Best Volleyball Odds Today - Betting Lines & Spreads

Understanding volleyball odds can help you place better bets and win more often. As with any team sport, many factors will ultimately decide the winner. But there is a lot of information available online to help you determine who to bet on. And there are also many types of volleyball bets you can place. This guide will help you understand the odds and how to choose the best betting lines.

Understanding Volleyball Odds And Bets

Since volleyball is a team game, your first step should be to determine who you think will win. The odds on betting sites will then reflect who the sportsbooks think will win, and by how much. Betting on volleyball is a matter of knowing when these odds are good for you. You will also need to understand spreads and totals.

What To Know When Betting On Volleyball In The US?

While there are many online betting sites to choose from, you need to check if they are legal in your state. While many states have legalized online betting, it is still illegal in some states. And even if it is legal in your state, not every betting site will operate there. You can use Oddspedia's tools to get a list of all the best sportsbooks in any state This is particularly useful if you are not in your home state. US regulations stipulate that you must adhere to the laws of the state you are physically in. So you might not be able to use your favorite site if you move state.

Which Types Of Bets Are Offered?

Volleyball is a team game with no ties. So bettors will normally stake money that a particular team will win. This might be Moneyline bets or straight bets covering the spread. You can also bet on totals, over/under, or who might win the first set.


Moneyline bets are the easiest to understand when betting on volleyball. The sportsbook will place a number with a plus or minus sign next to the teams. +150 would mean this team is the underdog and you will win $150 for a $100 stake. -150 means they are the favorites, and you must stake $150 to win $100.


Spread bets open up more volleyball betting odds and can often be the best bet. When matches have a clear favorite, the sportsbook applies a spread to even the game up. A +3 next to a team means they are getting a 3-point advantage. Even if they lose, if it is by less than 3 points, your bet will be a winner.


If you cannot predict the outcome of a match, you can place a total bet or an over/under. Here, you are not interested in who will win or lose. You are simply predicting how many points the teams will score combined. You can also bet whether it will be over or under a certain number.

Why Compare Volleyball Odds on Oddspedia?

If you believe you can predict the outcome of a volleyball match, you should shop around to find the best volleyball bets. Using Oddspedia volleyball odds comparison you can find the best sportsbook for your bet. Whether you bet spreads or totals, it makes sense to find the best odds. Each time you win, you want to maximize your return.

Volleyball Odds Comparison Helps You Win More

Imagine an International Volleyball Tournament which you think the US will win. Would you rather win double your investment or triple? The answer should be triple and that's the odds you should take. Oddspedia's comparison tools make this process easy. They will find the sportsbook with the best volleyball odds. Getting more profit from your wins will really add up over time. So let Oddspedia do the hard work and you can reap the rewards.

Find The Best Volleyball Betting Odds For Today

You do not need to follow volleyball leagues closely to find good bets. As Oddspedia presents all the matches that are happening today. So, you can review the teams to get more information on their form and previous meetings. Oddspedia will display the best volleyball odds available and you can then decide whether to bet.

Track Line Movement

While one team may begin as the favorite to win a match, many factors affect the bets placed. Maybe one team has played a lot of games and has fatigue. It would help if you tracked line movement to see where the money is going and who other people think will win.

Find The Best Volleyball Sportsbooks

Oddspedia's comparison tool will show you the best odds for any game. You will notice over time that certain sportsbooks will appear at the top of most lists. If you bet regularly you will likely find a favorite site that is easy to use. If you are betting for the first time, use Oddspedia to find the site offering the best sportsbook promos. Caesars and FanDuel Sports have many offers that are useful to first-time players as well as return customers. And DraftKings is a well-established betting site that sometimes offers above normal odds. There are many sites to choose from and it pays to research them before you make your choice.

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How Do Volleyball Bets Work?

Placing bets on a volleyball match is a straightforward process. First, decide which team you think will win and check the odds and betting lines. You can place a Moneyline or spread bet on the team with the most favorable odds. Also, you can bet on the total score or make a prop bet.

How to calculate volleyball betting odds?

Every sportsbook will set up odds for each event in the form of a number. The lower the number representing a team’s odds is, the more likely that team is to win, but also the less money you’ll earn if they do. To calculate how much you’d win with a correct bet, simply multiply the odds by your stake and then subtract the stake.

How Does Betting Volleyball Spreads Work?

Betting on volleyball is not just about placing a bet on who you think will win. There are often times when betting on the eventual loser will pay out more. Spread bets are a way for the sportsbook to introduce more betting lines. If you see a team with a +4 spread, that team is getting a 4-point advantage. Even if they lose by less than 4 points, your bet will be a winner.

What Are Game Lines In Betting?

Game lines are a way for betting sites to balance a game. If there is a clear favorite, they will be given a handicap so that the odds of both teams winning may now be similar. This makes calling the game harder and more fun.

Which Betting Sites Have the Best Volleyball Odds?

Which sportsbook is offering the volleyball odds at any time will depend on how quickly they update their site. Oddspedia updates Volleyball live games every 5 seconds so you will see the latest information always. BetOnline Sports, 1xBet, and BetUS are always quick to update their odds to offer the best choices.

What Does a +5 Spread Mean?

A plus sign next to a team indicates that they are the underdogs. For this reason, the sportsbook will give them a point advantage to balance the odds. +5 means that this team can lose by 5 or fewer points to win the bet.

How Do Volleyball Betting Lines Work?

Volleyball betting lines are a way for the sportsbook to set favorable odds for both teams. While one team may be the favorite, the sportsbook will use betting lines to boost the underdog's chances of winning. This leads to more betting options for punters.

Are There Successful Betting Strategies for Volleyball?

One successful strategy for betting on volleyball is to target international events. Try to get as much information as possible on the current form of each player. If you can find an underdog team whose individual players are in form, you may have a good bet on your hands.

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