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Oddspedia NBA Summary - Find the best betting odds, latest scores and league standings in one place!

The NBA, or how it is fully named - the National Basketball Association, is the prominent basketball league in North America, and the most famous basketball league in the world. oddspedia.com gives all basketball fans the chance to find and compare all betting odds from the league and make the most appropriate bet. 

Currently, the NBA consists of 30 franchises, or teams, 29 from the USA and Toronto Raptors representative located in Canada. The league consists of 2 Conferences - West and East with every conference having its own standings and champions. The champions of the two conferences meet at the NBA Finals and the first team which secures 4 wins in the best of 7 playoffs is declared the champion of the NBA.

With oddspedia.com you are bound to win. Our betting odds comparison tool will give you an advantage when it comes to making the best decision. Most NBA matches are very tight, so you should consider the odds very closely.


NBA Schedule information on Oddspedia

The NBA is considered to the premier basketball league in the world. It has the best players, the best teams and some incredibly exciting matches. Here at Oddspedia, we like to focus on all sport, not only the elite but when it comes to NBA betting we do have a bit of a soft spot for this league. We have full coverage on our website and if you want to know anything about the league you will find it on our pages. If you click on the NBA tab on the basketball league, you can see what matches are coming up and from that page, you can see who is offering the best odds against a win for either team. If you want more specific information about any match, just click the link and you will be able to see even more odds as well as useful statistics to help you decide on your bet. We also show you the NBA livescores so that you can make the best decisions for in-play bets, which you can access through our dedicated in-play betting section.

The NBS as a league runs from October to April. It features 30 teams, with each team playing 82 games, that's a lot of NBA games for you to place bets on. Games are held throughout the week, so you could be enjoying a bet or two regularly throughout the season. All you need to do is check out the upcoming tab on our website in the NBA section and you will see which matches are due to start soon.

NBA Betting Odds

NBA Odds Comparison

Oddspedia is a odds comparison service designed to help you make the best decisions when it comes to your bets. We understand the many customers have accounts with lots of different bookmakers so that they can always find the best odds for any bet that they want to make. Visiting lots of different websites is hard work, however, and so we strive to make it easier for you by providing all the NBA odds in one easy place. All you need to do is head to the NBA section on our website and you will be able to see the NBA schedule along with the best odds being offered against each match.

We also strive to be a destination when it comes to live betting. We have a dedicated in-play section that you can head to if this is your favourite way to bet. Odds change so quickly when a game is in-play because events in the game affect them. We are able to keep on top of all these changes and show you a feed of odds that are constantly updated. This takes all the hard work out of planning your bets so that you can just enjoy watching the NBA scores and seeing how well your bet is doing.

NBA Winner & Relegation Odds

Outright bets are some of the most popular when it comes to betting on NBA results. For that reason, it always helps to know who to look out for in terms of being strong as a team and indeed, who might be the weakest. In terms of the strongest teams, the Pacers, the Spurs and the Lakers are always ones to watch out for. When it comes to the teams who might not be performing so well, the Warriors and the Wizards are currently sitting at the bottom of the NBA standings this season and do seem to be struggling in their matches.

NBA & NBA playoffs FAQ

When does the NBA season start?

The NBA season starts around October every year. It runs until April the following year. Playoffs often run into June.

How many teams are in the NBA?

There are 30 NBA teams, all battling out for the top position in the NBA table.

Who is favoured for MVP of the season?

Giannis Antetokounmpo is currently the favourite to walk away with MVP this season.

Where to watch NBA matches?

There are some free love streaming services, such as Kodu which show many NBA matches. Alternatively, you can check our website to find out which bookmakers offer live streaming.

How many games are played in the NBA?

Each team in the NBA league play 82 matches each.

Where to bet on NBA?

Plenty of bookmakers offer bets on NBA games. However, here at Oddspedia, you can find which bookie offers the best odds. 

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