Field Hockey Live Scores, Results, News and More!

Field hockey betting may not be the first form of sports betting that springs to mind. But with over 2 billion fans, field hockey is one of the top 5 most popular sports in the world. So here at Oddspedia, we have stepped up to the plate to you will find field hockey live scores, fixtures, results, odds comparison, stats and more!

Field Hockey Fixtures 

Field hockey enthusiasts now have a one-stop shop for all information on the sport. Oddspedia brings together field hockey fixtures, real-time results, betting predictions and odds comparison. As the match updates and results trickle in, Oddspedia displays the data transmitted live on its platform. So you can analyse it for your field hockey betting or gauge the best bookmaker from the list.

Since Oddspedia captures the international field hockey calendar for the year, you are sure of getting every piece of information that you need. From the tournament timelines to competitors and push-back times, you know what to expect and can plan accordingly. Such planning helps you predict long-term bets such as tournament winner and best player. Use the calendar on the field hockey page to sift through the field hockey schedules for the year. So you can become familiar with the tournaments, teams and hockey players to assist with your betting strategies.

The most popular field hockey fixtures include continental championships such as the

Others include the FIH Series, Four Nations Tournament and the Olympic Games. Furthermore, look out for local leagues in England, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australasia where the game is most popular. Keep an eye on Oddspedia's field hockey page for the dates, tournaments, and match times to avoid missing any live games.

Live Scores 

Here at oddspedia, live field hockey scores appear as they happen, so you will not miss a thing! Matchday live scores for all sports will appear on the homepage, to solely see field hockey scores you will need to go to the overview page for field hockey, i.e.this one. Furthermore, you can also see the live score on the team v team (Game) page, along with all the game stats and other information.

Live Streams - Do Not Miss Match Day

So not only does oddspedia provide hockey live scores and updates on all field hockey matches but also live streaming links as well. On match day just:

  1. Go to our team v team page
  2. Click on the "watch" button or  the "live event viewer"
  3. You will then be directed to a bookmaker to watch the game

Watching the game will help you make informed decisions on placing in-play bets or whether to cash out pre-match bets.

If you decide not to follow the live stream links you can always view our live animation for all field hockey matches. You can locate it again on the team v team page and this displays the momentum and match actions. Such as goals, cards and penalty flicks.

Team and Game Statistics

A field hockey game gives out lots of data, which you can analyse to select a beneficial market. Before a match begins, the respective team managers share the team lineup. And from this data, bookmakers can zero down on likely scorers, who will make the most assists and substitutes. It can also help predict the top goal scorers and the team's overall performance in the tournament.

A team's position in the table is also a factor since any point added or dropped affects its progress. Title contenders and relegation-fighting teams are the most affected since any point lost or gained matters.

However, the best field hockey metric to follow is head-to-head statistics. Field hockey stats generated over time create a comparison between the two teams. It analyses the number of times the 2 teams met, games won, drawn and lost, to find who has the clear advantage. Field hockey odds derive their value from this comparison. The team with the clear advantage has lower odds, and vice versa. If the teams have nearly equal stats, the odds become balanced, enticing and harder to predict.

The best field hockey statistics bettors should consider is current form - winning/losing streaks.

Field Hockey News - Breaking Headlines and Transfers 

Besides game analytics, Field hockey news takes centre stage at Oddspedia. It aggregates information from all credible sources dealing with field hockey. Headlines, especially on matchday, contain analytics and probabilities. Also, you can find match details, who is expected to shine and the history between the 2 teams. In essence, sporting headlines help prepare field hockey betting enthusiasts for the match.

Another source of field hockey news is social media sites. Players have become celebrities, and whatever they say might give some information on the upcoming match. Since they are the centre of attention on the pitch, their utterances can potentially affect odds and betting in general. Besides their professional talents, their social lives also make headlines. The same approach also applies to social media handles for field hockey teams, coaches, executives and associated persons or organisations.

Rumours on player transfers, formations and dressing room gossip also form part of the Field hockey news. They are dealings and off-pitch activities that may affect the game and show the mood of the team. Although not all rumours are true, they show intent, potentially affecting betting patterns and outcomes in the long run.

Field Hockey Live Scores And Match Day Service FAQ

Where to Check Today's Field Hockey Live Scores?

Do not waste your time with other sites, you are in the right place to check today's Live field hockey scores. Here at Oddspedia, all field hockey matches currently in play are visible via the "live" button on this and the Hompage. Thus giving you easy access to live scores. Also, you can visit a specific match page to view the score with active data and follow the action with our live event tracker.

How to Find Popular Tournaments Like the Euro Hockey League?

At Oddspedia we cover all the popular field hockey tournaments and leagues, supplying you with all fixtures, live scores, active data, results and other information. The matches from the top domestic and international leagues will always appear on top of our match listings. So you can expect to find upcoming matches for today from the biggest leagues/tournaments such as the Euro Hockey League and the FIH Hockey World League. You can also search for a league or tournament by its exact name or by the country where it is played.

That said the easiest way to follow your favourite teams or competitions, no matter the sport, is by creating a profile and joining our community. In your profile, you can list your favourite teams and competitions across all the 31 sports that we cover. The upcoming games for your selections will show on your profile page. So you can follow a national team, for instance, England in the EuroHockey Championships or a team from the Hockey India League (HIL)  like the Kalinga Lancers. Or you can just view all live games from favourite competitions like the Men's England Hockey League and the FIH Pro League.

How Often Are the Live Scores At Oddspedia Updated?

Live scores at Oddspedia are displayed in real-time. So there is no need to refresh the page to see the latest scores or on-field actions such as short corners or penalty flicks. This is the same for all Live data including results and field hockey odds, so you will not miss a thing or a betting opportunity.

Where to Check Today's Field Hockey Results?

You can check all of Today's field hockey results on this page. Our list of field hockey matches above includes all fixtures for the day, from each league. The listing will be updated with match day information such as push-back timings, live scores, minutes played and the final results.

Also, by using the calendar, you can view field hockey results from a previous match day in the week by clicking on the weekdays' Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri. Or by choosing the first date on the left. But that is not all, you can check field hockey results and match details in our archives for the past six years and also locate upcoming field hockey events both by using our calendar.


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