in football. So what is betting on a draw? And what should you keep in mind when applying the betting system? Keep reading to learn more.
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What Are Draw Bets?

Draw bets are selections indicating that a sports match or event will end with no winners. In short, both teams will score an equal number of goals or no goals at all. This explains why the 1X2 market is often referred to as a 3-way bet.

The betting option covers Home Win represented by 1, Draw represented by 'X' and Away Win, which is 2.

In most cases, draw bets usually carry better odds compared to ones for the favourites. This makes absolute sense why a bettor may choose to place draw bets in a sports event. However, you still need to understand the market better to know when this may be the most viable option.

Draw Bets Attractiveness

Like the Win market, a Draw bet can be quite appealing, especially when analysing the odds. As stated above, draw bets usually have better odds compared to favourites. This means if you strategically stake in a draw market, you are likely to end up with a substantial payout more so if your bet is also significant.

Why Betting on A Tie Can Make Sense

Betting on draws can make sense after researching and finding out the probability of two teams ending up in a draw is higher than either winning the match. It may also be the only option to consider if the opponents tend to finish their matches in a draw.

Playing Draw Bets as A Betting Strategy

Playing draw bets as a betting strategy requires gathering a lot of statistics. For instance, you need to know the draw percentage of a particular league. In the 2021 season of the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A, 30% of the matches ended up in draws. This means with adequate research and application of different types of draw betting systems you are likely to find matches that will end up in a draw.

Tips & Tricks for a Good Tie Betting Strategy

Like other betting strategies, the draw betting system requires you to use tricks to increase your chances of placing winning bets. With this in mind, here are some essentials to consider when using a draw betting strategy. Make sure you apply the ideas every time you want to predict draws on any bookie.

What Is the Probability of A Tie

The importance of the game usually determines the competitiveness of the fixture. In most cases, teams playing in top leagues such as the English Premier League or La Liga are likely to be more competitive than those playing friendly matches. Therefore, they are likely to register a draw. In this case, it is wise to apply draw betting systems.

Rank the Importance of The Game

This type of bet is similar to the “Next Goalscorer” but there is a slight difference. For this type of bet, you are wagering on the team that is likely to score the next goal as the action unfolds. For example, if team A is playing against team B, you can place a wager that team B will score next.

Look “Under the Radar”

If you decide to place a draw bet as your qualifying bet, you need to look under the radar. Instead of just analysing the probability of a draw occurring in a particular league or looking for low-scoring games in a league, you can consider looking for a select match that draws a lot.

Playing Style

Figuring out a team's playing style is vital when considering the draw strategy. For instance, you need to know the attack strength, defence ratio, and goals scored. You should also research goals conceded not just by one team but both. It is also crucial that you come up with your conclusion of how the event may play out.

Backing the Draw In-Play

You should know that the draw betting market is not just applicable when placing pre-match bets. The betting system is also suitable when placing in-play bets. All you need to do is confirm bookies' odds and figure out the probability of a draw occurring. You will also be surprised to learn that draw backing can happen on a betting exchange.

Compare Bookmakers and Odds - Find the Highest Betting Odds for The Draw Tip

Always compare bookmakers whenever you decide to place draw bets. If possible, you need to sign up for multiple bookies so that you are not limited. That is the only way to end up with value bets on the draw markets. Furthermore, check the betting odds and make sure they are high. Note that if the draw odds are high, you will end up with significant winnings in case of your bet is successful.

Draw Betting Strategy with Loss Progressions

Loss progression is a popular draw bet betting system, especially if you want to make long-term profits. The system entails figuring out a match that is likely to end in a draw and placing a draw bet on every single event. You first need to decide your stake, and if you lose, you increase your base stake. As a result, if you win on your second bet, the profits will cover the previous loss, and still, you will remain with additional cash. This betting system is similar to Martingale. The only difference is that in Martingale if you lose, you raise your initial stake by 100%, whereas in loss progression, you only increase the stake by 50%. Other betting systems similar to lose progression that you can use to place actual draw bets include:

  • Fibonacci
  • D'Alembert
  • 1-3-2-6 system

Combine Draw Bets in A System

If you are dealing with not competitive odds, combining draw bets in a system is reasonable. Doing so will see you minimise the risk significantly. However, you need to make sure you do it considerably to avoid errors. Some of the best ways to combine bets are described below.

Submit Multiple Draws as A System Bet

As stated earlier, submitting multiple draws as a system is one of the best ways to place draw bets. However, you should know that since the risk is low, the profits are also likely to be low. For instance, you can choose 2 out of 4 system bets. This system bet will require you to select four matches that will likely end up as a draw. In this combination, you will only need 2 out of the 4 events to end up in a draw to make a profit. Other system bets you can opt for include: 2 out of 5, 3 out of 4, Trixie and Heinz.

Include Individual Draw Bets in The System

If you want to place a draw system bet and end up with better odds, you need to add single bets to the system. Here you are allowed to make simple mistakes so long as they don't end up affecting your overall payout. Note that when applied carefully, it is more profitable.

Bet on The Game Flow and Not the Outcome

In-play betting is very fast-paced because you are placing bets as the action unfolds. It’s very easy to get carried away if you don’t stay focused. Even as you place your bets, you have to keep track of how much action there is on the line. The best way to do this is by watching the entire game, analysing the stats and staying updated. You have to flow with the game, feel how the momentum is going and place your wagers based on that.

You can place draw bets on multiple sports. However, specific popular sports have the best markets for draw betting. For better understanding, below is a list of the sports you should consider.


Football is one of the best sports to consider when doing draw betting. The sport comes with multiple events, suitable markets and many free bet offers for the betting strategy. Also, with good research, you can find significant odds that will see you enjoy the best payout. You can consider football even when betting on draws in betting exchanges. Lastly, take note of any Asian handicap markets since they tend to trigger different odds on 1X2 markets.

Basketball, Ice Hockey, American Football

Other sports that accommodate draw betting include basketball, American Football, and Ice Hockey. These games have markets such as Double Chance and Draw betting options which the betting strategy in question factors in pretty well. But similar to football, you will have to do adequate research for the best outcome.


Due to its simplicity, draw betting is probably one of the most popular betting strategies in the online gambling scene. The betting system is applicable for different sports and does not require complex analysis. You should also know that it is easier to get high payouts with Draw Betting, especially if you apply the tips and tricks provided in this reading. Lastly, you can use draw betting together with other sports betting systems like Martingale. All these aspects make the betting system ideal for different punters.

Pros vs Cons
Thumb Up
Thumb Down
  • You don't need to carry out an extensive analysis.;
  • Can result in high profits.;
  • Does not involve plenty of mathematical calculations.;
  • Applicable with multiple sports.;
  • It is high risk.;
  • Progression strategies can be dangerous.;

Betting on Draw FAQ

🏆 What Is the Probability of A Tie in Football?

The average probability of a tie in football is 25%. However, this varies depending on the league and the teams playing during a particular season.

💶 How Do You Predict Football Draws?

You predict football draws by doing extensive research on different matches. Furthermore, you can check the league's low-scoring teams to determine whether the event will end in a draw.

💳 Which League Has the Most Draws?

The league with the most draws is usually League 1, closely followed by the English Premier League. However, the ranking keeps changing depending on the season and the competitiveness of the teams.

🤔 How Often Do Football Games End 0-0?

Approximately 7% of football matches end in a 0-0 draw. This means no team scores a goal at the end of the match. The statistics are strongly based on the English Premier League and Champions League.

Are Draw Bets Worth Considering?

Draw bets are worth considering when dealing with low-scoring teams and leagues with a high probability of matches ending with a draw. These are only a few factors that make draw betting worth considering.

🏆 What Progression Can I Use for My Draw Betting Strategy?

You can use loss progression for your draw betting. The betting system requires you to increase your stake if the initial bet fails so that you may cover the loss experienced.

💶 Is a Draw Progression Strategy Profitable in The Long Run?

Yes, a draw strategy is profitable in the long run. All you need is a few winnings to cover your losses and earn profit. However, this depends on the approach you are taking.

💳 With how Much Stake Should I Play Draw Bets?

You need to play draw bets with a minimum stake. That is to avoid losing so much money in case of a losing streak. You also need to capitalise on finding better draw odds.

🤔 Which System Bet Is Recommended for A Draw Strategy?

2 out of 5 system is recommended for a draw strategy. Using the system, you select five matches and out of the options, you just need two events to end up in a draw to make a profit.
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