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Chess is a strategy game that depends on the skills and wits of its players. If you are a fan of chess, you can find all you need to know about betting on your sport. However, betting should not be done blindly. It is essential to rely on accurate tips and facts provided by us at Oddspedia. Also, you can keep up to date with live scores on how the game is progressing and Live streams. Our team goes the extra mile to provide you with information that you can use to place bets. Thereby giving you a higher chance of winning. In this guide, we have compiled all sorts of benefits you stand to gain from our site. Also, if you have any questions, we are easy to reach at any time you want. 

Chess Scores and Latest Results

Our site is highly intuitive and perfectly optimized for mobile devices. Therefore, you can get constant updates on all things chess and all the chess live scores on the go! Including Chess scores, fixtures, results and of course the chess players themselves.

At oddspedia, all the moves within the game are in real-time. Therefore, you can come back at any moment and take a look at chess piece placement as if you are in the same room. We know that this is a feature that is important for both bettors and chess fans.

Whether you want to know the winning chess players or schedules for the next game, we have it all for you. With the help of a calendar, you can easily navigate the site so that you pick the details of the live games that you want to view. Regardless of your current country of residence, you will find results for many international tournaments such as the:

There are many daily, weekly, or even monthly games, and they all produce unique betting chances. Thus, no stone is left unturned when it comes to finding information to give you a pleasurable experience as an online gambler. For easy use of the website, all tabs are positioned so that you do not spend much time trying to access your preferred details.

Live Streams - Watch, Bet and Learn Chess Player Strategies

A massive plus for live betting is being able to watch the game, every piece placement and movement. Even if you do not want to bet on particular live games you can study the players and their strategies to assist with future betting. This is something that we are fully aware of. So we provide our users with links to live broadcasts of chess games via bookmakers.

Chess News - Playing Strategies and More!

The chess world has always been thrilling, and it even keeps getting better, thanks to information technology.  If you want the latest chess news, we have it. Whether it be the latest tournament updates, player rumours, headlines or breaking news. We are constantly updating our news section with information from reputable news outlets. Thus, we are accurate in every sense of the word. Still, if you know a seasoned chess player whom you want to learn more about, you can count on us. Because we have all the things you might want to know about them. Most of the time, we follow them and update them on our site, everything they do and post on various social media platforms.

Use the menu tab to find and access all sorts of information that you are looking for. Our news section is thorough when it comes to covering the latest happenings in the sports world. Also, once details appear on our site, we do not take them down. So you can come back whenever you want to review them.  If you feel that the articles are worth sharing, you can do so using the share buttons.

Live Chess Games And Results Service FAQ

Where to Check Today's Live Chess Games?

Oddspedia covers all the popular chess tournaments from around the world including their live games. All of today’s live chess games are visible via the "live" button on this and the Homepage. Also, you can visit a specific match page which contains

  • Statistics - Last Games
  • Links To Operators With A Live Stream
  • Odds Comparison
  • Game Preview - Chess Players H2H and more!

How to Find Popular chess tournaments Like the Airthings Masters?

Finding popular chess tournaments at oddspedia is easy as all games from the top domestic and international tournaments will appear at the top of this page. So you can expect to find upcoming games for today from the biggest tournaments such as the Airthings Masters, Meltwater Champions Chess Tour and the Candidates tournament. You can also search for tournaments by their name or by the country where it takes place. For instance, if you click on Norway in the leagues by country and you will find the Super Tournament. 

However, with that said, by far the easiest way to follow tournaments and your favourite chess players is to create a profile and join our community. In your profile, you can list the tournaments and competitions across 31 sports that you want to follow. The upcoming games for your selections will then show on your profile page.

Where to Check Today's Chess Results?

You can find all of Today's chess results in the list of matches above. This list includes the full chess schedule for the day, across all tournaments from around the world. So you can view games yet to start, live games and the update of the final results.

Also, we keep a comprehensive record of chess games, which you can access by using the calendar. View Chess results for the week by clicking on the weekdays' Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri. Or by choosing the first date on the left. But that is not all, you can check chess results, odds and statistics from the past six years in our archives and also locate upcoming chess events by using our calendar.

How Often Are the Chess Results Updated at Oddspedia?

The chess results at oddspedia are updated in real-time. Thereby,  you will see the final results in a matter of seconds when a checkmate, Resignation or Agreement takes place. So there is no need to refresh the page to see the latest chess results. This is the same for all Live data including the chess odds that we display from the top bookmakers, so you will not miss a thing or a betting opportunity.

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