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If you are a fan of the German Handball Bundesliga and follow the games of your favorite team, then welcome to Oddspedia.  Here you will find everything about the highest division of German handball that will make your handball beat faster: odds on the upcoming matches, latest live scores, an extensive news section, current league standings, and multiple statistics. 

Fixtures & Results on Bundesliga matches

The Handball Bundesliga is made up of 18 teams, which meet twice each season, once at home and once away. Each team, therefore, plays 34 matches per season.  

Oddspedia offers you interactive and automatically updated live scores for all HBL games. In addition, each game is fed with a variety of statistics, keeping you up to date on what is happening in the major handball halls in Germany. This might be of particular interest to you if you are unable to watch your favourite handball teams match live at the moment or if you would like to see detailed information for a live bet. The match days are played on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Handball Bundesliga Schedule

On Oddspedia we present you all upcoming matches of the Bundesliga if the matches start soon directly on the homepage, or otherwise at any time on the HBL website. The HBL season starts at the end of August and ends in the middle of May. There are no play-offs. German Handball Champion is the team that is at the top of the table after 34 matchdays.

HBL Results for Last Matches

Oddspedia shows you all Handball Bundesliga results of the current HBL season as well as the results of previous seasons. The results of the individual match days can be found by match day and by match week. You can also easily switch between different seasons of the Handball Bundesliga using the drop-down function. This function is located next to the league name. In addition, Oddspedia not only provides you with all results of the HBL, but also provides you with numerous other data such as all goal scorers as well as live match comments for each match and of course the match statistics of each HBL match. Oddspedias offer in this area is rounded off for those interested in betting by the current odds including the odds history. So you should really find everything on our website that makes your handball heart beat faster.

HBL Live Table 

The placements in the final table of the Handball Bundesliga can be of outstanding importance. They determine whether a team qualifies for the Handball Champions League or whether it is relegated to the 2nd Handball Bundesliga.  

On the other side of the table, the championship is being fought for. Although the Handball Bundesliga is historically the strongest league in Europe with the most title wins and currently occupies second place in the EHF ranking of the strongest leagues in Europe, the Handball Bundesliga is only guaranteed a starting place for the Champions League, which naturally goes to the German champion. In recent years, however, the German runner-up has always been admitted to the Champions League by means of a wild card, and since the Bundesliga is likely to remain one of the strongest leagues in Europe, it can be assumed that this will generally continue to be the case. Formally, however, places 2-5 in the final table of the HBL will entitle players to take part in the EHF Cup in the following season.

Betting on HBL - Check the Odds

On Oddspedia you will find countless information about HBL betting, which will help you to be well prepared to make cash with bets on HBL games. Oddspedia provides you with all data and information you need to successfully bet on HBL games. 

Odds comparison 

Bundesliga, which allows you to easily find the bookmakers with the best odds. Depending on whether you visit Oddspedia.com from Germany or another country, our website will show you the bookmakers available for your current location. Furthermore, Oddspedia does not only offer you an odds comparison for win bets or 1x2 bets for HBL. You will also find odds comparisons for a variety of handball betting markets, including handicap bets and over/under bets, as well as odds for various less popular handball betting markets.

Furthermore, you can of course find an odds comparison for seasonal bets. For example, on who will be German Handball Champion, who will advance to the HBL, who will hold the class, or who will be relegated to the 2nd Handball Bundesliga. And of course, you can also compare odds on the top scorer of the HBL on Oddspedia.

Oddspedias odds comparison tool for the HBL is the perfect tool to easily find the best odds. Simply navigate to the HBL website via sports and handball. You can then check the odds for a variety of available betting markets at HBL. Oddspedia filters the best HBL odds of all bookmakers for you, so you dont have to do anything else than to view the best odds on Oddspedia.

There is truly no better or easier way to maximize the profits of your bets. Because while the risk remains the same, the returns from your successful bets are noticeably higher.

Live Betting 

In times when almost everything can be done online, the betting market has of course long since become digital. You can, therefore, place all sports bets online and Oddspedia offers you the perfect odds comparison not only before the game but also if you want to place a live bet during a running game. For this purpose, you will find a live odds comparison on Oddspedia which is only offered by a few internet portals. This gives you the opportunity to follow in real-time which betting provider offers you the best odds for different betting markets while the game is already running.

Just click on the "Live" button and you will only see the live games. Immediately after the bookmakers have updated their live odds, you will also find them on Oddspedia. But be aware that the odds can change again at any time. So if you want to bet on a game of HBL and find attractive live odds, you better don't hesitate too long but secure the odds as long as they are available.

Outright odds on HBL Winner and Relegation

Betting on the German Handball Champion is one of the most popular types of bets available for the highest German Handball league. It is undoubtedly one of the HBL betting markets with the highest betting volume, and currently the SG Flensburg-Handewitt and THW Kiel are the two top favourites to win the title. However, especially in the last few years, there have been a few surprises. The Rhein-Neckar Löwens title win in the 2015/16 season was as surprising as the SG Flensburg-Handewitts title in the 2017/18 season.

HBL News

Just like for the first German Football Bundesliga, we also offer a comprehensive news section for the highest German handball league. Find the latest HBL headlines from the most renowned news sources. Don't miss any of the important handball news, previews of all HBL matches, match reports or information about injured players.

Oddspedia has partnered with many renowned sports portals that cover the HBL. Their news will be published Oddspedia, so you can check all updates in one place and stay informed with the latest developments around the league.

If you are only interested in news for example about THW Kiel, SG Flensburg-Handewitt or the Rhein-Neckar Löwen, you can simply visit the page of the respective team.

Not only in football but also in handball there is a whole series of player transfers every year. The confirmed transfers are of course always accompanied by various transfer rumours, which are always only partially true. Oddspedia pre-selects the rumours and only publishes those that come from reliable sources

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