Player Props Betting Guide, Check Out Player Specials and Markets Cover

Player Props Betting Guide, Check Out Player Specials and Markets

by Oddspedia Experts
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Player props are special bets focusing more on individual players' accomplishments than the event's outcome. At Oddspedia, we offer users resources for placing successful player props bets. Read on to learn more about the market, gambling strategies for increasing profitability, and some of the most popular sports for player props betting.
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Understanding Player Props Betting Types

While conventional betting revolves around the outcome of the fixture, player props allow gamblers to make predictions based on an individual player's performance. Usually, the sport you pick to bet on determines the kind of player props you will come across.

For instance, basketball is one of the sports that offer point-based player props. In this case, you can wager on Steph Curry to score more than 36.5 points in a game. Alternatively, thanks to football player props, you can bet on Erling Haaland to score over 2.5 goals in a match.

Rugby also offers several player-prop betting opportunities. Depending on the bookmaker, you can bet on the number of tries and touchdowns a player will score in a game. The odds of the player prop market you choose depend on multiple factors, including the player's form and mental status.
This is why you must comprehensively study the player you wish to bet on before placing a bet.

Betting Strategy - Important Factors Of A Player Bet

Comprehensive research backed by information from Oddspedia tipsters can help increase the success rate of your player props. That said, here are the critical factors of a player bet:

Keep An Eye On The Team Sheet - Is The Player In The Starting Lineup

Before you even think about wagering on the performance of a particular player in a game, you need to ensure they are in the lineup. So, review the team sheet and confirm whether the player is part of the starting group or whether they are substitute players.

Analyse The Player's Form And Fitness

You need to review the player's form and fitness to know whether they are in shape to perform well in the game. The assessment will help you discover a player's recent injury and their readiness to compete.

Probability Of Occurrence

Even if the player you want to bet on is in the best shape, you must check the probability of the event occurring. To establish the realistic odds of the event happening, check the quality of players, the team they are playing for, and other underlying factors such as player morale.

Identify A Team's Main Kicker/ Penalty-Taker

Knowing the team's main kicker for rugby and penalty taker for football is crucial. The information will be helpful when betting on events such as a player scoring the first points/goal.

Importance Of The Game

Understand the importance of the game as it can serve as a motivation factor for a player to perform best. Some of the most critical games include World Cup qualifiers, tournament finals and knockout competitions in general.

Correct Player Market Selection

You must match the player and the market when selecting the best outcome. For instance, it is ideal to pick a striker or forward to win the Golden Boot instead of a defender. So, always make sure the player and market selection match.

Compare Odds

Perform a comprehensive odds analysis if you wish to increase your payout. Player markets vary significantly in terms of prices. Thankfully, we don't just offer predictions from expert Oddspedia tipsters but also odds comparison tools. Use the resource to get value for your bets.

Use Multiple Betting Accounts

Open several betting accounts from different bookmakers. This will help you enjoy the highest market prices for different player bets. It will also give you access to various player props markets and quality promotions.

Consider Bonus Offers And Possible Odds Boosts

Make use of bonus offers and odds boosts. Promotions such as free bets and cash bonuses will increase your wagering frequency without breaking the bank. But check the free bet expiry period and wagering requirements before proceeding. With boosted odds, you will enjoy massive payouts for every correct prediction.

Risk Management - Adjust The Betting Stake To The Odds

Minimise risk by adjusting your betting stake depending on the odds. Place huge stakes on markets with high odds of occurring and reduce the amount if the odds are low. This tactic will enhance your winnings while decreasing your losses.

Bet Live On Points /Goal Scorers

Goal scorers and points scored by a player offer the best in-play betting opportunities. These are short-term markets that can earn you incredible payouts if wagered correctly. Some of the player props under these markets include the next goal scorer and the player who scores a certain number of points in the first quarter of an NBA game.

Combine Team And Player Bets

Finally, combine team and player bets as these two markets blend perfectly. For instance, you can bet on a player from a particular team, such as Arsenal, to score the first goal. This makes research easy and increases the betting odds.

Here is a list of top sports popular for player props betting. These sports have a large number of leagues and multiple live and pre-live player props on every match:

Football Player Bets

Football offers a full range of player prop bets from multiple leagues, including the EPL, Bundesliga, and UEFA Champions League. Some of the leading football specials for players include:

  • First Goalscorer
  • Golden Boot Winner
  • Last Goalscorer

Some bookies also allow card betting, which entails wagering whether a player will receive a yellow or red card.

Basketball Player Bets

Whether it is FIBA, NBA, or Proliga, basketball has several leagues whose matches have multiple player prop markets. So far, you can wager on:

  • The Player to Score the Highest Number of Three-Pointers in A Game, 3-Pointers Made (3 PM)
  • NBA Player to Score Most Points in The 2nd Quarter
  • Number of Points to Be Scored by A Player in The Game

You can also bet on NBA picks of the draft and player of the match in an NBA game.

Cricket Player Bets

Cricket is among the most popular sports, with the top competitions being the ICC Cricket World Cup, IPL and T20 Blast. These leagues offer games with over 1500 markets each, including the following player props:

  • Total Runs by A Batter
  • Player to Reach a Century
  • Top Bowler
  • Most Boundaries

Most cricket prop bets have quality odds, thus increasing your chances of enjoying massive payouts.

Rugby Player Bets

Look forward to exciting player prop markets for matches from Rugby Union tournaments like Six Nations, URC, Premiership and the Rugby World Cup. You have Super League and Challenge Cup games if you are a Rugby League fan. Some of the common player props you should expect are:

  • Player to Score the First Try
  • Player to Make the First Conversion
  • Total Tries Scored by A Player
  • Odd or Even Shirt Number to Score the First Try

Tennis Player Bets

Tennis has tournaments like the Australian Open and French Open, which offer players access to multiple games for betting. It is also one of the popular sports for player props with the following key markets:

  • Player to Win the Tournament without Dropping a Set
  • Tennis Player with Most Aces
  • Most Double Faults
  • First Player to Commit a Double Fault
  • Player to Break Serve First

Snooker Player Bets

Expect several player prop bets when wagering on games from tournaments like The Masters and World Snooker Championship. These player prop markets include:

  • The Player to Have the Highest Break
  • The Player to Win the Next Frame
  • Snooker Player that Will Win the First Frame
  • Will a Specific Player Make a Century Break

Darts Player Bets

You can bet on individual players in the PDC Premier League and World Grand Prix games. Darts offer gamblers several player props, with the following being the primary selections.

  • Player to Score the Most 180s in A Match
  • Darts Player to Win the First Set
  • Who Will Get the Highest Checkout

American Football Player Bets

American football offers punters access to the NFL. With many games monthly, expect several player props betting options. Some of the most renowned prop bets you will find at bookmakers include:

  • Receiving Yards of A Player
  • Number of Yards a Player Will Rush for In a Game
  • Player to Score the First Touchdown
  • The Player with The Most Passing Yards
  • A Player to Record an Interception or A Sack

The Best Bookmakers for Player Prop Betting

Picking the right bookmaker is crucial to enhance your player prop betting experience. Ensure the betting site you choose has incredible sports coverage, fantastic offers, and, most importantly, multiple prop bets for different sports, including the carded player market.

You should also make sure the site has competitive player prop market prices. That said, here is a list of the best bookmakers for prop betting curated after an extensive analysis of the hundreds of eligible sites:

  • 200% Welcome Bonus up to $1,000
    Claim bonus

    18+ T&Cs apply. Max bet is set to 1% of the deposit value when claiming a promo.

  • Bet $10 & Get $50
    Claim bonus

    Available to new customers 18+ only. T&Cs apply.

  • 100% up to 122€ Bonus on the first deposit plus 22 Bet Points
    No code required Claim bonus
  • 100% Bonus on the first deposit up to €/$130!
    Claim bonus
  • High Betting Odds
    No code required Claim bonus

Laws And Regulations Of Player Props Betting

The number of bookmakers that offer player-props betting services continues to rise daily. However, before placing player prop bets, review your local gambling laws and regulations to ensure they permit this form of gambling.

Remember, all jurisdictions bar players from betting on themselves or the sport they play in any way. Breaking this rule may lead to player suspension.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Player Props Betting

Find below a list of player prop betting advantages and disadvantages that will help you gauge its suitability:

Pros vs Cons
Thumb Up
Thumb Down
  • Player Props Are Easy To Interpret
  • Most Player Props Carry Big Odds
  • Offer Punters Diverse Betting Options
  • Increases Punter Engagement In The Sport
  • Very Unpredictable
  • It Requires A Lot Of Research


Player prop betting is the way to go if you are looking for markets that are easy to interpret and with a higher payout. This type of betting allows you to wager on individual players regardless of the sport, league, and game.

You can bet on how many rebounds a player will make in a basketball game or how many goals a player will score in a football match. Ensure you research to place the best bets and choose the ideal bookmaker to enhance your betting experience.

Player Specials FAQ

What are player bets?

Player prop bets or player specials are predictions that sports fans make towards a specific player, not the whole team.

💰 Can player props Betting be lucrative?

Yes, player props betting can be lucrative if you do adequate research and use Oddspedia's player props betting tips.

⛹️ How can I get started with Player Props Betting?

Get started with player props by identifying the sport, competition, game, and player you wish to bet on. After that, launch a bookie, add your selection to the bet slip, stake some cash, and submit your predictions.

🎾 Which player markets can I bet on in tennis?

The player markets you can bet on in Tennis include player to win the first set and player with the most aces in a game.

For which sports are player bets offered?

Player bets are available in several sports, including football, basketball, American football, rugby and tennis.

🤨 Can I combine a player bet with other markets?

Yes, you can combine a player bet with other markets, such as the goal scorer bets with winning team bets.

🏅 What are the best player betting markets?

The best player betting markets are long-term options like the golden ball winner and player to win a tournament as they tend to carry significant odds.

🔍 What should you consider when placing player props?

Some of the things you should consider when placing player props include the form of the player, odds, and the importance of the game.

💶 How much should I stake on player bets?

The amount you should stake on the player bets depends on the odds of the event occurring. It also depends on your bankroll.

🥅 Can goal scorer bets be profitable in the long term?

Yes, goal scorer bets can be profitable in the long term, especially when you place futures bets like the player to win the Golden Boot.
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