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About MLB

MLB, or as it full name goes - Major League Baseball is the oldest and most popular professional baseball league in the USA and Canada. With the millions of fans the MLB has, it sure that the odds for all games will be one of the highest for this sport. gives you the chance to find the highest available odds and compare them, so that you can make the best possible bet and win.

The MLB was founded in 1903 and currently consists of 30 teams - 29 from the USA and one from Canada. They play 162 games each season and at the end five teams from each league participate in a four-round post-season tournament which leads to the World Series - a best-of-seven final between the two best teams from the leagues. An interesting fact is that, although the MLB is broadcasted only in the USA, Canada and a couple of more countries, it has the highest season attendance in any sport in the world with a total of 73 million viewers in 2013. The most titled club in the history of the MLB is the New York Yankees who won the competition a staggering 27 times.

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