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Boxing is one of the most popular sports on the planet, commanding legions of fans from all corners of the globe. From championship fights to big name bouts, viewers are captivated by the high octane action inside the ring. As bouts are scattered around the world and aired at varying times, however, it can be difficult to keep up with all the action. Searching for a reliable live boxing stream can be time consuming and ultimately unsuccessful.

Oddspedia's boxing live scores section is essential for any fan of the sweet science. We provide the most up-to-date information, statistics and live scores to keep you informed of all the action taking place in the ring. Not only that, but our comprehensive platform offers you access to the latest boxing odds to make sure you’re ahead of the game.

All of our boxing live scores are updated in real time, so you can be sure to see round-by-round updates and results as they happen. Plus, with our free boxing streams, you can enjoy all the best fights from around the world without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Our boxing live scores page covers all weight categories and governing bodies. Whether you’re looking to find WBC heavyweight title boxing live scores or are interested in the latest boxing streams from the IBF Flyweight division, Oddspedia has got you covered.

Our boxing live scores page also has a very useful calendar that makes it easy to navigate between boxing live scores. You can select live boxing scores today or look back at fights from the past. You have the option of looking ahead to upcoming bouts. You can even filter your search to concentrate on certain weight categories or even look for specific fighters, so you can check out their latest fights and their overall history in the ring.

In short, Oddspedia’s boing live scores section has everything you need to make informed decisions on the latest boxing odds.

Boxing stats 

Boxing comes with a huge wealth of statistical information, both before and after fights. Studying this information is hugely beneficial when you’re looking for the best boxing odds and boxing betting lines. Oddspedia knows this, and that’s why our boxing stats pages are full of essential information to help you find those all important winning boxing odds.

When it comes to boxer’s overall career records, knowing which boxers have the best record, statistics and are in the best form is invaluable, especially if you’re looking to find the best boxing odds lines. Oddspedia has detailed information on a huge number of fighters from around the world. You can check out their win loss record, as well as their vital statistics such as age, reach, weight and height. You can even see when they turned pro and which stance they adopt. 

In terms of individual bouts, our boxing stats page can give you the punch success percentages, round by round scores and the all important knockdown totals. Great for looking back at recent fights and judging how well each fighter performed.

Another key statistic in boxing is the world rankings. Boxing has 17 weight categories at world title level and four governing bodies. That means there are a whopping 68 sets of world rankings. Oddspedia has all of these rankings, making it easier for you to compare fighters and see who is rising or falling in the rankings.

Boxing news 

Outside of the ring, there’s always a lot going on in the world of boxing, including big title fight announcements, press conferences, injuries and rumors. Keeping on top of all the latest boxing news is imperative if you want to find the best value boxing odds. 

Oddspedia’s in depth news section aggregates boxing news from all the major international and national outlets. We bring you the latest headlines, injury news and rumors. On big fight weeks, you will be able to read all the latest news from the press conferences, public workouts and weigh-ins. If a fighter has changed trainers or is carrying a minor injury into a bout, it could make all the difference to which boxing odds you select. Our news page  will ensure you never miss out on breaking news.

After the big fights, you can read in-depth reports and analysis from some of the best boxing writers around. 

On top of that, Oddspedia also has social media updates from top boxing personalities. This will give you vital insights into boxer’s mindsets. Plus, if a promoter is announcing a title fight or updating a card, you’ll be the first to hear about it.  

Boxing predictions

We can’t all be experts when it comes to boxing odds, there are so many big fights taking place every week that it’s impossible to know everything about every fighter.

Here at Oddspedia we’ve put together a superb betting community. You can read the thoughts of genuine boxing expert tipsters and find out which boxing odds lines they think you should be using.

The Oddspedia betting community provides free betting predictions for every major boxing odds market. You can filter predictions based upon date, weight category, governing body and even individual fighter name.  Furthermore, different tipsters offer different types of boxing odds predictions, whilst some favor single bets, you’ll also find accumulator types and other specialist types of boxing odds lines.

Our tipsters provide you with their carefully considered thoughts and tips ahead of the big fights, as well as detailed analysis of their predictions to help you select the very best boxing bet odds. 

If you’re not sure which tipsters to use, Oddspedia allows you to check out their track records. You can filter these track records to find out how successful they’ve been with their recent boxing odds predictions or even which weight divisions they specialize in.

And if that’s not enough, Oddspedia also has a public consensus module. This tool gives you an overview of the aggregated predictions of all of our tipsters. It allows you to see where the overall consensus lies and which boxing odds are favored by the majority of our tipsters. 

Considering the factors in selecting a boxing betting site involves a thorough examination. The primary consideration lies in assessing the quality of the site and its sports betting apps. A visually appealing and user-friendly platform, complemented by smooth navigation facilitating effortless bet placement, serves as a decisive indicator. BetMGM stands out as the most user-friendly and reliable option for boxing betting among others on this list. It's noteworthy that significant resources and investments have been directed by all major names in the industry towards refining the quality of their boxing betting sites. 

Furthermore, a diverse range of markets is imperative, covering essential wagers like moneyline, totals (over/unders), props, futures, and spread bets. Emphasis should be placed on securing optimal value on betting odds, and in this realm, industry leaders such as FanDuel and DraftKings excel, ensuring users maximize the benefits from their boxing wagers. 

Most notably, you can spot a variety of sportsbook promos, covering free bet credits, stakes, and other attractive offers. Recognizing the best sportsbooks with bonus incentives becomes a pivotal element in fortifying your bankroll, specifically for boxing betting. Below, explore instances of our articles, featuring thorough sportsbook reviews and content dedicated to bonuses.

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That’s Oddspedia’s boxing odds section in a nutshell. We want to give you everything you need to stay on top of the fight game and find the winning boxing odds. Our predictions, news and statistics will give you everything you could possibly need to make informed decisions on boxing odds today.

We also want you to enjoy betting on boxing. Our free boxing streams and boxing live score updates put you at the heart of the action. Whilst our news section is perfect for dedicated boxing fans.

Most importantly of all, we want you to maximize your earnings from every boxing bet. Odds change regularly in the world of boxing, but Oddspedia will give you the best available boxing odds at any given time.

But that’s enough about Oddspedia, if you want to really find out what's on offer, you need to head over to our boxing section to see for yourself.

Boxing Betting FAQs

How to choose a betting site for Boxing? 

Choose a betting site for boxing odds with care. Consider the look and your past performance, but make sure to compare markets and consult Oddspedia to find the best boxing odds. This way, you can maximize your profits and enjoy the best possible experience.

How Boxing betting odds work? 

Before fight night, news of an injured boxer or a bad training camp can alter boxing odds. During fights, boxing odds change depending on who's dominating. This is why live boxing streams are so useful.

How to predict Boxing results? 

Researching the boxers and keeping up to date with stats and news can improve your chances of placing successful boxing bets. Though the favorite may not always come out on top, the potential for upsets is especially high in the heavyweight division. A single punch is all it takes to upset the odds!

Is it possible to make money betting on Boxing?  

Betting on boxing can be difficult and unpredictable. However, you can maximize your winnings by using Oddspedia to find the best boxing odds. There is no sure-fire strategy, but this helps increase your chance of success.

Are there successful Boxing strategies? 

INo, success cannot be guaranteed when it comes to boxing odds predictions. Betting with your head instead of your heart is a rule of thumb. Do some research with Oddspedia and thoroughly consider all boxing betting markets before taking a bet.

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