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Oddspedia provides table tennis fans with one of the most comprehensive betting resources on the market. Whether you’re a casual table tennis fan looking to get into betting for the first time or a seasoned veteran looking to bring their predictions to the next level, Oddspedia offers a large variety of easy to use tools to help you place the best bets possible.

Here you’ll find fixtures, statistics, and predictions for hundreds of table tennis matches - past, present and future. We also present an overview of the best table tennis odds from the top table tennis sportsbooks in the world, all updated in real-time, alongside an aggregate of the most relevant and useful table tennis news and rumours.

Table Tennis Live Scores & Streaming

Most people are familiar with traditional betting on tennis matches, also known as 1x2 betting, where you place a bet before the match has begun to try and guess which of the players will win - or whether the match will end in a draw. But did you know that you can even place bets while a game is in progress? This form of betting, known as live betting, has become increasingly popular in recent years, alongside the rising prominence of sports live streaming.  

On Oddspedia, you can easily find table tennis matches today by clicking on the Live Odds button on the top of the page. This will take you to a page displaying all live matches, which allows you to further narrow them by just table tennis. The information displayed on that page is taken directly from the sportsbooks, thus ensuring that it’s always up to date and accurate. If a bookie shifts the odds of a match so that they’re worse than what a different bookie offers, you’re going to see that reflected on Oddspedia instantly.  

There’s no shortage of table tennis games being played every single day. Whether you’re interested in the big leagues, like World Table Tennis Championships, the ITTF World Cup or the Mark Bates National Championship, or in smaller, more regional events like various qualifying tournaments, we’ll always have you covered with all the information you need as the event plays out. A look at our table tennis calendar is enough to show that we’re prepared to give you our data for virtually every table tennis event you can bet on, even when that event has already started. The power of live scores is in the palm of your hand with Oddspedia!

Wondering about the factors to consider in selecting a table tennis betting site? Well, the initial and pivotal aspect is the quality of the site and its sports betting apps. A tidy, user-friendly appearance coupled with seamless navigation that facilitates easy betting indicates a promising platform. BetMGM takes the lead in this aspect, standing out as the most user-friendly and reliable option for table tennis betting compared to others on this list. However, it's noteworthy that significant resources and investments have been made by all the major names, ensuring top-notch quality in their table tennis betting sites. 

Furthermore, a comprehensive range of markets is crucial, encompassing key wagers like moneyline, totals (over/unders), props, futures, and spread bets. Optimal value on betting odds is paramount, and this is where top contenders like FanDuel and DraftKings shine, providing users with the most advantageous odds for their table tennis wagers. 

Crucially, you have the ability to spot various sportsbook promos, including free bet credits, stakes, and other enticing offers. Recognizing the best sportsbooks with bonus incentives can play a vital role in boosting your bankroll specifically for table tennis betting. Below, you are encouraged to delve into instances of our articles featuring thorough sportsbook reviews and content related to bonuses.

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Table Tennis News

Oddspedia aggregates the biggest table tennis headlines from various sources around the world, presenting them all to you alongside important updates from players’ social media accounts and credible rumours. The idea is to allow you to keep up to date with the latest updates on table tennis quickly and effortlessly, and then use that knowledge to further enhance your bets!  

By only examining table tennis statistics, it’s very easy to miss the forest for the trees, so to speak. After all, these statistics don’t exist in a vacuum, and more often than not a player’s lack of success can be explained by external factors that you can’t really deduce just by looking at stats. That’s why Oddspedia makes an effort to compile all of the latest table tennis news and present them to you in one neat, organized and convenient package.  

Table Tennis Betting Guide - FAQ

How do table tennis betting odds work?

When two players face one another, there’s a variety of factors that determine the probability of each player winning the match. The lower the probability is, the higher the odds will be - for example, odds of 5.0 are extremely high (the average tends to be between 1 and 2), but it also means there’s about a 20% chance that player will win. On the other hand, it also means you’ll win a substantial amount if you do win.

How to choose a betting site for table tennis?

At first glance, you might be overwhelmed by the number of bookie choices available to you. While not every bookmaker we promote will operate in your country, and not every one of those will have table tennis, that’s still dozens that will! How can you possibly choose one? Well, you don’t necessarily need to - different betting sites will offer different odds, and there’s no one bookie which offers the best across the board.

How to predict table tennis results?

No one can accurately predict table tennis results without a crystal ball, but there are ways to make educated guesses - it’s what Oddspedia is all about! The odds themselves give you a rough idea of how likely each player is to win a particular match, and beyond that you can always use Oddspedia’s various tools, such as the head to head comparison, to gain an even better idea of what the likely outcome will be.  

Is it possible to make money betting on table tennis?

Of course! Though it depends on how much money you want to make. If your goal is to get rich from it, then no, you probably won’t be able to get there anytime soon. But if you treat table tennis betting more like a hobby and a source of a bit of extra income, then yeah, with carefully placed sure bets you can definitely make some money!

Are there successful table tennis strategies?

Unlike sports such as football or basketball, where the score can rack up practically indefinitely, table tennis is a best out of five type of game. Meaning that it’s not just important to look up who won a previous match, but whether they did so in 3 or 5 rounds, and also whether they started out winning or came back later. Some players always lose the first round, but manage to turn things around - a live bet on them gives you a good chance to score some profits.


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