Correct Score Betting Explained: Quick Betting Guide and Tips Cover

Correct Score Betting Explained: Quick Betting Guide and Tips

by Oddspedia Experts
You may bet on several markets at your favourite bookmaker. The correct score market is one of the highest paying markets that is available across various games. However, you need to get the details of each team right and use some strategies to pick an accurate correct score for your next bet. This article provides a quick look at some popular correct score markets as well as a guide to increasing your chances of making the correct prediction.
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What is Correct Score Betting?

A correct score bet is the kind of wager where you predict the final score of the game you select. Your prediction has to be right for you to win the bet. This can be incredibly hard to predict. To cater for this increased risk, these markets have very high odds. Therefore, a single accurate choice is likely to bring a significant profit to the punter. The score can be goals, points or any other system used in determining a winner.

A correct score bet is the kind of wager where you predict the final score of the game you select.

Correct Score Bet Types

You can pick your ideal market from a variety of correct score bet types. The main difference is the period for which you predict the correct score or the markets you combine. Here are some of the most popular types in the betting world.

Half Time Correct Score

The halftime correct score is a prediction of the score by halftime. Essentially, you predict the scores for the first half of the game. The score options are similar to any other type in this section. However, the odds vary according to the history and perceived strengths of the teams in play. Due to the relatively short game time and unpredictability of the scores in the first half, the odds are usually quite high.

Correct Score Second Half

This market allows you to predict the correct score for the second half of the game. Most punters love to try the second half, as they will have ascertained the performance of each team in the first half. However, it is still difficult to predict the scores in this half. Therefore, you will still find high odds for various predictions. Nevertheless, they are generally lower than those of the first half.

Full-Time Correct Score

The full-time correct score is a prediction of the final score of the game (the first and second half combined.) Full-time correct score is the most popular market with punters due to the long period within which teams can reach the predicted score. This type of correct score has more options than the half-time and second-half scores, as it is generally expected that some teams may score more in the entire 90 minutes of the game.

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Half Time / Full-Time Correct Score

Half Time/Full-Time correct score is a market that covers both the first half and full-time scores. Being a combination of the two, this market has higher odds than the rest in this list. You make two predictions, in this case, the half time and full time predictions and have to get both right for you to win the bet. Despite the high risk involved, it is well worth the time and effort to get the score right.


A scorecast is a football wager where you predict the goal scorer along with the final score. It is a special market that lets you determine who in the midfield has the best chance of scoring. Here is an example. You may predict that a Premier League game between Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspurs will end in a three-nil score and Progba will score. The total odds are usually much higher than if you made a prediction for each option, thereby giving you a huge winning margin.


Some top bookmakers improve the correct score odds by combining it with other markets or specifying how the events will take place. Here is an example, you may predict that there would two goals in the first half but the first goal will be scored through a penalty. You may also predict the player who scores the first goal. These events are highly unpredictable, making the odds very high, thereby giving good returns to punters.

You can wager on the correct score across various sports. The top among them is football. It has all the correct score options described above and many more specials. You also get many options under each betting type. Popular markets in this market include full-time, half-time / full time and specials.

There are also correct score markets on other ball games such as basketball. You may choose the final score in terms of points or the number of points that teams will have won in each set. Some bookmakers also have correct score markets in American football and Ice hockey. The modality of the scores is the same; you predict the final score in a set or at the full time. Just like in football, the scores may be combined with other betting markets or specials to increase the odds.

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Correct Score Betting Strategies and Tips

Do not just pick a correct score to wager on, blindly. Given how incredibly difficult it is to land the correct score, a random prediction is most likely to end up being wrong, Instead, find a way to analyse possible outcomes based on the teams’ strengths, past meetings between the teams in question and other pointers. Below are some workable tips that you may use to predict correct score better. For a more accurate prediction, strive to pick a correct score that meets as many tips requirements as possible. The list is also not exhaustive. Think of other ways to predict the score right, based on the teams in question.

1. Never back 0-0

While teams can end up in a goalless draw, the percentage of games that end up with this score is very low. Therefore, backing a 0-0 draw greatly lowers your chances of winning the said bet. This tip applies even if one of the teams has had a draw in the recent past. This is because unless both teams have very good defences, there is little chance that a team will have consecutive goalless draws. Therefore, backing one may not be worthwhile.

2. 1-0 - The Most Likely Score

Interestingly, most games end in a 1-0 score unless you are looking at high score teams or cases where one of the teams is very weak. Therefore, if you are not sure of the best score to pick in football, especially where both teams have near equal strength, go for 1-0. However, before you go with this score, it is good to check how the teams have performed in their last meetings or matches with other teams.

3. Stay in The Game Longer

If you back a 0-0 win, there is a high chance that you will lose very early in the game. This is because one team is likely to score as early as the first five minutes. The same also happens to 1-0 scores. However, backing 1-1, 2-1 or 3-1 is likely to take longer before teams score and surpass the prediction. Therefore, consider going for these scores, especially where not sure of the performance.

4. Bore Draw Refund

A bore draw refund is a money-back bonus offer by a bookmaker. It allows you to bet on any football match for the correct score, half/full time or scorecast and refunds your stake if the final score is a goalless draw (0-0). This kind of bet removes the goalless draw from your list of options with a guarantee that you will not lose. This offer is good for teams that have a tendency to score fewer goals as shown by their past stats.

5. Rely on Statistics

Do not ignore the statistics. Most teams perform as they have done in the past. If you notice a pattern in the scores, such as 2-1, 1-1 and so forth, they are likely to follow the same trend in their next meeting. Therefore, before making a prediction, look for stats such as head-to-head, correct score predictions and current form. You are likely to make a more informed prediction when you have some background information about the teams in play.


A correct score bet is a wager based on predicting the final score for the entire game or part of it. This market has relatively high odds but it is quite difficult to predict. When betting on the market, it is good to make the right choice of games where you know the performance of the teams relative to each other. Also, consider looking at the statistics to find out how the teams have been performing in the recent past. Back those odds that lets you stay longer on the game and avoid a goal-less draw, as it is less likely.

Pros vs Cons
Thumb Up
Thumb Down
  • It has high odds and good returns;
  • It is pretty straightforward to predict a score;
  • It is difficult to land an accurate score;
  • It has fewer options that can reduce the risk;

Correct Score FAQ

What Is a Correct Score Bet?

A correct score bet is a wager placed on a prediction for the final score of the game. The final score may be a set, first or second half, or the full game. Correct score bets only allow you to pick a number for the scores without any room to cover other possibilities. However, despite the high risk involved, it has restively high odds and good returns. It can also be combined with other markets to increase the odds.

🏆 What Does Wincast Mean?

A wincast is a wager that involves the selection of the winning team and the player to score at any time in the match. It differs from other types of correct score in that you will include the winner market and scorer in one. Most bookmakers only offer the option of the full-time scores and the goal scorer. It is partly a correct score market but you do not include any scores in your prediction. However, it has good odds if you can make the right prediction.

💶 What Does Anytime Scorecast Mean?

Anytime scorecast is a scorecast market where you predict the total score and the player who scores in the game. However, unlike the conventional scorecast market, you will be naming a player who will score at any point in the game. Here is an example. In a game between Manchester United and Arsenal, you may predict that Rashford will score at any time and Arsenal will win the match. You win if Rashford scores a goal and Arsenal wins the match at the end of the game.

💳 What happens to Scorecast If the player doesn't start?

If the scorecast player does not start or comes on after the first goal is scored, then the bookmaker will usually settle your bet as a single. In case the player you backed to score the first goal does not even come on the pitch during the whole game, your bet will be voided. However, this depends on the bet you place. Here is an example. If you had selected Progba to be the first scorer in a game between Manchester United and Liverpool, you lose if he does not score first. However, if you had indicated that he would score in the course of the game and ends up scoring before the game ends, you will win the bet if the other prediction is right.

🤔 Do Extra Time Count for Correct Score Bets?

No. Extra time does not count towards settling the correct score bets. Bookmakers use the scores for the ordinary time and stoppage time in settling their bets. This means that penalty shootouts and extra time is given to teams that do not score against each other do not count towards the fulfilment of the correct score. You may follow the game on the live score page to find out the score by the time the bookmaker indicates that the game and the bet are closed.

What Does Second Half Correct Score Mean?

A second half correct score is the market primarily for the scores made in the second half. It means that the bookmaker will only settle the bet using the scores made in this part of the game. Most punters love betting on the second half for they would have ascertained the performance of the teams in the first half of the game. Due to the short period involved, the correct score odds are usually high.

🏆 What Is a Bore Draw?

A bore draw is a money-back offer by a bookmaker where you are allowed to pick a market and get a refund if the game ends in a goalless draw. Some of the markets covered by this kind of bet include correct score, over and under and scorecast. This offer lowers your risks by removing the 0-0 score out of the possible outcomes without any risk to the player. Most bookmakers place it in the offers section.
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This article was written by our team of betting experts, any contributing references are noted below.
Last updated 24/08/2022
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