2. Bundesliga Germany   Germany
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Week 17
10 Dec - 16 Dec
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Stats per Match

# Team
 Robert Glatzel
Robert Glatzel
 Haris Tabakovic
Haris Tabakovic
 Cedric Teuchert
Cedric Teuchert
 Laszlo Benes
Laszlo Benes
 Vincent Vermeij
Vincent Vermeij
 Marcel Hartel
Marcel Hartel
 Florent Muslija
Florent Muslija
 Benedikt Pichler
Benedikt Pichler
 Christos Tzolis
Christos Tzolis
 Florian Niederlechner
Florian Niederlechner

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2023/2024 2. Bundesliga (Germany) Previews and Live Scores

Find out everything you need to know about 2. Bundesliga football in Germany on Oddspedia. Check the latest standings, results, statistics and live-streaming information for all matches in the league. Furthermore, our odds comparison will show you the best odds for all the upcoming matches in the 2. Bundesliga, and which bookmakers you can make the most profit with your football bets.

To get you in the perfect mood for the next 2. Bundesliga matchday, we will now present you with our preview for the upcoming matches. So, you can astound your friends and hopefully turn a profit at the bookies with your newfound football knowledge. This is by using the interesting facts, the latest footballing news and the many useful statistics that we will now bestow upon you!

2nd Bundesliga Round 16 Preview

Nine matches are scheduled for the 16th matchday of the current 2nd Bundesliga season in Germany. The fixtures will take place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. First game of round 16 will begin on 12/08/2023 and will end on 12/10/2023. The 16th round starts on Friday at 17:30 with a match between Hannover 96 and Karlsruher SC. Last match of the round will be between SV 07 Elversberg and 1 FC Nuremberg on 12/10/2023 at 12:30.

Last week we saw some interesting matches, for example when FC St. Pauli played Hamburger SV and both teams were only able to achieve a draw. Furthermore, there was the match of Holstein Kiel vs. SV Wehen Wiesbaden. Here, Holstein Kiel was the winner, defeating SV Wehen Wiesbaden 3-2. Yet another very enjoyable match was the 5-1 victory of Hertha BSC over SV 07 Elversberg. Here, on Oddspedia, we provide you with a detailed overview and statistics of the upcoming 2nd Bundesliga matchday in Germany– detailed information forall the games on the fixtures, the teams and their performance.

Matchweek 16 Highlights

Probably the most anticipated match will be Fortuna Dusseldorf vs Holstein Kiel on 12/10/2023 at 12:30. Holstein Kiel has the upper hand in this match, since they are currently on the second place in the table. However, they still want to make sure to keep their rank. Both teams won their last match (Fortuna Dusseldorf won against 1 FC Nuremberg and SV Wehen Wiesbaden was beaten by Holstein Kiel), so it will be exciting to see which one of them will play better in their upcoming clash. A look at their recent performance might shed some light on that question: Fortuna Dusseldorf was able to win the majority of their latest matches and Holstein Kiel was also victorious in 3 of their last 5 matches.

Another match fans are looking forward to takes place on 12/09/2023 at 12:00. Here, Hamburger SV (currently in 3rd place) will face SC Paderborn 07 (10th place). Hamburger SV might be in a weaker position here, since they didn't manage to win their last match against FC St. Pauli–while Hannover 96 was beaten by SC Paderborn 07. Looking at the teams' performance in their last matches can also be an indicator about their current form: Hamburger SV had quite a mixed performance lately. They won 2 and lost 1 of their last five games, making their performance in the upcoming match harder to guess. However, SC Paderborn 07 lost the majority of their latest games, which reduces their chances.

People are also excited to see Greuther Furth fight against 1. FC Magdeburg. They currently are in 5th place and 12th place, making their match interesting to watch. Both teams are quite eager to score 3 points in this match and looking at their last matches, both seem to be capable of this goal. Each of them won their last match and scored 3 points: Greuther Furth against Eintracht Braunschweig and 1. FC Magdeburg against 1 FC Kaiserslautern. You can also look at their recent performance to get an idea of their chances in the upcoming match: 1. FC Magdeburg wasn't so lucky lately, losing the majority of their games.

Scheduled Matches

The following games of the current matchday are scheduled for this week:


  • Hannover 96 - Karlsruher SC 17:30 UTC
  • SV Wehen Wiesbaden - Eintracht Braunschweig 17:30 UTC


  • Hamburger SV - SC Paderborn 07 12:00 UTC
  • 1 FC Kaiserslautern - Hertha BSC 12:00 UTC
  • Greuther Furth - 1. FC Magdeburg 12:00 UTC
  • VfL 1899 Osnabruck - FC St. Pauli 19:30 UTC


  • Fortuna Dusseldorf - Holstein Kiel 12:30 UTC
  • Hansa Rostock - Schalke 04 12:30 UTC
  • SV 07 Elversberg - 1 FC Nuremberg 12:30 UTC

League Table - Who is at the Top of the Standings?

FC St. Pauli are currently leading the table with 31 points and a goal differencial of 16 (29 scored and 13 received). So far, they have won 8 out of their 15 matches–but since they're only leading by 2 points, Holstein Kiel (2/29pts) could take the lead this week, if they win their match against Fortuna Dusseldorf (4/27pts). Of course, FC St. Pauli would also have to lose their match. In any case, players will give their best to help their team win. But not only the top of the table has some interesting matches to offer–teams in the lower half also have to fight hard to stay in their league and not finish the season in last place. The last place is currently occupied by VfL 1899 Osnabruck (18/7pts) with only 7 points. Since they're already 10 points behind the last safe place, their only chance of staying in the 2nd Bundesliga would be to make it to the relegation playoffs. If they fight hard, VfL 1899 Osnabruck could actually stay in the league, since they're only 10 points behind Hansa Rostock (15/17pts), who are in need of points to not face relegation.

The biggest positive change in position, compared to the last matchday, has been made by SC Paderborn 07 (11/21 points), who moved up two positions and are now in 11th place in the league. On the other side, 1 FC Nuremberg (10/21 points) made the biggest loss in positions, losing a total of two ranks.

Germany's 2nd Bundesliga in a Glance: 2023/24 Overview

18 teams are fighting for the title in the 2nd Bundesliga 23/24. Of the total 306 matches the teams have to participate in this season, 135 matches have already been played, leaving 171 still to go. The current season started on 07/28/2023 and will have games played until 05/28/2024. In the end, the top two teams will be promoted to a superior league, while one team will have to win in the playoffs to play in a higher league next season. Two teams will be demoted to a lower league where they will have to prove themselves in the next season, while one team will have the chance to fight for their stay in the league in a relegation match.

The Best Players So Far in the 2nd Bundesliga

Currently, Robert Glatzel is dominating the league and leading the list of the best players by points with eleven goals and three assists. Holstein Kiel is the team of the league's 2nd best player, Marcel Hartel, who until now scored seven goals and made six assists. Not only one, but two players are competing for rank 3 of the league's best players: Haris Tabakovic and Laszlo Benes of Hertha BSC and Hamburger SV are all fighting to rank up or even lead the list.

These are the current best 10 players of the league by points:

RankPlayer nameTeamGoals/Assists
1Robert GlatzelHamburger SV11/3
2Marcel HartelFC St. Pauli7/6
3Haris TabakovicHertha BSC9/3
3Laszlo BenesHamburger SV7/5
5Julian GreenGreuther Furth4/6
5Fabian ReeseHertha BSC4/6
5Florent MuslijaSC Paderborn 077/3
5Christos TzolisFortuna Dusseldorf7/3
9Cedric TeuchertHannover 968/1
10Steven SkrzybskiHolstein Kiel5/2

2nd Bundesliga Top Scorers

Looking at the list of the league's best goal scorers, a player of Hamburger SV is leading the list with eleven goals: Robert Glatzel. He's followed by a player of Hertha BSC who so far managed to score nine goals in the 2nd Bundesliga 23/24: Haris Tabakovic. Will he be able to claim the title of the top goal scorer at the end of the season? Further down the list, Cedric Teuchert of Hannover 96, having scored eight goals so far, is also trying to work his way up to the top of the goal-getter list.

Counting only the goals scored, the following players are the best in the league:

RankPlayer nameTeamGoals
1Robert GlatzelHamburger SV11
2Haris TabakovicHertha BSC9
3Cedric TeuchertHannover 968
4Marcel HartelFC St. Pauli7
4Laszlo BenesHamburger SV7
4Florent MuslijaSC Paderborn 077
4Christos TzolisFortuna Dusseldorf7
4Vincent VermeijFortuna Dusseldorf7
4Benedikt PichlerHolstein Kiel7
10Johannes EggesteinFC St. Pauli6

Assists Rankings

Most goals can only be shot when at least two players work together and combine their forces to work their way around the opponent's defense. Therefore, it is also important to take a look at the top assisting players. Currently, in this season of the 2nd Bundesliga, five players are competing for the title of the top assisting player: Marcel Hartel, Julian Green, Fabian Reese, Jason Ceka and Shinta Karl Appelkamp
Looking at the total assists per player, this is the current status of the list containing the best assisting players:

RankPlayer nameTeamAssists
1Marcel HartelFC St. Pauli6
1Julian GreenGreuther Furth6
1Fabian ReeseHertha BSC6
1Jason Ceka1. FC Magdeburg6
1Shinta Karl AppelkampFortuna Dusseldorf6
6Laszlo BenesHamburger SV5
6Baris Atik1. FC Magdeburg5
8Kenan KaramanSchalke 044
8Lars StindlKarlsruher SC4
8Jackson IrvineFC St. Pauli4

Which are the Most Booked Players in 2nd Bundesliga 23/24?

Fairness and sportsmanship are also very important when evaluating players and teams. Hence, it can be good to know which of the players aren't too particular about fairness. Currently, the player with the most cards is Jens Castrop, who received a total of eight cards this season. Following him, with 7 yellow and 0 red cards, is Baris Atik. The following list shows the players in the league who received the most bookings:

RankPlayer nameTeamRed/Yellow
1Jens Castrop1 FC Nuremberg1/7
2Baris Atik1. FC Magdeburg0/7
3Gino FechnerSV Wehen Wiesbaden0/6
4Jackson IrvineFC St. Pauli0/5
4Marvin WanitzekKarlsruher SC0/5
4Bakery JattaHamburger SV0/5
4Thore JacobsenSV 07 Elversberg0/5
4Jonas MeffertHamburger SV0/5
4Aleksandar VukoticSV Wehen Wiesbaden0/4
4Dave GnaaseVfL 1899 Osnabruck0/5

League Stats - Player Statistics and Top Scorers

2. Bundesliga Live Streaming and TV Schedule

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