Boxing Fixtures, Betting Odds & News

If you are thrilled by boxing and do not have the chance to watch your favourite boxer in the ring, Oddspedia has you covered. This site offers boxing live scores for all the major and minor matches around the world. Therefore, you can follow favourite boxing fixtures with live score updates on the site.

Boxing Fixtures - All Upcoming Fights and Events

You get more than the scores for the matches today or yesterday. Oddspedia gives you information on the points earned by players in fights, the rounds that the fight has taken and knockouts, among other updates. In the end, you will know the boxer who is leading and all events in the game for the ease of betting.

If you would like to know the boxing results of past matches, you can use the calendar on the page. On the boxing calendar, select the date of the game and all the results of the day will be shown. Then, choose a match whose results you would like to view. All the events of the match will be shown on the page. It makes it easy to follow any boxing bout around the world.

On the other hand, Oddspedia has a boxing schedule that provides a list of boxing upcoming fights. You can tell the boxing matches on tonight and five days down the line. There is also a yesterdays tab where you get results of the matches a day before for ease of follow up. The number of fights largely depends on the current events in the boxing world. However, you could have as much as five boxing matches on a single date.

You can use the Oddspedia schedule to follow all the professional boxing matches under various professional bodies, AIBA (Association international de Boxe Amateur) and local fighting bouts of any weight - heavyweight matches, cruiserweight matches, welterweight matches, lightweight bouts and featherweight matches to name a few. All you have to do is select the boxing tournament and then the match you would like to follow and the site will give you the date and the time that the game will be played. You can then open the in-play section to view the boxing live updates when the time comes.

Boxing News

Boxing is a match with international recognition and lots of information about many of the leading boxers leaks online. However, if you are looking for a source of trustworthy news, Oddspedia boxing news has what you need. It has syndicated news from some of the leading sports news outlets to help you get factual, verifiable boxing information from various parts of the world. You will know what fighting match is in the offing, change of managers and any other career-changing decision that any of the players in the boxing field is making.

Not only do you get news of the events that have already happened, but you also get any juicy rumours of the personal and professional lives of any of the elite boxes on the global scene. Besides, Oddspedia brings you the relevant boxing social media news from the official player and manager profiles on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. You will get every inside rumour, decisions, or possible moves as soon as they are released. With all the information, you become a versatile boxing fan who has all the insider knowledge for fun or make sound betting decisions.

Boxing Odds Comparison - Get the Highest Odds from Top Bookmakers

While most odds are relatively similar, bookmakers may alter their odds with a few points, making them higher or lower than the average. A few decimal points can make a real difference in your earnings when betting on various markets. Oddspedia makes it easy to get the highest betting odds for any match with its boxing betting odds comparison feature. The site works with over 80 leading bookmakers from around the world and lists ones with the best odds for any given boxing market. Since the page supports over 100 markets, no selection that does not have a bookmaker with high odds.

The options are formatted in such a way that you can view the logos of the sites with the best odds. You can also access these bookmakers directly from your Oddspedia page. Some of these sportsbooks have excellent welcome bonuses for new players. These are also shown on Oddspedia to help you decide whether to join the respective sites. Besides, the platform refreshes odds in real-time. Therefore, the odds you find are the same ones you will find in the respective site. Consider checking this page before betting on your next boxing game or whichever else sport, bowls or chess matches for example, to increase your potential earnings.

Live Boxing Betting Odds

The Oddspedia in-play section offers a chance for you to bet an ongoing boxing match. It provides you an opportunity for you to view the performance of each of the players before you decide the best market to stake on. Besides, depending on the time and type of bet, betting on the live games shortens the time you will have to wait for the bookmaker to settle the game. Like the pre-match section of the site, the in-play section provides live games for all the games initially listed.

Oddspedia also provides a list of online bookmakers where you can get the best live boxing odds. Click the logo displayed on the site and log or join the sportsbook. The site updates the odds and game events on this page in real-time so that you can make decisions with accurate data. Odds keep moving either up or down, depending on various variables in the game. Some markets may become unavailable with time. However, every available market is listed on Oddspedia. Please check the site whenever betting on live boxing matches.

Boxing Betting Guide - FAQ

How do you calculate the betting odds?

The method of calculating betting odds you use depends on your odds format. For decimal odds, you get the total amount from staking by multiplying your stake by the odds. Your profit is the net after subtracting the stake amount. On the other hand, for fractional odds, the denominator is the amount you need to bet to win the amount indicated by the numerator. For example, odds of 3/1 means that you get $3 for every $1 staked.

How can I choose a betting site for boxing?

When looking for a bookmaker to bet on boxing matches, ensure that the site is reputable and indeed pays its users. Then, check the boxing game coverage on the site. Ideally, it should cover all the major and minor amateur and professional boxing matches from around the world. It should also have many markets for featured boxing matches. Oddspedia works with many reputable boxing betting sites. Therefore, you may check if there is an appealing one among them before checking elsewhere.

How does boxing odds work?

In addition to helping you determine the amount that you are likely to earn, boxing odds show the probability of the event that you are betting on happening. Bookmakers take into account the public opinion and forms of the opponents. When general opinion and stats favour an event, odds tend to go down and vice versa. However, this is not enough to use in making a prediction. Consider making your analysis.

How do you predict boxing results?

You have to take account of various factors when betting on boxing matches. First, check the recent form of the players in question using Oddspedia boxing stats. Then, check if the players have met in the recent past or both have fought with a common opponent. This can help determine their performance if they have not met in the recent past. Besides, be keen on any information about possible injuries or sickness that may affect the players performance.

Is it possible to make money betting on boxing?

It is possible to make money on boxing betting. However, you should be keen on the market selections and the amount you place in each selection. Take your time to analyse the available tips and different markets before you stake on any market. Also, determine when you should stop betting when either on a winning or losing streak. Oddspedia has all the tips, tools and data to help you increase your winning potential on boxing.

Are there successful boxing strategies?

While things may not work out as predicted, you may try a few tips below. If you are not sure of the form of both players, avoid high-risk markets such as the number of rounds and if it will end by points or a knockout. Besides, avoid two similar selections for the same player on a single betslip as it increases your risk of a loss. Also, take advantage of any promotions offered by the bookmaker to increase earnings.


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