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Basketball Live Scores

Here at Oddspedia, you can follow all of the basketball scores today in real-time, alongside basketball odds lines, stats and news. As well as live and up to date scores and stats for the NBA, you can also find basketball live scores from leagues and competitions across the world. All in all, Oddspedia gives you access to basketball live scores from over 850 global tournaments - both pro and amateur. 

Detailed Info in Real-Time

We know that sports fans and gamblers live in the here and now, which is why our basketball live stream scores are both detailed and up to the minute. We don’t merely provide you with the points on the board, we’ll also provide you with live, real-time stats. You can find out who’s scored, the possession stats and free throw conversion. 

In addition to this live and updated information, you can also find the league tables, past results from either team and the head to head record. Basically, if it’s going to have an effect on the scores or your basketball betting lines, you’ll find it in the live score center here at Oddspedia. 

Speaking of basketball lines and bets, the live score center also provides live basketball odds for each game. This means that you can see how the basketball bet odds are drifting as the scoreline changes, helping you to keep your finger on the pulse. If in-play basketball lines and bets are your thing, then the basketball live scores at Oddspedia have everything you need. 

A Personalized Live Score Experience

850 leagues and tournaments is a lot of basketball, and we’re well aware that very few people have time to sift through such information. At Oddspedia you’ll find a filtered search function that helps you to easily find the games, leagues and teams you want to see. 

You can also set alerts for your favorite tournaments and players to fully customize the experience. Looking for the scores that are happening right now? You can click the “Live” button to see the games that are going on anywhere in the world at that given moment in time

Basketball Stats

The stats that we provide are perhaps more useful to sports betting fans than the real-time basketball live scores themselves. As well as the in-play stats, including possession and shot conversion, we also provide you with league, team and player history. Our stats aren't just there to be used in real-time during the game either. We’ve got information that’s useful both before, during and after the game. 

Our player stats help you to find out who’s putting the most points on the board, who has the best free-throw conversion and who has the most blocks. All of this information can be used before, during and after each game to help you better predict the next one. 

The sportsbooks, tipsters and experts use tools just like ours in order to calculate their basketball odds. By keeping up with basketball using Oddspedia, you can get ahead of the game. This means you can enhance your basketball betting lines and chances of beating the bookies. Our stats use technology that’s up to a professional standard but made available to you the fans.

Basketball Streams and Live Tracker

For the more high profile games, such as those in the NBA and the Euro League, you can keep on top of what’s happening in real-time with our live tracker. This is a tool that tells you exactly what’s happening on the court at every given moment. With our live tracking device, you’ll know exactly who is in possession and what type of play is happening at every given moment. From time outs to free throws - you’ll be in the know.

If you want to go further than tracking the scores, stats and odds in real-time, then you can make use of our basketball streams. If one of the sportsbooks that we list has a free basketball stream available, you can easily access it from our live score center. To see if there are any basketball streams available for the game you're tracking, click the “Watch Your Event Live” button.

Basketball News

As well as providing you with basketball streams, scores and live odds, we also give you access to the latest news and headlines. Simply click on the “News” tab and you’ll find all of the up to the minute headlines and news stories that influence the game you’re watching. 

Oddspedia has everything from team news, to transfers and the rumor mill. In keeping with the modern game, we’ll also provide you with the latest social media updates from the leagues, teams and players themselves as well. 

While we do also have our own in-house news team, we mostly give you the stories from the top news outlets. With a pool of thousands of US-based and global news outlets, the news you’ll find is ranked in relevance to each game. This means that as well as the big-name news outlets, you might find news from a local or fan-based site. For example, if you’re tracking the Denver Nuggets score, you’ll most likely find news ranging from a variety of sources. Included in these could be CBS, Yahoo News and the Denver Stiffs. 

Basketball Predictions

Before the games start, you can make use of our basketball odds prediction and betting tips. As well as providing you with NBA picks and WNBA picks and predictions from our basketball betting experts, there’s also our betting community. Through the betting community, our users can get involved, gaining a higher ranking as other users rate them. 

Finding the best tips and predictions for the game or event you’re looking for is easy. As is the case in our score center, the tips you want can easily be found through the filtered search function. You can filter by game, betting market, tip-off time and tipster success. 

If you’re an avid basketball fan, but you’re new to the wagering side of things -  you needn’t worry. You’ll find predictions and betting tips suited to basketball gamblers of all experience levels. If you’re a total newbie, you’ll even find basketball betting lines explained in their most basic form. 

Become a Tipster 

As has already been explained above, the basketball community at Oddspedia makes our site very user inclusive. Therefore if you fancy yourself as a bit of a tipster and want to share your predictions you can. Your predictions will be voted on via our public consensus module, with the opinions on our user-generated predictions being shown on our site. 

Basically, the basketball tips and predictions service works both ways here at Oddspedia. You can use the tips of others to help enhance your wagers, and also help out others with your own predictions. 

For those of you keeping up with live basketball streams and scores, we also have in-play betting tips and predictions. Like everything else on our site, we deliver you our live betting tips up to the minute and in real-time. 


The best way to summarize what the basketball streams and live scores offer here at Oddspedia is to refer to it as a one-stop-shop. With everything from scores, to live stats, news and odds available - you’ve got all the tools you could possibly need. 

Essentially, this is a scoring center, a stats machine, a news outlet and an odds comparison all rolled into one. Added to that you have the fact that our cutting edge technology delivers all of this information to you live and in real-time. Ultimately, this ensures that you’ll never miss a beat when it comes to basketball at Oddspedia. 

Oddspedia isn’t a throwaway tool designed to be used just once. Rather, it’s the Number One companion that every sports betting needs to keep on top of the game - and get ahead. Be sure to check back here to keep up with the news, scores and stats - and turn your wagers into winners. 

Basketball Betting Guide FAQ

How to Choose a Betting Site for Basketball?

You want to find a site that’s basketball focused and has a strong showing in all areas. This means you want a wide range of tournaments covered, a vast selection of betting markets and the best NBA odds and WNBA odds. A good welcome package and other bonus offers don’t go a miss. Fortunately, you don’t have to shop around to find this. Here at Oddspedia, we have a bookmaker comparison that covers over 80 US betting sites which includes the best NBA and WNBA betting sites.

How basketball betting odds work?

Basketball betting odds essentially show a numeric display of the implied probability a bookmaker has given to a particular outcome from happening. Rather than focusing on the probability percentage, the moneyline odds used in America are designed to make it easier to calculate how much you stand to win. With positive odds, you stand to win more, but the probability is low. With negative odds, you stand to win less but the probability is high.

How to predict basketball results?

The answer to this question is simple - get to know the game. Watch it, get to know the players, the leagues and the teams. By using the live scores, stats and news available here at Oddspedia, you’ll find that you naturally become better at predicting basketball results. In knowing your player stats, current form and head to head records, you can better determine the probable outcomes.

Is it possible to make money betting on basketball?

Firstly, there’s a distinction that should be made between ‘making’ money and ‘winning’ money. Can you make money by betting on basketball? No - you make money by working or investing. Can you win money betting on basketball? Most certainly yes, but you can also lose money if you’re not careful. That’s why you want to use Oddspedia as your number one companion to help your basketball wagers become winners!

Are there successful basketball strategies?

There are a number of basketball betting strategies that have been successful. You can find out some of these by joining the basketball community here at Oddspedia. It is worth mentioning though, that some generalized betting strategies that have been successful in the past are no longer feasible. This is because the bookmaker sites are wise to them and will ban members who sue them. Generally, it’s better to focus on strategies specific to basketball betting.

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