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Beginners Guide To Novelty And Specials Betting

by Oddspedia Experts
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Novelty betting was initially for fun and entertainment for regular and non-regular bettors. However, novelty betting markets are now gaining traction with increased betting volumes. This is due to the coverage of current affairs and hot topics such as Politics, the Royal Family and TV shows. Let us now delve into Novelty betting with the guide below from the experts at Oddspedia.
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What Is Novelty Betting?

Novelty betting involves wagering on the outcome of non-sports events taking place across the world. Bookmakers offer novelty markets for different events, such as political events, shows, movies, award ceremonies and so on. As long as an event gathers public interest, bookmakers will offer betting markets. Novelty markets include events taking place for a long time, like TV shows or one-day events such as weather prediction.

Non-sports betting is growing rapidly in popularity with millions being bet annually. Just like any other type of betting, bookies offer different events and varying levels of betting odds for novelty markets.

One of the best ways to start novelty betting is by majoring in TV shows and entertainment betting. You will predict events such as politics, television shows and other special events. These are just a few categories of novelty markets, and below are more examples.

 Political Bets

Instead of sports betting, you can place wagers on political events and markets concerned with politics. Political betting is prevalent since all the top novelty betting bookmakers cover different elections and votes. Sometimes, it's hard to predict how an election will turn out, so you get to bet on it.

This kind of betting is about predicting the outcome of political events, such as significant elections, by-elections, referendums, or even candidates' popularity.


Almost all novelty betting sites will offer some form of political novelty betting market. Some will offer better markets than others, but finding a perfect site should not be difficult. Such kinds of novelty bets are used to predict who the winner of an election will be.

Both in the UK and the US, elections happen at least every four years. It is the citizens that decide who will be the next president. Initially, it is hard to predict who the winner will be, but with time, the competition gets tighter, and you can easily make a prediction. The best way to do so is by placing novelty bets at a trusted bookie that offers election markets.

British Politics

One of the most popular ways of wagering on political events is predicting the result of an election. However, there are also other novelty bets you can place, such as over/under about the number of seats that parties will win. You can even predict which party will get the most votes. In the UK, the General Elections happen every five years, so this is not a particular bet market you will be involved with a lot. But you can try out other political events in between.

Referendum Specials

The biggest sports betting sites usually offer novelty betting opportunities on referendums. Most referendums are based on polls, which might vary wildly. With such varied opinions, betting on referendums is helpful since you can predict who the winner will be. Just like in other betting events, you receive money if the candidate or party that you bet on wins.

Award Ceremonies

Unlike sports events, you will not find much information and statistics on bets for award shows. But, it is essential to keep track of the previous outcomes and buzz about the ceremonies. For example, Leonard DiCaprio has won Best Actor awards multiple times. So, keeping such records could prove helpful. When placing special bets on award ceremonies, you should ensure you have watched or listened to the media. Such ceremonies include the Oscars, the Emmys, and many more.

Oscars - the Academy Awards

The Oscars are the most popular novelty betting event in the Award ceremonies category. It is a unique bet event that punters worldwide look forward to. 24 Oscars are up for grabs, with only the best in the film industry winning. The best bookies allow you to predict who will go home with specific awards. You can make good profits as you enjoy watching the award show.

Golden Globes

This is another popular media awards show that has succeeded in film and TV. Special bets placed on this event are an excellent way to enjoy the real action by predicting the winners of the awards. There has to be an award category that meets your interest, from the best Television Series to the best Motion Picture screenplay. The best novelty bet sites will offer niche betting odds, which is excellent for you.

The Emmy Awards

You can walk down the red carpet with the stars by placing novelty bets on the Emmy Awards (Emmys). The Emmys are one of the most prestigious television awards in the US. No matter what your favourite television shows are, placing special bets on the Emmys can be very profitable and fun. Punters have plenty of choices, and some common Emmy novelty betting markets include the Best Program, Emmy Acting Awards and Writing and Directing Awards. With so many options, you cannot miss something to bet on.

The BAFTA Awards

The BAFTAs is one of the most glamorous nights in British cinema. This is for movie enthusiasts, and BAFTAs betting is an excellent way of enjoying film awards. Other shows do not have as many novelty betting markets, but with the BAFTAs, you will have more than enough options. Some good examples of those novelty bet markets include betting on the Winner, Best Actor or Actress and Best Editing. Some novelty betting sites offer options like Best Sound and Best Costume Design.

MTV Awards

The MTV Awards is a video music awards show that is very popular worldwide. The TV show generates a lot of buzz, and you have the excellent opportunity to place some novelty bets during the event. The show is unpredictable, and no one can tell what will happen. That is why betting on the MTV Awards is so refreshing and rewarding. The best novelty betting sites offer great odds and novelty bets ranging from straight bets on the winners to prop bets.

Movies and TV Betting

Most online bookies offer a long list of sports to bet on, but you will also find plenty of TV and novelty betting markets. In most cases, these markets can be found under "TV and Specials", "Specials", "Novelty", or "Entertainment".

Once you find the novelty betting page, you will see a list of various novelty betting markets. You can then find the market you want to bet on and place your novelty bet. TV and movie betting has become one of the most popular Novelty-Betting categories. Thus, you will hardly miss novelty betting markets on whichever bookie you visit. You can bet on a wide range of TV programmes like Britain's Got Talent, The X Factor, I'm A Celebrity…. Get Me Out Of Here, the BBC Sports Personality Of The Year and more.

James Bond

The name "James Bond" is quite recognisable, but who will be the next actor or actress? That is why novelty betting sites offer the next James Bond bets to help you get in on some action. Unfortunately, you will not find many novelty-betting markets for James Bond. The few options include the Next James Bond Actor odds and whether the Actor is Male or Female. These two special bet options are enough, especially if you love action movies.

Doctor Who

Another way of passing time if you are a fan of this popular show is by predicting who will be the next Doctor. Novelty betting on entertainment puts more fun into the activity, and if you get it right, you could walk home with a huge payout. In the past, Jodie Whittaker has been the star of three different series, but she is to be replaced. Some potential replacements are Richard Ayoade, Michaela Cole and Olly Alexander.

Dancing On Ice

This is yet another show that punters love. Originally, Dancing On Ice was released in 2006, and it has been a great competitor of Strictly. Due to this, the novelty bets of these two shows are pretty similar. The bets revolve around the primary winner when they will get knocked out and the next stage. Although Dancing On Ice is not a big show, it still has a decent following when it comes to watching and novelty betting.

BBC Sports Personality Of The Year

The BBC Sports Personality of the Year is a prestigious award in the UK. Predicting the winner is not that simple because it needs much skill and background information. It is not just about finding the most successful sports player and wagering on them. Popularity and charisma also play a significant role, making it difficult to make the correct predictions. You can bet on the annual BBC Sports Personality of the Year award throughout the year, so many online bookies offer the markets.

The Eurovision Song Contest

Millions of people across the globe watch the Eurovision Song Contest. It is a national pride, and different countries battle it on the stage. It is one of the biggest nights in Europe and has been around since 1956. With so much popularity, most novelty betting sites provide markets and odds on the Eurovision Song Contest. One of the most significant novelty betting markets in this category is the "Winning Country" betting.

I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here Now!

Another TV show that is beloved by thousands of people. The show is about a premise where several celebrities live together and have to overcome different challenges and obstacles. They live in a jungle, and they partake in challenges like climbing trees and eating insects. The eventual winner is the one who overcomes these challenges, and they are crowned as the "King" or "Queen". You can start placing novelty bets by predicting who the winner will be.


If you love some cooking drama, then this is the perfect novelty betting category for you. Like other novelty bet bookmakers, Masterchef bookies offer various markets to wager on. However, some will only provide winner bets. One of the most straightforward Masterchef novelty betting markets is betting on the event's winner. You place a novelty bet on the contestant you believe will turn out the winner in the end.

Britain's Got Talent

Britain's Got Talent is a talent competition that has been on air since 2008. It is an elimination-based show that is broadcast on ITV1. This show is known to attract large audiences across the globe, and there are so many stages before the final competition. Thanks to its random nature, wagering on Britain's Got Talent has become a popular novelty bet. You get to place special bets on whom you think will be the winner during the different stages and the final competition.

Other Non-Sports And Entertainment Events

Apart from the novelty betting markets mentioned above, there are still so many other options to bet on. You can bet on shows, movies, films, awards and other non-sporty events. Some good examples of novelty bets include Strictly Come Dancing, Love Island, Too Hot to Handle, TikTok betting and The Queen's Hat.

The Royal Family

Placing special bets on the Royal family has been a tradition for ages. One of the most popular novelty betting markets is the Queen's hat. All you have to do is place a wager on the colour of the hat that the Queen will be wearing on Ladies' Day. This type of novelty betting has been around since the 1970s, and there are many betting options regarding the Royal family. Other special bets include the sex of the next royal Baby and the next monarch.


WWE is the leading pro wrestling sports company, broadcasting to over 180 countries every week. It has millions of followers and many punters like placing special bets on WWE matches. Since these events have predetermined outcomes, people wonder how it is possible to bet on them. Bookies offer great WWE Royal Rumble odds, which give you plenty of value and decent profit in case you win.

Miss Universe

Regardless of the era, Miss Universe events are still international hits. Pageantry is a popular culture, and you can place special bets during the event. Though limited, you can still find several markets around Miss Universe. The special bet odds in this category are straightforward, and winning is easy. Certain countries are known to excel more than others, and once you have this knowledge, you stand a better chance of winning. This means that you have to carry out some research.

The Weather

Weather is a special novelty betting market that is quite interesting. You can find this market under "Specials" on your preferred online betting site. Placing special bets on weather includes wagering on variables like predicting the temperature, if it will rain, and whether it will be on Christmas Day.

You can even guess whether certain temperature records will be broken during a specific period. Betting on weather is so much fun, and it is a thriving novelty bets market.

Nobel Prize

Betting on who will receive a Nobel Prize falls into the international novelty betting category. Nobel prizes are awarded to people in Chemistry, Literature, Physical, Economic Sciences, Peace and Physiology. If you love discovering who wins the Nobel Prize, betting on the outcome makes the experience more exciting. Novelty betting on Nobel Prizes is one of the smallest categories, and you will not find these wagers on many sites.


Financial betting is placing bets on the price development of a specific financial instrument against the odds offered by a bookie. The outcome of these novelty bets is binary (either a win or loss). Financial novelty betting has become popular and quite lucrative in recent years. More and more people seem to be betting on the outcome of currency markets.

If you like a dynamic, unpredictable and fast-paced betting experience, you must try financial betting.

Celebrity Gossip

The celebrity gossip industry is vast, and it has become popular with novelty betting. Some common celebrity gossip novelty bets include betting on who a star might date next or baby names. Whatever the trending topic in the entertainment world is, there will be an available novelty bets market to bet on.

Name the Baby is an excellent example of celebrity gossip bets involving naming a royal or celebrity baby. Such bets are very irregular, so they offer a unique kind of fun.

Honourable Mentions

Futures Betting- This type of betting involves predicting if something will happen in the future. These novelty bets are available online, but you can visit a bookmaker directly and ask for your bet. An example of such a bet would be whether your child will be the next UK Prime Minister or whether you will ever receive a Nobel Prize.

Alien existence- People have always wondered whether aliens exist. As a result, bookies have created several novelty betting opportunities with fantastic odds. You can wager on a timeframe by which you think the existence of alien life will be confirmed.

Other novelty bets include Will The World End, When Will People Set Foot On Mars, and Who Would Be Next Pope?

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Bet ON Idris Elba becoming the next James Bond
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Bet AGAINST Idris Elba becoming the next James Bond

The Different Types Of Special Bets

If you are familiar with sports betting, then you should be able to join counterparty services from bookies like novelty betting. Like in sports betting, the mainstays in novelty betting are straight bets, outright markets, and over/under-betting. Below are some of the special bets you will come across while betting:

Outright Winner

Outright markets relate to the outcome of an event, such as the winner of the Sports Personality of the Year. It is a very straightforward bet, and if you make a correct prediction, you make some profit. On the other hand, if another contender wins, you lose your stake. Outright betting is the most common type of novelty betting.


Place bets are alternative bets to outright ones. A place bet is a wager to predict who will finish in the top two, three, and four positions during an event. The terms will vary depending on the specific market you choose. For example, you can bet on a model finishing in the top four during Miss Universe. Place novelty bets earn you a smaller payout than outright bets, but it's a more straightforward bet to win.


It predicts who will be the winner and runner-up in a market. For example, you can wager on Jane Smith winning Britain's Got Talent and Isaac Jones finishing second or who is winning Coach of the Year in the Premier League. Note that for you to win, they have to finish in the first and second positions in the exact order you predicted. If both outcomes happen, you should expect large profits since forecast novelty bets have excellent payouts.

Head To Head Bets

Head-to-head bets are similar to proposition bets because you do not choose the team that will win; instead, you pick the individual you think will perform the best. Bookmakers install odds on both sides and you like the player or participant you think will win.

Novelty and Specials - Betting Tips

Betting on sports versus placing novelty bets like movies, Television shows, and popular culture is different. You will have to develop a unique strategy for you to be successful. However, the basics are still the same. If you are venturing into novelty betting, the sections below will guide you on how to make profits:

Taking The Early Favourites

One thing you should remember is that early favourites hardly go all the way to win. Early favourites are the best acts at the beginning of a show. The main problem they face is showing marked improvement, and often, it is too difficult to achieve that; thus, they drop drastically.

Checking The News And Social Media

If you want to start wagering novelty bets on popular culture, you have to soak up the entertainment world. You have to gain as much knowledge as you can in the areas you will be focusing on. You can start by researching movies, TV programs or popular culture.

Betting Against The Public

Betting against the public means placing a bet against what most bettors think will happen. It is also known as fading, and it can be pretty rewarding. When you notice that a bet is one-sided, and many people have bet towards one outcome, you should bet on the opposite outcome.

The Bookmaker's Payouts And Stake Limit

For starters, you should look for bookmakers offering many novelty betting options. You should also pick top betting sites with good odds and regular payouts with fewer restrictions. Before signing up, ensure the bookie offers all these, and you will enjoy novelty betting.

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The Best Sports Betting Sites For Novelty Bets

The best betting sites for placing novelty bets have the most betting options. Imagine novelty betting sites with 13 qualifying bet options available or even more? You would have a great time placing non-sports bets. Additionally, they should also offer high stake limits and great odds. So, it would be best to stick to popular options such as Bet365, Betfair, and Ladbrokes.

Placing novelty bets is not worth risking your security, so you should join the recommended sites.

Best Overall

When choosing a betting site, you will be swarmed by so many options. However, when picking your choice, there are several factors you should consider. Commonly, some bookmakers are known to perform better than others. So it would be best if you looked for good-performing novelty betting bookies. You should also check the overall performance, even in counterparty services.

Some of the things to check include markets offered, payouts and bonuses. Overall, Betfair offers the most novelty bet markets, lucrative bonuses and fast payouts.

Best for Politics

If you are into betting on politics, you should create an account on Bet365. Bet365 is more serious on special markets such as award winners, political events, and sports specials. The bookmaker has a long list of markets, and the odds prices are unbeatable.

Bet365 has an affluent section of novelty bets to choose from, and they have great offers on political bets. You can bet on major elections, referendums and even by-elections. You will also enjoy numerous bonuses, early payouts and accumulator boosts.

Best for TV Shows and Movie Specials

Are you a fan of TV shows and movie specials? William Hill is the perfect bookmaker for you. To start, the bookie has a straightforward registration process that takes a couple of minutes. They also welcome all new customers with a welcome bonus, while returning customers enjoy regular promotions.

William Hill offers a diverse selection of markets on shows and movies. You can place bets on popular reality television shows like Love Island, Big Brother and many more.

Conclusion - Why Should You Bet On Specials?

Novelty betting offers a lot of fun and excitement. Novelty bets allow you to bet on anything – from modelling shows to movies. There are many options when it comes to special bets and novelty betting, as you can bet on politics, television shows, the weather, celebrity gossip and many niches in the entertainment world. You have the option of pursuing bets that are specifically tailored for you, and that is an incredible way of betting.

If you are new to this type of betting, apply the strategies given above in the review, and you will be good in no time. If you pick the right bookie and stay informed, you will never go wrong with novelty betting.

Pros vs Cons
Thumb Up
Thumb Down
  • More Entertainment Value - Bet on Shows and Movies You Enjoy
  • Gives You a Break from Regular Sports Betting
  • If a Subject that You Are Knowledgable in It Is Easier to Spot Good Opportunities
  • Playing with High Margins / Increased Juice
  • Betting sites do not offer as many promotions for novelty bets

FAQ - Betting on Specials

What Does Specials Betting Mean?

A special bet is a bet that is a little out of the ordinary. It is a bet that is placed on other non-sport events. Unlike basic bets, with special betting, you can wager on various events such as television shows, politics and entertainment. It is a unique way of enjoying your favourite news, shows or politics while getting extra money.

🏆 Is Betting On Specials Legal?

It depends on your country. But, as long as betting is legal in your country, you can happily venture into novelty wagering. Ensure the bookmaker you join is licensed by a well-known regulatory body such as the United Kingdom Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority.

💶 Which Is The Best Site For Specials?

Special betting has become very popular, and so many bookmakers have invested in offering these markets. However, it would be best not to trust all bookies since some are untrustworthy, and it will be a waste of your time and money. Only join a regulated and licensed betting site that offers a large market selection and the best odds. Some of these bookies even get new players' free bets credited to their accounts so that they can try the special bets. Good examples of such online bookmakers include Bet365, Betfair, William Hill, Paddy Power and Ladbrokes.

💳 Can You Make Money On Specials Bets?

Yes, you can make a lot of money on specials. Novelty wagering presents you with a chance to make a profit. Novelty bets are more unpredictable. Thus, betting sites can't make accurate estimates. Therefore, finding a novelty market with overpriced odds can be extremely easy and lucrative in the long run. In short, you have to find a bookmaker with the best odds.

🤔 What Are The Most Popular Novelty Bets?

In novelty wagering, you will still find the traditional bet types such as straight bets, outrights, and over/under bets. The available bet type depends on your bookmaker and the event you choose. Most of these bet types will be available for movies, shows, politics and entertainment events. You can also place proposition bets, which are bets placed on the occurrence or non-occurrence of a particular event.

Which TV Shows Can You Place a Novelty Bet On?

There are so many shows aired on TV, but not all of them are available for betting. Bookmakers are usually interested in shows that attract large audiences. That way, they can also attract a large number of bettors. Some popular shows you can bet on include X Factor, Strictly Come Dancing, and I'm A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here and Dancing on Ice.

🏆 Can You Bet On Music Awards?

Yes, as far as TV award shows are concerned, you will also find odds on different music awards such as the Grammy Awards, American Music Awards, BRIT Awards, Billboard Music Awards, and the MTV Video Music Awards. You can bet on these awards by predicting who will take home an award. There are few markets for such events, but the few available ones are worth it.
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This article was written by our team of betting experts, any contributing references are noted below.
Last updated 07/11/2023
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