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Keep to date with the world of bowls, no matter if Indoor, Lawn or crown green. Here at Oddspedia, we provide bowls live scores and other betting information on the game of bowls. Also, you will find an extensive list of competitions worldwide, both major and small. Along with odds comparison,  the latest news and links for live streams. Furthermore with an extensive archive and calendar expect to find any match past, present, or future here.

Bowls Fixtures and Live Scores

There is comprehensive information about any match in the live section. You can pick players who scored the most shots and the type of game. It is more like watching the game without seeing the players. If you were not in a position to watch the matches on the day before, hit the yesterday button for all games that were played and the details of each of them.

Oddspedia also has a bowls calendar that enables you to check the results of matches that took place a while back. To get the bowls results of any date, click the day and a list of all the games on that day will be shown. From here, you can go to the exact match you wanted to view or explore various matches on the page.

The site also offers a bowls schedule that lists the games that are scheduled for the next five days. If looking to make selections for immediate betting, check the bowls fixtures for today and pick the match you feel has the best chance of winning. However, if you want to follow an individual player throughout the league, use the upcoming bowls matches list to find the date that he or she will be playing. During a league, you get over five games played in a day with as many as ten when there is more than one competition.

You can access the bowls live scores in the in-play section of the site. On the other hand, the schedule is great for following some of the major bowls tournaments and leagues like:

Live Streams for Bowls

See for yourself the shoulder of the green or a toucher via live streams of the match. Here at oddspedia, we get the importance of watching live games. Not, just to assist with your live betting but for the enjoyment of the sport. So we have partnered up with some of the best online bookmakers to give you links to their live streams. Thereby you can watch bowls, as well as place bets at the same time. This also helps you to utilise the cash-out feature of the bookie if you think your prediction is not going to end well.

Bowls News

Oddspedia keeps you updated about all the bowls news from around the globe. If you want to know if the greens are fast or slow, and who will be playing in the next tournament, we will have it. Besides, it posts all the rumours and backstories involving all the popular players' professional or personal lives. 

All the information that you will find on the site is authentic, up-to-date and relevant. The site syndicates news from leading sports publications from different countries. Therefore, no matter where you come from, there will be relevant news for your country if anything related to bowls happens. On the other hand, Oddspedia offers the most recent bowls latest updates. From any change of event dates, new sponsorship details to a change in a mixed pairs team will be here.

You do not just get the mainstream bowls headlines. The site also presents rumours and opinions from leaders in the sport. You will also find bowls social media news from the official profiles of players such as:

  • Mark Royal
  • Nick Brett
  • Devon Cooper
  • Jamie Chestney
  • Sophie Tolchard

As well as news from team managers, clubs and governing bodies. So if anything happens you will be the first to know on Oddspedia.

Live Bowls Scores And Results at Oddspedia  FAQ

Where to Check Today's Live Bowls Scores?

You can Check Today's Live Bowls Scores here, at Oddspedia. The live Bowls scores are visible via the "live" button on this and the Homepage and include all the matches currently in play. No matter if singles, pairs, Team or mixed pairs games. Also, you can visit a specific match page to view the score with in-play details and follow the action with our live event tracker.

How to Find Popular Bowls Tournaments Like the World Outdoor Bowls Championships (?

The matches from the top domestic and international leagues will always appear on top of our match listings. So you can expect to find upcoming matches for today from the biggest leagues/tournaments such as the World Outdoor Bowls Championships, Grand Prix Bowls, and the Hong Kong International Bowls Classic. You can also search for competitions by name or by the country where they are to be played. 

How Often Are the Live Bowls Scores Updated?

The Live bowls scores on our site are updated in real-time. So there is no need to refresh the page to see the latest scores. This is the same for all our Live data including results and bowls odds,  so you will not miss a betting opportunity.

Where to Check Today's Bowls Results?

You can find Today's Bowls games for all disciplines including single and mixed pairs in the list at the top of this page. This list includes start times, live scores and results.

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