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The Brasileirão is the main men's football competition in Brazil, which you can follow closely on Oddspedia. Get all live scores in real-time from the stadiums of the Brasileirão Série A. Make use of the complete statistics, check the latest news, transfer rumours and league standings on the competition. 
We are also experts on Brasileirão betting, and we will advise you which bookmaker you should use to bet. Our site will show you the best odds, with an unrivalled odds comparison service. Stay up to date with all our offers on the Brazilian Championship.

All about Brasileirão at Oddspedia

Here at Oddspedia, we will give you fixtures and betting information for all upcoming Serie A matches. Follow the results of the championship from the first to the last round, getting the live scores information in real-time.  

Also, you can go through our page to check different statistics and data from Brazil on any season you may want. We have with us, the best community with tipsters sharing insights on the Brasileirão. We use the most respected media outlets to bring you all the news related.  

In the stats tab, you will find other relevant information, such as the best players of the championship, the top scorer of the competition, the biggest assistant of passes for the goal, the number of cards, among other relevant statistics. Analyzing this competition is not an easy task. It is formed by state and regional rivalries, putting an extra spice in each duel.

To finish all the information, you can see who won the last Brasileirão title or who is the team with the most trophies - in this case, Palmeiras. You can also see who rose to the first category of Serie A last year.

We want to establish a community where our users can also share information and have fun on our site. Send us your suggestions or something you want to see on our site and we will work to improve.

Brasileirão Live Scores - Full Fixtures & Results 

On this page, you will find all the live results of the Brasileirão updated at the moment so that you do not miss a minute of what happens in the stadiums. We update automatically without any delay, no need to update the table. The order of the games you will see will be the first that is being played at the moment and then the next games that will take place in the Brazilian championship.  

If you want to know more about a specific Brazilian correspondence, we advise you to click on the alert bell to receive the notifications you want so much. There, you have a range of information, such as viewing each teams formation, what time the game starts, see all the statistics in real-time or the betting odds. This way you will not miss any details of Serie A - Brasileirão.

By clicking on the calendar and choosing the exact day you want to watch the matches you can see the results that are available in the Brazilian soccer championship. Heed all the matches of the Brasileirão Series A by using the calendar to sort by week or round.


Brasileirão Odds -  Betting on Brazil Serie A  

Did you know that Brasileirão is one of the competitions with the highest potential for sports betting gains? Because it is a long-term competition, you can specialize in a particular team, studying its statistics and increasing the chances of prognosis in the Brazilian Championship. 
The bets on the winner of the Brasileirão are one of the most popular among all bettors. Undoubtedly one of the markets with the highest volume of betting, and that in recent years we have seen Palmeiras and Corinthians winning, as the champion of the Brasileirão, but lately, Flamengo is very strong in the era of "Mister".

For the first time in years, Jorge Jesus Flamengo put themselves in favour of winning the Brasileirão, ahead of Palmeiras de Vanderlei Luxemburgo, Tiago Nunes who coached Corinthians or Gremio Renato Gaúchos rebel coach. Here you can follow all the odds variations for the winner of the Brazilian championship. If you have faith in your team you can also take a chance and bet on the triumph of Santos, Atletico Mineiro or Athletico Paranaense. So, the time has come to turn the love of the team into profit!

Serie A relegation betting

Being a competitive championship, in the Brasileirão all the teams want to escape relegation. Not only titles live a championship of running points! Who will compete in the second division Serie B fixtures next year? The bets regarding the relegation of the Brasileirão are also among the favourites of the bettors. Here at Oddspedia, you can place your bets and you will see that bookmakers offer this kind of market with the best odds.

Betting on the best scorer in the Brasileirao

Another expectation of the fans will be the question of who will be the top scorer of Brazil. Brazil is known for being a barn of stars and where the worlds greatest strikers have always been manufactured. The dispute for the top scorer will have separate attention and among the favourites, we can highlight Gabigol, Bruno Henrique or even Pedro do Flamengo, Ricardo Goulart do Palmeiras, Ricardo Oliveira do Atletico MG, are some of the favourites the top scorer of the Brazilian championship. Place your bets on the best scorer of the Brazilian championship in any of the bookmakers we offer you.

Top 6 - Who will qualify for Copa Libertadores

The Copa Libertadores is the most prestigious club competition in Latin America, with a long history. That's why the great Brazilian teams always fight for a place in the Libertadores Cup. The teams that finish in the top 6 of the Brasileirão will have a place for the tournament.  

In addition, the champion of the Brazil Cup will also have direct access to the Libertadores and depending on the performances of the teams in the South American Cup will also have access to this very prestigious event. Simply place your bets on who will play in the Copa dos Libertadores and find the best quotes here.

Brazil Serie A Betting Sites - Best Bonuses and Promotions

The Brasileirão bets are very exciting and you have here on our platform, the best odds to bet. Some bookmakers offer bonuses to the Brazilian and that's why many bettors get more confident when they make their guesses on the Brazilian championship.  

Here we analyze all the bookmakers and bring you all the offers as well as the exclusive bonuses for the Brasileirão. Depending on the region you are in, we suggest a few bookmakers, with the best odds of the moment, so that you can earn an extra income. Now, you'll have more fun, take the chance to use our promotional codes and bet.

Serie A News

In this section of the Brasileirão news, Oddspedia offers all its users the best information about the Brazilian championship. For example the latest CBF news, football games reports, information on player injuries, training centres (CT), among other precious information.

For all fans of the Serie A that are keen on knowing the latest updates, Oddspedia aggregates news from various media that cover the Brasileirão. Furthermore, you can share and comment on the news with your friends.  

To do so, you just need to access a specific Brazilian team, by accessing the page you will have access to the news concerning the team you have researched. I bet you won't want to miss any highlights that belong to your team.

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