Live Baseball Scores - Latest Fixtures and Today's Results

Here at Oddspedia we make it a priority to keep our users fully in the know and up to date with the latest baseball live scores. Our baseball live scores updates give you all the details on what is unfolding in the baseball fixtures. This includes things like who has hit the most home runs and how many strikeouts the pitcher has thrown. We give you all the pertinent stats about the game both before, during and after the fixture. We also give you the history between the two teams involved in the match, as well as their current form over the last couple of games. We aren’t just all about baseball scores today, you know. 

Baseball Live Scores

Our baseball live scores cover plenty of leagues such as the NPB, National Championship and of course MLB. You can count on our live scores and updates all season long as we go through the ups and downs of the season together. If you want to check out what live fixtures are currently happening in the world of baseball you need only click on the “live” link just below the baseball subheading. You can check out all the upcoming fixtures on Oddspedia as well by viewing our calendar. From there you can start planning your upcoming bets for the season and prepping which fixtures look like they might be ripe for the taking.

Our live scores also give you the current live betting baseball odds which changes as the game moves through the nine innings. We will always pick out the best MLB odds today for you to choose here but you can use our compare odds link to see what some of the other bookmakers are doing for their live baseball odds on the game. You can also check out the pre match odds as well which will give you a host of the best available baseball odds today for several different betting markets as well. 

Baseball Stats

As we mentioned before, we don’t just give you baseball live scores, although we do always give you that as well. In addition to the baseball live scores we give you the most important facts and stats about the teams involved in the game, their best performing players, their current league standing and much more. We don’t step at just a handful of stats as we try to give you a comprehensive picture of what kind of season both teams are currently having going into the match. 

By staying abreast of our detailed baseball stats you are already giving yourself a much better chance both pre-match and during live betting of having a successful wager. These stats help to broaden the picture and give you some more intel on who should be betting on. Using our stats coupled with the best baseball betting lines you can really give yourself a good chance to take home some decent winnings. When you are putting in just a little bit of effort to do the research it stops becoming gambling and rather becomes a game of preparation and reward. 

Baseball Streams - Keeping an Eye on the Live Fixtures

Who doesn’t love watching a baseball fixture that they have a bet on? It gives the whole viewing experience a new, fun dynamic. That is why at Oddspedia we will always try to give you a viable and legal link to the baseball fixtures currently happening. All you need to do is navigate to the baseball match itself on our site and from there click below the watch your event live message where it says “register now”. From there you can view the free baseball stream. You won’t just be viewing the baseball live score today, you’ll be living the experience with the baseball live stream link that we provide for you. 

Baseball News

At Oddspedia we try to incorporate even more than just baseball live scores and stats. We do this by giving you the latest in baseball news and headlines. Staying up to date with our baseball news pieces will help you to make smarter betting decisions before you go through with your baseball wagers for the week. 

We give you baseball news in a couple of different ways that all amount to you being able to really see the whole picture of the league you are invested in. For one, our own team of writers give you detailed pieces on every major baseball story that is making waves in the sports. 

We also keep you in the loop of the players’ social media posts from either their Twitter, Facebook or Instagram accounts. There can be some cryptic messages on these platforms that can oftentimes relate to player trades or unrest in the dressing room. Sometimes it's also just light hearted fun that's worth writing about as well. 

Incorporating the bigger news outlets

While our site is already brimming with top quality articles written by our own staff writers, it has always been worth adding in some of the baseball news pieces from the bigger news outlets in the US. There are plenty of these outlets that we get the biggest news articles from including giants like ESPN, Fox News and Yahoo Sports. There are many others that make up our list of top quality baseball news articles on the Oddspedia website. 

Remember, reading some daily baseball news on our site is a great way to keep yourself invested in the sport. You won’t be caught off guard by any stray injuries to key players or player trade you were unaware of. 

Baseball Predictions 

At Oddspedia we add the cherry on top of all the tools we give to you by giving you even more ammunition for your baseball bets. Our expert team gives you the best in baseball tips and predictions to help guide you on your way to betting success. 

You can find all of our betting tips and predictions by simply searching for them in the search bar. From there you can filter out tips you don’t want to see so that you can find the ones that you actually want to use. 

But we don’t want to do all the work for you (although you could go that way too if you like) we want to see our users become interactive with one another on our community page. Here, our users can make their own predictions for baseball fixtures and offer up their own advice. They can even make a baseball odds prediction as well. These users can then be rated for how well their advice and predictions were received. Users can even comment on each other’s post to start a conversation about differing views on the baseball fixtures. 


Our goal here at Oddspedia is to make sure that you have access to the best baseball odds lines, regular access to safe baseball streams and of course access to the most in-depth baseball stats you can find. We want to provide you with all the tools to make your baseball betting experience the best that it can be. 

Not only do we want to provide you with all of the above but we do our utmost to give you the latest in baseball news from our top writers and some of the biggest news outlets in the US. You will always be on top of your game when checking out our daily baseball headlines at Oddspedia. 

The real point of our site is that you can use it all the time, there will never not be a time where knowing what the best baseball bet odds are at any given time for any given fixture. You can always come back to our site to find out what baseball fixtures you should be taking on next or if you just need baseball betting lines explained to you in more detail. We look forward to seeing your own tips and predictions amongst our community page very soon!

Baseball betting guide - FAQ 

How to choose a betting site for baseball? 

Choosing a baseball betting site can be tough as you can see from our site that we already cover 80 different bookmakers. With that said, our odds comparison tool and our bookmaker reviews can help you to make a decision far more quickly. All you need to do is keep a few of your personal preferences in mind to narrow your search a little. From there, finding a quality baseball betting site at Oddspedia is going to be a breeze for you. 

How baseball betting odds work? 

Basically, the bookmaker will assign a probability to each team for the outcome that they will win. They do so with a mathematical sum after taking into account a number of different variables like the form of the team, player injuries, head to head record or homeground advantage and that is just naming a few. 

How to predict baseball results? 

We could never profess to tell you that there is a magic recipe for always getting your baseball prediction correct because there really isn’t. What you can and should do, is take a look at our in-depth stats at Oddspedia to help you make better decisions when it comes to making your baseball predictions. Research and some elbow grease are the only ways for you to truly have a fair crack at getting your baseball predictions right. 

Is it possible to make money betting on baseball?  

Without a doubt, yes. Is it easy? Not necessarily. If you make smart bets and keep to your bankroll you can slowly start to build up your winnings over time. Now, you could go for one massive bet on one fixture but we would really not recommend this. Those types of bets will always end in tears eventually. You can go for more adventurous bets but for the most part it's better to play tighter and smarter. 

Are there successful baseball strategies? 

There have been some very successful betting strategies in the past. And after a while you can even start tinkering with them and making your own strategies based off of other successful ones. However, there are some betting strategies that are legal but not very well received by online bookmakers. Try to steer clear of these strategies as they can result in you having your account with the bookmaker closed down. 

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