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Cricket is a consistently growing sport worldwide, and as such we’ve done our best to reflect every event happening around the world so you can find the match you need! Cricket scores are updated instantly so you dont miss out on anything that happens  Apart from live scores, you will have information on the upcoming fixtures and the results from various competitions, as well as useful statistics about this popular sport.

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The leagues showcased range from national championships, international tournaments and friendly games. They are further divided into cricket fixtures based on their popularity and the time they are to be played at. International Cricket tournaments are divided according to age, regions and periodic tournaments. The most popular periodic competition is the ICC World Cup. It has age bound tournaments, namely under 20s and senior championships. For international fixtures, the Ashes Championship between England and Australia is an eye-catcher, with a century-old history to its backing. There is also Test Cricket, which is also regarded highly by cricket lovers. In essence, Oddspedia is a one-stop-shop for all your cricket needs!

You will never lack relevant information to place your cricket bets with an odds comparator more detailed than anything else available online. In addition, you can also see some forecasts for great appointments and specialized tipsters in this sport. We will give you all the necessary betting tips so that you understand cricket in the best way.

Use our calendar to quickly navigate through cricket live scores, fixtures and results. Add any of the competitions you follow to “My Matches” and you will receive instant push notifications whenever there is an update to your chosen games.  

You can also find Cricket Live streams for upcoming games and watch them live. 

Cricket News

With more than 2.5 billion people worldwide following the game of cricket, it makes for the second biggest following after football. Oddspedia is committed to providing you with the latest cricket news and headlines from the most renowned sources online. 
We partner with hundreds of cricket news outlets to show you the most recent and useful updates about cricket. Cricket action is always hot, with tournaments available weekly, and there is no shortage of drama and news surrounding those events. If you are an avid fan of the game, there is no better place than Oddspedia to keep you up-to-date. Read breaking news for today’s cricket games and learn the latest insights with our comprehensive coverage! 

The sheer amounts of information is supplemented by the latest social media cricket news. Read comments and in-depth analysis from the world’s best cricket experts. Stay tuned with the latest posts from teams and players’ Twitter profiles! 

Best Sites for Cricket Betting

Every cricket betting site on the internet has its own take on betting, offering different promotions, options, features and some even like to concentrate only on particular types of bets. So the answer to this question is pretty subjective and it all boils down to personal preference in the end. Betting sites are mainly considered good based on the odds value and the number of markets they offer. These two variables increase the quantity of the amount earned from the game and the variety each punterr is exposed to before making a gambling choice. From Bet Value, Betfair and Bet365 currently have the highest odds offered in the market. They feature among the top 5 of all bookmakers that offer. Cricket as one of their sports.

Betway and Betfair have the highest number of leagues and championships on Cricket on their sportsbook. The net cricket bettors are higher, which ultimately translates into higher sign-ups. The markets are also more numerous, increasing the traffic to the bookmakers.

How to Bet on Cricket Explained: Tips & Guide

How Cricket Odds work?  

Odds in cricket betting are statistical numbers derived from team rankings, recent forms, player ratings, and teams’ comparison which are used to predict the probability of the outcome. High odds signify a low probability of occurrence, and the reverse is also true. For instance, if a game has 2.62 odds and the bettor stakes £20, the total winnings will be £52.4. He or she will take home a profit of £32.4 from the bet.

Why to Compare Cricket betting odds?  

For a higher probability of winning, the markets are the key determinant of the odds value. With different bookmakers using different algorithms to derive their odds, the punter should be wise to get the maximum outcome out of his or her stake. The Value Bets from Oddspedia localise all major bookmakers in the country and offer a comparison of their odds value. The highest odd will be at the top.

Which types of Cricket bets are available?  

Markets are betting scenarios where odds are placed for staking. They create different probabilities in which the game’s outcome can invoke participation. The most popular betting market is the 3-way bet (win-draw-loss). It is the most simple, straight forward, and most of the time has a lower odds, especially on teams that have a high probability of winning. Over/under bets and handicap bets are also popular among players.

Markets that require analysis have higher odds due to the lower win chance. If a bettoris successful, the earnings are huge. They include a season-long bet which is spread over time and tied betting; a summation of all markets into one bet.

Which Cricket betting strategies to consider?  

Just like any other game, a head to head statistic is useful for accurate analysis. This includes cricket scores in the last games, frequency of winning, the winning margin and tournaments the teams met. This information can be used to create a sequence that can help in popular markets like the 3-way bets.

For advanced markets, especially the ones that involve multiple teams, a compound approach is used. This brings together a combination of factors that includes the teams’ recent form, players’ prowess, team’s history in the tournament and sometimes the entire match list. For season/series long betting, the match list helps in creating a probability matrix that informs long term bets.  

Are there any special Cricket betting rules?  

• For any payment to be settled, the game must take place as planned, i.e., time, dates, and the actual play. For postponed games or walk-overs, there will be no settlement, and if it is a multi-bet, the game will be omitted from the bet.

• The bookmaker has the right to alter, cancel or modify the cricket betting odds without having to explain the changes to the player. These changes are due to prevailing market conditions and other risk management factors.  

• Wins from bets are given out after the game is completed and official results confirmed.  

• If the bookmaker has odds boost offers applicable to cricket betting, then its usage is tied to wager requirements and its terms and conditions.

Where to bet live on Cricket?  

The first hint of live betting is the Cricket on tonight. It shows the matches of the day, and the time they will be played. The punter then signs in at the specified time for a live bet. Oddspedia offers a ranking on the live betting market, with the highest odds bookmaker appearing at the top. The risks involved are higher, which translates into higher odds.

For the best odds for in-play cricket, the bettor chooses the cricket game, goes to the sub-menu and selects Value Bets. A list of all the bookmakers appears showing the different odds values. Based on the highest from the pack and other factors considered, he or she can choose the bookmaker of choice.

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