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When it comes to American football live scores, there can be a lot going on in a very short space of time. Keeping up with everything, when you haven’t got access to American Football live streams, can be a tough and time-consuming task. If you’re studying American football odds and betting lines, it’s even more imperative that you have detailed and accurate information to hand. The good news is that Oddspedia has your back.

American Football Live Scores

The Oddspedia American football live score page is set out to ensure you have the latest American football streams and live scores at your fingertips. Our real-time updates not only tell the latest live box scores but also include a wealth of other vital information and key statistics.

Thanks to the Oddspedia calendar, finding the American football live scores you are looking for couldn’t be easier. The Oddspedia calendar allows you to not only select live games but also view upcoming games and look back at recent matchups. It’s ideal if you want to look at American football scores today or from the past, and if you want to check out the schedules for the rest of the season.

When it comes to the range of leagues on offer, the Oddspedia American football live scores page cannot be beaten. Not only can you follow all of the latest NFL action, but there are live score updates and American football streams from the CFL, XFL, NCAA, AAF and even the Arena Football League.

Another huge benefit of the Oddspedia American football live scores page is the sheer volume of statistical information available. For every live game, you can see detailed team and player statistics. This ranges from the headline statistics such as box score and touchdown scorers, through to detailed drive and scoring summaries. You can also access player stats for passing and rushing yards, sacks, interceptions, field goals and much more. 

Many betting sites now have dedicated markets relating to individual player stats, so having this information at your fingertips can really help you make informed decisions on American Football odds.

American Football Stats 

Few sports can compete with American football when it comes to the sheer volume of statistics on offer for fans. As we’ve outlined above, Oddspedia has you covered on American football live scores. But what about player and team stats for the current and previous seasons?

Once again, Oddspedia is your best friend. Our statistics section is stacked with in-depth facts and figures for the NFL, NCAA, CFL and many other leagues. Our mission is to give you the best possible chance of beating American football betting lines:

Player Statistics

You can find the season and career passing yards, touchdown and interception totals, quarterback ratings, completion percentages and so much more. And that’s just for quarterbacks! We’ve also got detailed statistics for all other offensive, defensive and special teams positions. So whether you want to know the career sack total for an XFL linebacker, the 2021 receiving yards of an NFL tight end or even the career field goal percentage of a veteran Arena Football League kicker, Oddspedia is the place to go.

Team Statistics

Naturally, Oddspedia has the all-important league and divisional standings for all major American football leagues, but there are also plenty more team-based facts and figures on the site. You can view winning and losing streaks, assessing recent form and break down each teams’ passing and rushing statistics.


If you’re interested in the American Football odds today on a specific match, Oddspedia has a great head-to-head feature that enables you to compare the statistics of two teams and their individual players. This will give you everything you need to make an informed choice on American football betting lines.

American Football News 

Staying up to date with the very latest league and team news is a key part of ensuring you find the best American football odds.

Oddspedia’s dedicated American Football news section aggregates the latest news from a wide range of major national and local media outlets. Outside of the season, this enables you to keep up to speed with the latest Free Agency moves and rumors, NFL Draft predictions and all of the important Training Camp news. Whilst during league seasons you can read match previews, reports and opinion pieces from some of the best American football writers in the business. 

In this fast-paced digital age, the biggest news often breaks first on social media.

Oddspedia provides you with the latest social media posts from top players, teams and leagues. If it breaks on social media, you’ll be the first to hear about it.

American Football Predictions

Not only does Oddspedia offer high quality free American football streams and the latest American football live scores and news, but you can also get expert free tips and predictions from our betting community. This betting community consists of a pool of the very best American football tipsters from major media outlets. These tipsters regularly give their best American football odds predictions for upcoming games. 

We only use tipsters who provide detailed statistical analysis to justify their selections, this adds an important layer of authenticity to their tips and helps you to find the very best American football odds predictions available. We also tell you how each tipster has been performing over the course of the season, making it easy for you to discover which tipsters have the best track record. 

Each week during the regular season, our tipsters will give you their verdict on every single game taking place in all of the major American football leagues. Not only does this cover American football betting lines, but it will also incorporate other markets such as touchdown scorers, points totals, handicaps and spreads. 

Our American football odds prediction page also allows you to filter predictions based on league, date or even type of bet. Finding the game you’re interested in couldn’t be easier. Whether you’re looking for a single bet on the first touchdown scorer in a CFL game or a twelve-team NFL accumulator, Oddspedia’s pool of expert tipsters can help you find your bet and land a win.

And if that’s not enough, Oddspedia also has a public consensus module. This fantastic tool gives you aggregated opinions from all of our users for each American football market, enabling you to see where people are placing their bets. 

American Football: Conclusion

Oddspedia provides you with everything you need to enjoy American football betting. We know that making the best American football predictions requires plenty of research and that’s why our site is jam-packed with American football streams, live scores, statistics, news and the very best American football predictions. Because we’re also huge fans of American football; our odds predictions, stats and everything else on the site are presented in a user friendly and easy to navigate way.

When you’ve done all your research and found the bets you want to place, our extensive range of markets and bookmakers makes it easy for you to see the best available American football odds for your chosen market.

But we don’t want you to just take our word for it, take a good look around the Oddspedia American football pages to see for yourself. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

American football betting guide - FAQ 

How to choose a betting site for American football? 

This can come down to personal preference in terms of the look and feel of a betting site. However, at Oddspedia we want to give you the best chance of winning at the highest possible odds. So we choose the betting sites that offer the best American football odds lines for every available market.

How do American football betting odds work? 

American football betting odds change all the time. During games, they change quickly depending on the scoreline and other factors (for example injuries and game plans). But pre-match American football odds tend to move more slowly. They can be affected by factors such as betting trends. For example, if lots of people bet on a certain team winning then their odds will decrease.

How to predict American football results? 

American football can be an extremely difficult game to predict. Upsets occur every weekend and American football betting lines explained are often incorrect. Your best option is to study the Oddspedia statistics page, read the latest league news and look for the best value American football odds.

Is it possible to make money from American football betting?  

Yes, but it’s not easy because of the sport’s highly unpredictable nature. You can use betting strategies (see below) to set your budgets and limits. You can decide to only bet on certain markets, or even only on certain teams. But no strategy is foolproof and your best option is to always opt for the best value American football bet odds for your chosen markets. And that’s why Oddspedia is such an indispensable service. By collating American football odds from so many bookmakers, we can ensure that you can always find the best price for your chosen market.

Are there successful American football strategies? 

Aside from using Oddspedia to find the best American football odds, your best strategy is to bet with your head, not your heart, study the form, check the injury reports and monitor the betting lines. The more effort you put in, the more likely you are to find the best American football bet odds.

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