Arbitrage Betting Guide Cover

Arbitrage Betting Guide

by Oddspedia Experts
If you are looking for a sports betting strategy that works then you might want to consider sports arbitrage betting. A betting strategy is a broad term and can include many different methods that bettors deploy to make profit.

Some sports betting systems do represent some risk, while others are mathematically proven to win over the long term. Arbitrage betting sports falls into the latter category. If you’re looking to make guaranteed profits, then read below. Sports betting arbitrage can easily be learned by a beginner in a short period of time and, hopefully, this guide will shed some light.

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Do you like the Arbitrage betting strategy?

Arbitrage betting explained

The idea behind arbitrage betting is to find two different platforms that have the same betting market on hand. Arbitrage betting works best when there are only two outcomes as this gives you an even chance of winning. For instance, you’ll bet on the home team to win as well as the away team to win. One of your bets is bound to win in this instance. The idea is to ensure a profit based on the fact that one bet will win even though the other won’t.

It is a technique used by progressive gamblers to bet on the same markets in different gambling sites.

The bettor picks one common market among bookies and stakes on different outcomes. Of all outcomes listed, at least one will turn out correct. However, it only works well if possible outcomes are 2, giving the better a 50% chance of winning.

How Is Arbitrage Betting Possible?

The biggest reason why arbitrage betting is possible is that bookies and/or betting exchanges have varying odds for similar markets. The discrepancy in these odds is what allows bettors to claim a profit; especially on a market where there are only two outcomes. In the US, most sports matches will have a winner. Thus, arbitrage betting is of interest. Keep in mind that bookmakers do not promote this strategy and, in actual fact, frown upon the practice.

Market Efficiency and Arbitrage Opportunities

It all comes down to the odds. Bear in mind that odds are not calculated by man but rather complex algorithms. There are a number of factors that determine what the odds will be for a particular event. However, certain developments after odds have been calculated, can change the value of such odds. When this occurs, sites will usually update immediately. However, it’s possible that one bookie still has odds which are valued far differently, creating the perfect opportunity to engage in arbitrage betting. Bear in mind that bookmakers implement the latest technology so these occurrences are scarce.

What Do You Need For Arbitrage Bets?

There are a couple of key factors to consider. First off, you require more than one betting account with different bookmakers/exchanges. Secondly, you’ll need to ensure that you are able to access an odds comparison site as well as a site which has a trustworthy arbitrage betting formula. Last off, in order to actually make a substantial profit, you need a considerable amount of real money funds at your disposal.

Arbitrage Betting Formula - Calculating Stakes for Guaranteed Profits

It’s important that you are able to identify the arbitrage percentage for each outcome. It’s best if it’s just two outcomes. You’ll also need to identify the total percentage arbitrage.

Firstly, you’ll need to sum the individual percentages that preside over the market in question. If the total percentage arbitrage is more than 100%, then it’s the perfect arbitrage betting opportunity to take advantage of.

Arbitrage and betting exchanges

The entire idea behind arbitrage betting is to make use of varying odds on the same market in order to lock in a profit. Bookmakers have caught onto this practice and will not hesitate to restrict accounts. However, the emergence of betting exchanges has meant that arbitrage betting lives on. Betting exchanges utilize the concepts of the free market and it allows you to lay an outcome (bet against it) and this means it’s possible to cover all possible eventualities with two bets. All of which means it’s a lot easier to guarantee a profit no matter the result.

Sports Betting Arbitrage

Arbitrage betting, as you’ve come to notice, is best applied to fixtures or markets with as few outcomes as possible. Therefore, sports games – where winning or losing are the only two possible outcomes – are best suited for this betting approach.


If you wish to bet on football and use an arbitrage betting approach, then you will need to bet on markets where there are only two outcomes. Final result includes a tie so it’s best to stick to markets such as goal-no goal.


A great sport for arbitrage betting as there is only one winner at the end of the day. With multiple accounts, you can back one player to win and lay another so as to ensure one of your bets is successful.


Here, you will have plenty of options on hand. Most markets focus on two possible outcomes; win or lose. Here, you’ll need to know what the best possible outcome is in order to know which bet requires higher funds. Check for good odds on a winning outcome as this will allow you to guarantee a profit even though your other bet loses.


Basketball has a myriad of exciting markets; many of which only include two possible outcomes. Once again, this is great for arbitrage betting. With so many markets that are good for arbitrage betting, bettors stand a higher chance of securing winnings.

Arbitrage Betting Software

If you're on the lookout for arbitrage software, the latest Oddspedia sure bets tool is the best calculator to use. It ranks all bookie odds from best to worst. It’ll also calculate sure bets (exceeding 100% ) that will ensure a profitable payout. You’ll also be able to assess what the actual percentage chance is of winning. The sure bets calculator is robust and incorporates a wide range of different arbitrage betting opportunities. It’s free and easy to use, too.

What are the risks behind Arbitrage betting

Human error

You may be engaging in arbitrage betting with the belief that no errors are bound to occur. However, bookies are prone to making errors. It may apply to your latest arbitrage bet and if noticed, the bookmaker will void the bet and hopefully return your stake. However, you may find yourself in hot water with your stake being seized.

Change in odds

Odds tend to change in the blink of an eye. You might be placing a wager with the expectation that the odds are valued at just the right amount. However, if you take too long the odds may change and your potential return will be less than expected.

Bet not accepted

If a bookmaker is quick to act and notices a major difference in the value of odds, your bet slip will be revoked before you are able to place a wager. This will stop you from taking advantage of arbitrage betting and you might face more serious action from the bookie.

Rules differences

Bookmakers have tailored comprehensive rules and conditions that bettors must adhere to. In line with increased arbitrage betting, bookies have reworked their rules to exclude such a practice. If found in contravention of this, you will face consequences.

Bet being void or cancelled.

You should bear in mind that bookmakers reserve the right to return a bet. If suspicious activity is detected, including arbitrage, your bet can be canceled. This occurrence is very likely with bookmakers who do not tolerate the practice in the slightest.

False arbs

It’s vital that you keep your wits about you. You may find yourself using an odds comparison which misleads you. This will mean that you incur a loss on your bet as opposed to a potential profit. Make sure you use the most reliable comparison on the internet.

Stake limitation

The maximum stake limit implemented by a bookmaker may well put a cap on potential winnings. This will have a negative effect on the arbitrage bets that you are able to take advantage of.

Account Closure

If you continue to stake winning arbitrage bets, you may be flagged by the bookmaker in question. This will lead to your account being closed and being banned from all affiliate betting sites.

How the Arbitrage Betting Calculator Works

Arbitrage betting is sometimes referred to as ‘sure betting’ or abbreviated to ‘arbing’. The method can be conducted in several ways. Arbitrage betting sports can include any sport and sometimes even esports too! No matter what your selection is, the arbitrage betting calculator will produce the same result!

To put it simply, a successful sports betting arbitrage strategy is one where you bet on a selection that holds positive value within its odds. Betting companies cannot always get their prices 'right' and inevitably make mistakes, this is referred to as being 'inefficient' within a betting market.

When bookmakers are inefficient, they mistakenly offer betting odds that are too large compared to other bookmakers. This is often called 'value odds', or an 'arb'.

Once a bettor has been able to place this 'value bet', there are several approaches that can be used to extract profit. Using an arbitrage betting calculator, we can easily see how to extract profit from these opportunities from arbitrage betting sites.

Arbitrage Betting Calculator - Tips and Tricks to Win

If you are just starting out with sports betting arbitrage, it is recommended to take things slowly at first. As previously mentioned, mistakes can happen, these are usually caused when rushing and when a bettor mistakenly bets on the incorrect selection.

A good first port of call would be to start your arbitrage betting journey with some sports markets that you have some form of expertise or interest in. If you’re an NFL follower, it would be wise to get some practice on the NFL markets before progressing elsewhere.

Once a bettor is comfortable with the betting sportsbooks and how the arbitrage betting calculator strategy works, another good tip would be to form some good habits.

Good habits within a successful arbitrage betting calculator strategy would be writing selections down, and noting the most frequent times for profitable betting events.

A successful arbitrage betting calculator player will also perform regular checks on their various sportsbook wallet balances. Keeping your most commonly-used sportsbooks topped-up with cash is a good idea, to avoid the misery of missing out on an arbitrage opportunity, due to having to top-up.

An essential part of being a successful arbitrage player is being organized and ready. Arbitrage bets contain value, and the value odds are not static. Therefore, it is vital that you are fast and efficient when placing these bets.


Arbitrage betting is popular for a good reason. It is relatively easy to learn and understand. It is also very exciting when you are given the ability to profit, without suffering any form of risk. Arbitrage betting is also a very versatile strategy, meaning it can be performed on every sport, and is not restricted in the number of selections needed.

The recent rise of USA betting states being legalized has also seen a rise in sportsbook betting companies to bet with. This is great news for any arbitrage bettor, as this means there are more offers and greater choices of betting odds to enjoy.

Although sports betting arbitrage is essentially a risk-free method, there are some risks attached. However, the only risks that are possible are those of human error, which can be greatly minimized with a little caution. While following an arbitrage betting strategy you will no doubt win more, while learning more about betting markets too!

Pros vs Cons
Thumb Up
Thumb Down
  • Due to there being no liability at stake, sports betting arbitrage eliminates risk and turns gambling into investing. The only way is up!;
  • An arbitrage betting calculator strategy can be learned easily by beginners. Read our guides on how to profit without risk.;
  • Profit no matter who wins the match on the moneyline. This method is profitable because a bettor covers all outcomes within an event, making it risk-free.;
  • By taking the value odds, you are outsmarting the bookmaker, beating them at their own game! Done many times over, this will accrue some nice overall profits!;
  • A sports betting arbitrage system can be done at home on your computer, at a time that is convenient too! Betting events are often available 24/7 with most sportsbooks.;
  • If a bookmaker notices you are continuously taking value odds only, or are only betting on offers, they may restrict your betting account.;
  • A sports betting arbitrage system is mathematically proven to win, long-term. However, there is always the small risk of human error. This is usually done by betting on a selection by mistake.;
  • Following a successful sports betting arbitrage system can often tie-up your betting bankroll, especially if waiting for a withdrawal from a sportsbook. To ensure your bankroll efficiency, stay on top of where your betting funds are.;

Arbitrage Betting FAQ

❔ How do I calculate arbitrage betting?

When following a strategic arbitrage betting routine, it is vital you calculate everything correctly. Some bettors use software, some prefer the manual method. Our guide at gives the full lowdown on everything arbitrage.

🏆 Is arbitrage betting profitable?

Arbitrage betting is a risk-free method that involves betting on all outcomes on a betting event, or laying your selections on a betting exchange. This means there is no liability at stake, and it becomes hard to lose. See our guide at

💶 Can you make a living from arbitrage betting?

Making a living from arbitrage betting is a dream for many bettors. There are many skills a bettor needs to use to achieve this level. Our full guide at discusses everything about arbitrage sports betting.

💳 How do you do an arbitrage bet?

Sports betting arbitrage systems come in several forms. Each method works, but a bettor needs to be very careful when placing bets in the betting event they are performing arbitrage on. Check out our arbitrage guide at

🤔 Is arbitrage betting good?

Arbitrage betting has its pros and cons. It is considered a risk-free method of betting. There are several ways to perform arbitrage betting, some are more straightforward than others. We have written a guide about arbitrage sports betting at

❔ What are the benefits of arbitrage betting in the USA?

The benefits of arbitrage betting is that there is no risk to the betting stakes a bettor places. An arbitrage bettor will cover all outcomes within a sporting event, ensuring they win, regardless of the outcome!

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