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This page is your new home for MMA live scores, results and so much more. All of our scores and results are updated in real-time as you are watching your MMA streams. 

MMA Live Scores

Our calendar function allows you to select any day and see which fights are happening and their current MMA live scores. At a click, you can find the MMA scores today. Alongside starting times, different promoters, competitors and the MMA odds for each event you might want to watch on your MMA streams. 

Events in MMA aren’t quite the perfectly synchronized affair that some other sports have. Instead, it’s a flowing patchwork of different fighters, each on their own trajectory. A fight won’t be scheduled to appear on MMA streams and TV screens until it makes sense for both participants. 

But hey, that doesn’t mean the major organizers don’t try to keep a regular pace of MMA live stream action. Both UFC and Bellator, the two largest promoters in the MMA scene, hold events on a roughly weekly basis. Not every card will have a big name fight, but sometimes the less-known fighters can be the hungriest, and sport attractive MMA odds.

Here’s the good news though, in MMA when it rains it pours! Whenever a blockbuster event does roll around it won’t just be one title fight. Instead, we’ll be treated to an entire night of exciting undercard fights leading up to the main event. A really juicy card might even have two or three championship belts on the line across different weight classes. So stay on your toes and check back here to find the latest updates on MMA live scores, fixtures and results.

Remember you can also check MMA live scores for fights outside the states. MMA is one of the fastest-growing sports on the planet. With the explosion in popularity of brands like UFC and Bellator, MMA has been thrust into the limelight. Charismatic fighters like Conor McGregor have become international stars, attracting huge viewership. And who could forget the voice of UFC, Joe Rogan, whose blockbuster podcast is among the most successful ever? 

MMA Stats 

Here you can find out anything and everything you might want to know about MMA stats. We know here at Oddspedia that a smart bettor is a well-informed bettor, and that’s exactly who this page is dedicated to. 

Our stats are updated every day to keep you in the loop with the latest MMA live scores, developments and changes from across the world. You can find information about each fighter’s performances, rankings across each competition, and more.

If you are looking to place a bet on a fight this can help you ensure you have all the details you need before making your choice and sitting down to watch your MMA streams. It can be especially useful for undercard matches between lesser-known competitors. At a glance, you can find out who these fighters are and what their fighting history looks like. Do they always seem to win by knockout? Have been going through a rough patch? By finding out you can put yourself ahead of the pack and make smarter bets.

Yet another great feature is the ability to see the pre-match odds of any past bout. Say you are looking at a fighter’s record of wins and losses, but you aren’t too sure what those numbers really mean. Well, you can go back through their past fights and take a look at the MMA betting lines and MMA odds lines for each one. That way you’ll know whether a fighter lost to a heavy favorite, or was on the wrong end of a major upset. That in turn can have an influence on how their skill is rated and whether or not you want to buy into the hype. Since a fighter who has only been beating up on nobodies might not be as sharp as his line suggests.

MMA News 

Oddspedia is a true one-stop-shop for the latest and greatest in MMA news. Our feed is constantly refreshed with the most recent headlines and reports from major news outlets covering the sport, its various organizations and its stars. So everything that you see on your MMA streams, you’ll also see reflected on our platform in real-time. 

Check back regularly to stay up to date with all the moving parts of the MMA scene. Whether that be newly scheduled fights, the results of a weigh-in or anything else that takes your fancy. Remember, any of these changes can influence the available MMA odds today, and by keeping up to date you’re ensuring you’re poised to take the best odds before they shift.

As an added bonus you’ll also see the top posts from fighters and other high-profile figures in the world of MMA. These days major announcements don’t always come from press conferences or official MMA streams. That means keeping your ear to the ground is vital if you want to stay ahead of the curve. MMA odds will often fluctuate based on these announcements and updates so make sure to factor in all the available information when placing a bet.

MMA Predictions

Ever wanted to put some money down on a bet before watching your MMA streams, but just been stuck watching the MMA live scores, wondering if you’re really that confident in your position? Well then our MMA odds prediction page has been tailor-made for you.

Here you can find useful betting advice and tips from the Oddspedia betting community. There are predictions on offer for every market, every event, and every fight. And if you feel like it, you can also filter the predictions for the specific bet you’re interested in making. That could mean only looking at the predictions for a specific event. Or it could mean seeing what the numbers look like on a parlay you are considering. 

You can also follow one of our expert tipsters for advice on MMA odds, borrowing their expertise if you aren’t sure how a matchup will play out. That means you spend less time pouring over stats and updates, and more time watching the MMA streams you love.

Crucially it’s also possible to sort by tipster success. Allowing you to get in on the action if one of the tipsters is on a hot streak, or steer clear if their predictions have been ice cold. It’s all in your hands.

Perhaps you prefer the wisdom of crowds? In that case, look no further than our public consensus module. We take the opinions of all the users on the site  and pool them together to find out which way the consensus leans on any given matchup. What you do with that information is on you though. Will you go the way the winds are blowing or will you swim against the current and trust your own instincts. 

It’s all about giving you the tools to have a comfortable and convenient betting experience while you relax and watch your MMA streams. Whether that’s updated MMA live scores, tips, news, or predictions. Knowing the market and the way other bettors are thinking can allow you to figure out where you’re in line with the rest and where you’ve chosen to be a maverick.


All told, that's a lot of features packed into one convenient website. Whether you are looking for a great place to check MMA live scores and fights, a quick way to compare MMA odds from different sportsbooks, or you want to read up on the latest betting tips from our community of experts, Oddspedia is the place to be. And along with our MMA live scores, we also have news and headlines on the most recent events in the MMA scene.

But that’s not all we offer at Oddspedia, we also provide these services for each and every sport you can think of. 

Oddspedia is only going to get better! So be sure to regularly check back for all your MMA live scores, news, stats, odds, and results. And remember, it’s all updated in real-time with the latest and greatest happenings from MMA streams across the wide world of MMA.

MMA betting guide - FAQ 

How to choose a betting site for MMA? 

Choosing a betting site is a bit like choosing a new flat. We all want comfort, convenience, and modern amenities, but we all know that at the end of the day money talks.  

Betting sites will follow the same general principles. There are loads of factors to consider, like the ease of use, customer service, cash-out policies, access to MMA streams, and more. But the key factor will usually be who offers the best MMA odds.

How MMA betting odds work? 

MMA odds are centered around one key thing, the winner of the fight. Most money will go on outright win/loss bets where you are picking the outcome of a particular fight.  

However, that’s not all there is on offer. You can bet on specifics like the method of victory, whether the fight goes the distance or even the winner of individual rounds. Some even choose to combine multiple fights into a parlay for greater winnings.

How to predict MMA results? 

Figuring out exactly what will go down in an MMA fight is tricky. The key here is understanding different matchups. Every fighter has their own unique style. Some are power punchers, others are submission artists. Then there’s height, reach, weight, orthodox vs southpaw, and more.

Predicting a result means putting all that together and determining where the fight will be won and lost so you aren’t surprised when you see the MMA live scores later.

Is it possible to make money betting on MMA?   

You bet! Of course, it’s not easy, but it’s certainly possible. One thing to remember when trying to make money betting on MMA odds is to make sure you have a strategy before you start.  

Your strategy is like your plan of attack, it guides you and helps check your gut impulses. There are lots of different strategies out there, so do your research and find one that suits you before your MMA streams start.

Are there successful MMA strategies? 

In terms of MMA betting strategies of course some will be successful and others won’t. 

Strategies can be complicated and involve models of how fighters perform, updating them each time new MMA live scores come out. Or you could just bet on the champion. There’s no limit to the thought you put into your strategy. After all the key is to enjoy worry-free MMA streams, betting should add to the fun, not become work. 

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