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Volleyball Live Scores

Oddspedia doesn’t just let you see the results of matches that have already happened - we constantly update the scores while matches are being played. Our page automatically updates live scores in real-time to give you the latest changes for all games. These live scores include plenty of information, such as how many points each team has in the current set, as well as point leaders, match status, and current odds.  

You can use the calendar at the top of the page to see the matches being played on any given date, be it today, yesterday, tomorrow or any other day you like - the information is updated in real time, ensuring that you can recieve it it as soon as possible. Upcoming and past matches can all be viewed with a single click, with about 40-50 games being played every day around the world.  

The biggest volleyball leagues are all represented, among them the Olympics, the FIVB Volleyball World Championship, the European Volleyball Championships and the CEV Champions League. Since many of these take place periodically, with years-long gaps in between, a lot of smaller events and matches are also monitored, allowing punters to follow the fixtures & results and place smaller bets on local and national-level events.  

The selection of matches has been carefully curated to be comprehensive and diverse enough to allow every bettor a chance to be informed on the events that are most relevant to them. Whether you’d like to place bets locally at a small physical bookmaker in your country or with a leading online betting company, chances are you’ll find the information you’re looking for here.

You can also find live streams of the upcoming matches and watch them live.

Volleyball News

Volleyball betting statistics is only a small part of what Oddspedia offers - it also serves as a hub for all major news about the sport. Oddspedia carefully curates the reported news from all major news outlets around the world. The goal, as always, is to bring you relevant, useful information in real-time that can help you place better bets or just keep you informed about the sport.

Beyond the big sports headlines related to upcoming events, Oddspedia reports on a wide variety of volleyball topics. You’ll be able to learn more about the newest transfers, coach changes, player injuries and more. In addition, we will report on credible rumors and social media posts from players and other relevant figures when we feel like they contain useful or interesting information. The goal is to limit the amount of news without leaving out anything important.  

Volleyball Betting - FAQ

How do volleyball betting odds work?

Whenever two teams are about to face off in a match, one team is usually more likely to win based on the strength of their players and their past history. A team that won a championship the previous year is likelier to win it again than a team that never has. These probabilities are represented by bookmakers in the form of odds.

How to choose a betting site for volleyball?

Generally, there are three things you need to look out for when selecting a betting site. The most important one is to choose a bookmaker that operates in your country, or else you risk not receiving your winnings. You should also be sure to select bookies that offer volleyball betting, as not all of them do. Lastly, make sure to select a site that overall offers higher odds, as you win higher amounts there.

How to predict volleyball results?

The odds available at each bookmaker reflect the chances a team has of winning, or of a draw. Using odds, alongside other stats (such as the team’s recent successes) is the best way to predict future results. Advanced players can also view what players will be participating in each individual match and directly compare their own successes.

Is it possible to make money betting on volleyball?

Making money from predictions on their favourite sport is why many punters choose to place bets in the first place. If your predictions are correct, then you will earn some money. How much money that is will depend on your bet and the odds you bet against, but correct bets will always leave you with more than you gambled.

Are there successful volleyball strategies?

There are several volleyball betting strategies with various degrees of success. For example, a good strategy is to bet on the first set of a women’s match having a total score of under 45.5 points. 90% of women’s matches never reach 45 points total, giving you an almost guaranteed win. Another betting strategy involves finding a live match and betting on the first team to reach 24 points.


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