Best Handball Odds Today - Betting Lines & Spreads

Oddspedia is your home for information on good handball odds and other tips to enhance your betting experience. It has several tools to help you analyze different markets and determine the best sportsbook for your next bet. Before you wager, ensure that you know how the game plays and the available markets. You should also know of any regulations that could affect your betting experience. This article provides you with information and ways to increase your expected payout.

Understanding Handball Odds and Betting Lines

Handball odds vary from one competition to another. Some of the factors that may affect the odds include each side's past performance, the opponents' relative strength, the form of each team, and their position on the table. You can bet on competitions before they start playing or during the game. Remember, the number of betting lines may vary from one game to another.

What to Know When Betting on Handball in the U.S.?

Sports betting in the U.S. is restricted. Therefore, gamblers do not have all the options available in many markets. The federal laws do not outrightly ban betting. However, some state laws prohibit online gaming and sports betting. Check if you can bet from your state by clicking some of the betting site links on Oddspedia.

On the other hand, betting sites have different rules that govern how you use the platforms. They include the minimum deposits, bonus regulations, and verification procedures. Fortunately, most of the rules are easy to follow and give various options to the users. Check the general terms of any site before joining it.

Which Types of Handball Bets Are Offered?

There are various betting markets where you can wager on handball competitions. The number varies according to the game at hand. So, always check the one that best fits your prediction to increase your chances of winning. Here are the three most popular ones.


The Moneyline market gives you a chance to place wagers on the winner. You have a choice of the winner or a draw. This market is settled after the end of the game and based on the final scores. It is an outright market and easiest to predict. Oddspedia offers you information to help analyze the sides with ease.


In sports betting, spreads betting is a margin-based market. You will be predicting the margin within which a team will lose or win. The negative numbers denote the favorites for the events, while the positive numbers are the weaker side.  So, if you pick the expected winner, they must win by the said margin. However, the weaker side may win by any margin or lose less than the stated number.


In handball betting, totals denote the final scores of a match. You predict the final scores of the game correctly for a win. However, you may find a few sportsbooks allowing you to determine whether the handball scores will be over or under a given number. If your total score prediction is exact or within the selected range, you win.

Why Compare Handball Odds on Oddspedia?

Comparing handball odds may land you really good numbers for a high potential win on the bet slip. Oddspedia boasts of many sportsbooks and offers tools to compare different markets when betting on popular handball leagues and other competitions. Here are reasons why you should consider comparing odds before betting.

Handball Odds Comparison Helps You Win More

Each sportsbook uses its criterion to determine the best prices for different markets. The discrepancy leads to some having higher odds in the said market. Comparison lets you know which betting sites have the best prices for your selection. The automated tool on Oddspedia gives you the results in a few seconds, and you can log in or sign up on the betting site straight from the link provided. Try the too before betting on the next game.

Find the Best Handball Betting Odds for Today

If you wish to bet on handball games today, Oddspedia has a section that shows the upcoming matches during the day. So, check the upcoming games and visit the comparison section to pick the best odds for the selected markets. With these two tools, you are guaranteed better chances of a win and high bet slip payouts on winning.

Track Line Movement

At Oddspedia, you can track line movements to determine which sides are expected to win or the lucrative markets. It can also help you choose the best wager for the game to maximize your winnings. Check the website for the falling odds in upcoming games.

Find the Best Handball Sportsbooks

The Oddspedia comparison tool is a great way to tell which betting sites are good. If you find sites getting highly rated severally for high odds and wide coverage of games, you are likely good betting platforms. Many great betting sites serve the U.S market, including 

Sportsbook reviewSportsbook promo code
Caesars reviewCaesars promo code
BetMGM reviewBetMGM bonus code
bet365 reviewbet365 bonus code
DraftKings reviewDraftKings promo code
FanDuel reviewFanDuel promo code
BetRivers reviewBetRivers bonus code

Each of them has a unique offering that makes it a choice for many bettors and handball fans.

There are several other US sportsbooks where you can get bonuses on handball betting. Use the high odds and sportsbook promos to increase your winning potential exponentially.


How Do I bet on Handball?

If you would like to wager on handball, visit the handball section of your sportsbook and choose the competition you would like to bet on. If it is a league, you will zero into the game you want to bet on. Then, choose the best market such as handicap, Moneyline, totals, and spreads.

What Are Game Lines in Betting?

Lines in betting are cases where the sportsbooks set odds that determine the favorite and the underdog for the match. Examples of such markets include handicap and spread options. Handicap bet creates a line between the teams where an outcome is either on this or the other side. Both outcomes of this market usually have equal odds.

How Do Spreads Work in Handball?

Always start by checking spread betting options on the market. Then, predict the outcome of the game and determine if it will be higher or lower than the set price. If the outcome is lower, you sell the spread. However, if it is higher, you buy the spread. The more accurate you are, the more you make.

Which Betting Sites Have the Best Handball Odds?

Handball betting odds vary according to the game. Besides, sportsbooks differ in the odds they give different markets. So, one sportsbook may have high odds in one market and not the other. Therefore, it is good to compare betting sites for each selection you make. However, we recommend these three sportsbooks for Handball betting:

  1. Caesars
  2. BetRivers
  3. bet365

What Does A +5 Spread Mean?

Like handicap, the +5 spread means that you will be betting on the weaker side. The team must win the game or not lose by more than five points for you to win.

How Do Handball Betting Lines Work?

There are different betting lines in handball betting. However, each line, such as Moneyline, handicap, or totals, allows you to wager on a possible event in the game. You win if the event happens or happens for the number of times you had predicted. The betting lines vary from one game to another.

Are There Successful Betting Strategies for Handball?

When betting on handball games, analyze teams according to the past performance, current form, and the relative strength of the opposite side to make a realistic prediction. Besides, use bonuses to increase your winning potential and use the Oddspedia comparison tool to get the best odds for your selection.

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