How To Bet On Copa América: Streamlining Your Soccer Stakes!

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  • Copa América offers a massive array of betting opportunities
  • What are Asian Handicaps? Find out with Oddspedia Insights!
  • Who will win Copa América 2024? Time to put your money where your mouth is!

Copa América 2024 promises a wealth of wagering opportunities, and our Copa América betting guide is your one-stop shop to navigate them all.

We’ll break down everything you need to know, from getting set up with a sportsbook to the different types of bets you can place. Explore futures markets like who will lift the trophy, delve into group winners and knockout stage progression, or spice things up with prop bets on individual players and teams.

Unfamiliar with soccer betting? No problem!

Even if you’re new to soccer betting, this guide will walk you through the process step-by-step. We’ll explain popular bet types like the Moneyline, Spreads, Totals, and many more. Learn how to place Parlays for potentially huge payouts, and explore the intricacies of Asian Handicaps.

How to bet on the Copa América 2024

Getting set up to start betting on Copa América 2024 may seem daunting, but sportsbooks have invested greatly in making registration as painless and straightforward as possible.

Find the best sportsbook

For a thorough and comprehensive outline of the benefits and attractions of all the best sportsbooks, head to the online reviews at Oddspedia. Check out where to catch live-streamed action or the best cash-out and introductory offers.

Create your account

The first step is to provide personal and contact details, create a secure password, and agree to the terms and conditions of the sportsbook you wish to join. If there’s a sportsbook promo code to use: you might need to enter it now.


Next, you’ll need to deposit funds into your account using one of the various available methods. If you’re eligible for a welcome bonus as a new customer, there may be a minimum deposit requirement.

Select your market

Now you’re set up to place your first bet. It could be a futures bet to hopefully run throughout the tournament, a bet on the outcome of a single game, or a prop bet on a player. Many first bets attract bonus returns even if they lose, so check the terms and conditions.

Place your bets

Now’s the moment of truth: placing your first bet. Betting slips will tell you what you’ve staked and your returns. Check these details before hitting ‘place bet’.

Copa América bet types


This is the most straightforward of soccer wagers where you pick the outcome of a match, extra time excluded. Unlike many USA sports, a draw is a relatively common outcome, giving three possible results, a win for either team or the game finishes all square.


Spreads, particularly 2-way spreads, may appeal to bettors in the US because they give one of the teams a handicap denoted by a + sign or deficit, denoted by a – sign to overcome, typically 0.5, 1.5, or 2.5 goals. A side giving a 2.5 start must win by three or more goals to win the wager. This is the most popular type of betting across the NFL, NBA etc.


Odds are given for the total goals in the game to go over or under a particular value, excluding extra time if available. As soccer is a low-scoring sport, totals set typically include 0.5, 1.5, 2.5, and 3.5 total goals, the half-point eliminating a possible push.

Both teams to score

There are two options with this type of bet: both teams to score – yes or no. Teams need only get on the score sheet to be deemed a scoring side, it doesn’t matter if they score or if the opposition scores an own goal.

Half time/full time

What is the outcome after 45 minutes plus added time and again at the final whistle of normal time? With two teams and the possibility of a draw, there will be nine possible combinations to wager on, with the odds reflecting the sportsbook’s implied probability of each outcome.

Correct Score

Another bet settled at the final whistle, not including extra time. Common scorelines, such as 1-0 or 2-1, will attract the lowest odds compared to rarer scores, such as 6-3 or 7-1. Where extreme scorelines aren’t listed, they may be available on request or included in a catch-all ‘other scores’.

Draw – no bet

This bet allows you to pick the winner at the end of normal time, with the added insurance of your stake being returned if the match ends in a draw. You’ll be given shorter odds on either team winning compared to the moneyline, but the ‘push’ comes into play.

Asian Handicap

The most comprehensive form of handicap. While full or half goals are the most common lines available, sometimes you will see a team given +1.75 goals start. This comprises split stakes shared across a +1.5 and 2.0 goal handicap start. Full goal handicaps can lead to pushes where your stake is returned.


Parlays are two or more individual bets placed together, where all must be successful for the parlay to win. If any leg loses, the whole bet is lost. Legs can be from events in the same game or across different games. The odds and payouts multiply, so small stakes can lead to big payouts.

Copa América 2024 Futures

Futures bets can be placed on a number of markets, however the most common will be for a specific team to win the trophy outright. The markets will open well ahead of the competition starting and odds will fluctuate as sentiment or squad news arrives and can remain active during the competition, although odds will change as results are known.

Group Winner

The 16 Copa América 2024 teams are split into four groups of four, and play a single-game round robin. Three points will be awarded for a win, one for a draw. If teams finish level on points, goal difference will be the first tiebreaker, followed by goals scored, head-to-head, and disciplinary records.

To make the quarterfinals

You can also bet on progress into the knockout stages of Copa América 2024. The top two teams in each of the four groups will play in the quarterfinals. The winner of one group will meet the runner-up from another. Odds will be available to reach the last four.

To make the semifinal

The semifinals will be decided in a single-game elimination with teams playing for a spot in the final of Copa América, with the games going straight to penalties if scores are tied at the end of the game.

To make the final

If you think a side will do well but you’re not sure if they will win Copa América 2024, you can get shorter odds on a side reaching the final.

Golden Boot winner

Proven goal scorers, especially penalty and free kick takers from a team that is fancied to play the maximum possible number of games or face weaker teams in the group stage, will dominate the market to score the most goals in the tournament. Tiebreakers may apply.

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Copa América 2024 Prop Bets

Player props

This market allows you to bet on an individual player’s matchday performance. Will they score one or more goals, take a certain number of shots or attempts on target, provide an assist, or pick up a yellow or red card?

Team props

This pertains to a team’s performance in a game. Usually, bets focus on the over/under totals for goals, corners, tackles, or cards. Additionally, bets can be placed on whether a team will score the first or last goal, or keep a clean sheet. These bets do not consider extra time; only the goals, etc., scored during the regulation 90 minutes and stoppage time are included.

Game props

This is a similar market to team props, but over/under totals include the sum totals for both sides. Another betting market is the minute in which an event will occur, such as the timing of the opening goal in the game.

Copa América previous winners

Year Champion Runner Up 3rd Place 4th Place Host
2021 Argentina Brazil Colombia Peru Brazil
2019 Brazil Peru Argentina Chile Brazil
2016 Chile Argentina Colombia United States United States
2015 Chile Argentina Peru Paraguay Chile
2011 Uruguay Paraguay Peru Venezuela Argentina
2007 Brazil Argentina Mexico Uruguay Venezuela
2004 Brazil Argentina Uruguay Colombia Peru
2001 Colombia Mexico Honduras Uruguay Colombia
1999 Brazil Uruguay Mexico Chile Paraguay
1997 Brazil Bolivia Mexico Peru Bolivia
1995 Uruguay Brazil Colombia United States Uruguay
1993 Argentina Mexico Colombia Ecuador Ecuador

The last dozen Copa América tournaments have been dominated by the traditional CONMEBOL superpowers, Brazil and Argentina, with the former winning five trophies and the latter winning twice. Similarly, the South American powerhouses have finished as runner-up on a combined six occasions, while competing in the final against one another three times. Indeed, Brazil and Argentina faced off in the final of the Copa América 2021, with Lionel Messi and Argentina walking out as champions.

Host nations have a respectable record; eight have made it to the final of Copa América, even if they haven’t always been ranked among the competition’s top sides.

The United States will host Copa América 2024, similar to their role in the 2016 Copa América Centenario, where they finished in fourth place.

CONCACAF is also well represented in the honors list by Mexico and the USA, particularly as their previous participation was limited to guest invites.

Best soccer betting promos

Soccer is big business for sportsbooks, the best sportsbooks in the US are primed for Copa América. They will be vying for your attention with some of the best sportsbook promos that will run in 2024. With so many games running over a short period  – 32 games across 14 host cities, there are lots of opportunities to make your first bet with a new sportsbook, then take advantage of their welcome offer by using bonus bets on other games in the days afterwards or by betting on the overall winner of Copa América.

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More Soccer Insights

Copa América 2024 Odds FAQs

Who is the favorite to win Copa América 2024?

Argentina is the current world champion and Copa América holder, and Lionel Messi is enjoying a glorious late autumn in his international career, collecting team trophies as regularly as he’s done in his illustrious club career. You can find out more about the latest betting markets in our Copa America 2024 Odds page.

Where is the Copa América 2024 being played?

The USA will host Copa América 2024, starting on June 20th with a match between Argentina and Canada in Atlanta. The final will be held at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida.
<14 different stadiums will be used for the competition, spread across the US from East Rutherford, NJ to Santa Clara, CA.

What are the odds of USMNT winning the tournament?

The USMNT will want to make a statement performance in their own backyard at a major international tournament. Although they regularly qualify for global events, they rarely threaten to compete for silverware. They are currently available at around +1400, returning $1400 for every $100 staked if they succeed.

How many teams are at Copa América 2024?

Sixteen teams will compete in the 2024 finals, including all ten CONMEBOL countries: Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Paraguay, Ecuador, and Bolivia. They will be joined by six CONCACAF nations: Mexico, USA, Costa Rica, Canada, Jamaica, and Panama. The CONMEBOL teams qualified automatically, while the CONCACAF teams earned their spots through their performances in the Nations League.

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