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About WNBA

WNBA is the strongest women’s basketball league in the world and oddspedia.com offers you the highest available betting odds on the market. Furthermore, with our comparison tool you can compare all available odds and thus, make the best bet. The WNBA is the national basketball association for women in the USA and was founded relatively soon - in 1996 and since then has became the most popular women’s basketball league in the world. Some of the best athletes play there which further contributes for the beauty of the play in the association. The WNBA currently consists of 12 teams with all of them, except 4, have counterparts and sharing an arena with a NBA teams. The season in the WNBA starts in May and finishes in August, with the finals being played in September. Just like the NBA, the women’s league consists of 2 conferences - East and West. Each conference has 6 teams which play a total of 34 games in the regular season. The first 4 teams from the East and West then qualify for the Play-Offs which begin in September. At this time, also, the individual awards, such as the MVP award, are given. The WNBA offers a lot of thrill when it comes to watching basketball, and although women’s basketball is not very similar to the men’s one, you will definitely stay satisfied. If you like not only to watch the WNBA but place a bet on some of the games, then oddspedia.com is the right place for you. Here, you can not only find the best betting odds, but also compare them and place the most worthy bet.

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