Reduced Juice Betting Guide and Insights Cover

Reduced Juice Betting Guide and Insights

by Oddspedia Experts
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In sports betting, you should always be on the lookout for value wherever you can find it. The objective should be to increase your potential returns while minimizing risk as much as possible. One way to get more from your wagers is with reduced juice. Maybe the term is familiar but you have never understood how the concept works. This guide explains what to expect from reduced juice betting. If you know how reduced juice works but don't know where to find it, this guide is for you as well.
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What is Reduced Juice in Sports Betting?

Juice is another name for vigorish or vig. It refers to the cut that a sportsbook gets from your bet when you wager in various events. Juice is how sportsbooks make money. Let's say you are betting with a friend on the outcome of a football game, and the stake is $10. If you win, you get your original bet, plus your friend's. A sportsbook operates differently. Since it has to make a profit, it can't pay the exact amount invested. In football, for example, the 'standard' moneyline odds for point spreads are $110. It means you have to put up $110 to win $100. The $10 is the sportsbook’s profit.

Reduced juice betting is when a sportsbook takes a lower amount off the top than the standard market price.

For instance, offering odds of -105 for a football game. Reduced juice increases your returns or decreases your losses because you are paying less to bet than the average bettor. Sports betting websites provide reduced juice to attract more customers.

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    If your wager is unsuccessful, Caesars Sportsbook will refund the full amount of your initial wager, up to a maximum of $1,000, back as one bonus bet. If your first wager wins, the offer is void. Must be 21+ years of age and physically present in the U.S. T&Cs apply.

How Does Reduced Juice Work?

TWhen betting with reduced juice, you are giving a smaller profit than usual to the sportsbook. Therefore, you make more money if you win and minimize your losses if your selection doesn't pay off. Take an example of a football game where site A is offering Chiefs -7 (+110) Vs Seahawks -7 (-110), while site B has -7 (+105) vs +7 (-105) for the same game. It means you have to spend $110 to make $100 at site A, while site B requires you to spend $105 for the same payout. Thus, you are getting a discount with the reduced juice.

How to Identify Reduced Juice Lines

So, you like the concept of reduced juice and would like to try it. How do you know a sportsbook is providing reduced juice lines, though? It takes a bit of work. You have to familiarise yourself with odds comparison. It's easy to tell if a book has lower vig than competitors depending on its odds for various games. Football markets are the easiest ways to spot reduced juice. The standard lines for a point spread in the sport are -110. So, anything lower than that is reduced juice. When searching for low vig, use a quality odds comparison tool like the one we offer. You can see the average odds for a certain event, consequently, enabling you to identify the sites with reduced juice.

Examples of Reduced Juice Betting

The example below explains how to bet with reduced juice.


  • Sportsbook A: Cowboys -3 (-110) vs Chargers +3 (-110)
  • Sportsbook B: Cowboys -3 (-105) vs Chargers +3 (-105)

If you wagered $110 at site A and won, the payout would be $210 (original bet + winnings of $100). However, if your selection lost, you would be out $110.

With site B, a winning bet would fetch $205 (initial wager + profit), while a losing ticket would burn $105.

As you can see, you are risking more at site A for the same amount of profit at site B. Although the $5 difference might not seem like much, it adds up over time, especially if you bet on sports regularly. A betting site can have different odds on either side of a football line, for example, -107 and -103. These prices still count as reduced juice because they are less than the 'standard' -110.

  • Up to a $500 Second-chance Bet
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    Payout on Free Bet wagers includes profits only(stake not returned). Must be 21+ and physically present in U.S. T&Cs apply.

Picking a Sportsbook with Reduced Juice

Several reputable sports betting websites in the US offer reduced juice for different sports and markets. If you plan to bet more than casually, then you need an account with one of these online sportsbooks. However, finding the best one isn't always easy, particularly for a novice. This section explores the two main sportsbook options available for reduced juice betting.

Use a specialist reduced juice sportsbook

These sites are tailored for regular bettors who want reduced juice on most of their selections. A specialist website usually asks you to choose reduced juice as a bonus option when you sign up. So, every wager you make comes with reduced juice. It means you commit to reduced juice betting fully. Since the low vig is considered a bonus, these platforms don't offer bonuses. Specialist sportsbooks offer reduced juice daily. They also have high betting limits to encourage customers to spend more. However, these sportsbooks don't have the best customer service.

Sportsbooks that offer reduced juice on specific lines or at specific times

If you only like reduced juice on selected markets, and not for all your betting action, then these sites are for you. For example, a sportsbook might have reduced lines for the NBA playoffs. The advantage of betting on these platforms is that you are not restricted to reduced juice lines. You get to choose when to use the offer. If reduced juice doesn't provide good value, then you can try regular lines. Sportsbooks with selected reduced juice promotions tend to have other offers, although they may be limited.

  • Up to $1,500 back in Bonus Bets
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    Place your first wager and receive up to $1,500 back in Bonus Bets if the bet loses. If the bet does lose, your Bonus Bets will be available once your initial wager is settled. Must be 21+ and located in the U.S. T&Cs apply. Please Gamble Responsibly!

A common question in reduced juice betting is how it differs from using bonuses. As mentioned, low vig means the sportsbook is taking a lower fee per bet than the market average. Betting bonuses give you free credits to bet with. When you claim a sports bonus, the sportsbook avails a betting balance, meaning you don't have to rely on your bankroll only. The size depends on the promotion. Conventionally, an operator will ask you to wager with the credits a certain number of times before withdrawing winnings. When wagering with a bonus, in most cases, you can only cash out the returns but not the original stake. In this regard, using reduced juice provides more value than a bonus. However, only spending a portion of your budget when using a bonus can be appealing. Both options have their pros and cons, which you must consider before selecting one.

  • Get $100 when you bet $20
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    Free bets will be broken down into 10 x $10 bets. Must be 21+ and located in the US at time of wagering. T&Cs apply.


If you are serious about sports betting, then you must learn how to wager with reduced juice. Sportsbooks provide reduced juice to boost the value bettors get from different selections. Not many sites offer low vig, especially for popular sports. Additionally, the offers vary widely. For this reason, take the time to evaluate different websites to be sure they provide value. Also, find out how reduced juice works for varied markets, such as futures and moneylines. You should be able to calculate potential returns from reduced juice lines before betting with real money. Sports betting offers no guarantees of making money, which is why you should always watch out for opportunities to decrease losses and boost profits. Reduced juice provides that.

  • Bet $5, Get $150 in Bonus Bets
    No code required Claim bonus

    Regardless of the outcome of the wager the bonus will be awarded as six(6) $25 Bonus Bets. Bonus bet amounts not incl. in winnings derived from bonus bets. Must be 21+ and located in the U.S. T&Cs apply.

Pros vs Cons
Thumb Up
Thumb Down
  • Betting with reduced juice allows you to reduce your risk because the sportsbook takes a lower commission than the market average.
  • Profits are easier to make when using reduced juice instead of full juice. Since your losses decrease, you can generate more from your bets without overspending.
  • With reduced juice, you can bet more with the same budget for regular odds since the unit stake is lower.
  • The biggest disadvantage of reduced juice betting is that sportsbooks rarely provide bonuses. Therefore, you have no chance of boosting your bankroll.
  • Another downside is that sites with reduced juice have sharper lines than regular operators.

Reduced Juice Betting FAQ

How to identify reduced juice?

You can tell if a betting website offers reduced juice by comparing its odds with competitors. Traditionally, a sportsbook will advertise reduced juice. So, you only have to pick a suitable one. Learn the average odds for various markets to make it easier to spot low vig.

🏆 Is there reduced juice on moneylines?

In moneyline wagers, the juice is the difference between the two lines. So, yes, you can find redirect juice on moneylines because some sites have lower vig than others for the same selections.

💶 Is there reduced juice on futures?

Yes. Most sportsbooks offer long odds for the futures markets on different events. At a glance, the prices look attractive, but they usually have high vig. However, some sportsbooks have lower prices than others, allowing you to enjoy reduced juice. Learn how to calculate juice on futures.

💳 What is better - reduced juice or a bonus?

The suitability of reduced juice or sports bonuses depends on the situation. In some instances, you might get better value from playing with free credits or an odds boost than reduced juice, and vice versa. Thus, compare the value offered by each option for a particular event before betting.

🤔 What is the difference between reduced juice and low vig?

Juice and vig mean the same, which is the commission that goes to the sportsbook from each bet. Therefore, a website with reduced juice has a low vigorish. If you see promotions for a low-vig sportsbook, then expect reduced juice on some lines.

Is reduced juice good for me?

You have to analyze odds and lines carefully to determine if they provide any substantial value. If you wager regularly, reduced juice can maximize your profits exponentially. However, don't rely on reduced juice for all your betting activities. Consider other benefits such as bonuses.

🏆 Are there sportsbooks with reduced juice?

Yes. Although hard to come by, sportsbooks with reduced juice are available. You can find them by checking review sites. Our platform also compiles a list of the top US sportsbooks with reduced juice lines.
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Last updated 24/10/2023
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