Best Cricket Odds Today - Betting Lines & Spreads

Cricket is one of the top sports on the planet, explaining why the number of sites offering a plethora of betting markets and high cricket odds is on the rise. The sport is competitive, and this has been the case since 1877, the year the first cricket match took place. In this read, you'll learn about cricket betting lines and popular markets. So, make sure you go through the information provided keenly to understand cricket betting.

Understanding Cricket Odds and Bets

Unlike most sports, cricket is quite easy to understand, especially if you are an avid fan. The game comes with decent odds available in various formats depending on the sportsbook. Furthermore, it features many different markets and betting options. But before you start wagering on cricket, here is a crucial aspect you must know.

What to know when Betting On Cricket in the USA?

Most gamblers don't know that betting on cricket in the USA is only possible if you reside in a state that accepts sports gambling. Not all states are open to online betting, but the good news is that most regions allow sports gambling. Some of the states where you can comfortably bet on the ICC Cricket World Cup matches and other events include Iowa, Nevada, New Jersey and Colorado. Also, before betting on cricket in the USA, you may want to check the betting rules of the sportsbook you are using. Understand the betting limits, payout speeds, and payout rate.

Which types of bets are offered?

It is vital to know the types of bets cricket betting sites offer. This is whether you want to bet on test cricket events or wager on Premier League matches. After all, cricket markets dictate the kind of predictions you can make. Some of the main bet types include:


Cricket Moneyline, sometimes denoted as Match Winner, is a common bet type that requires you to predict the team that will outrightly win the cricket match. Take an example of an ICC test match between India and New Zealand. You only need to tell which of the two teams will beat the other in this type of bet.


Spread is a cricket market where the operator levels the playing field by advantaging or disadvantaging a team. The disadvantaged team will have to cover the spread (winning margin) to win the game. When spread betting, you will come across markets denoted as +1.5 or -1.5.


Totals is an Over/Under bet in cricket that requires you to predict whether the total score by a team will be over or under a particular number. The betting option can also predict a player's total runs in an inning. Unlike the winning merging market, totals tend to have lesser odds.

Why Compare Cricket Odds on Oddspedia?

Whether or not you are an expert gambler, you should always compare cricket betting odds. Oddspedia makes comparing betting odds easy by providing clients with the highest odds in the industry. The site covers enough markets from different sportsbooks and sports betting apps worldwide. Moreover, odds comparison comes with the following advantages.

Odds Comparison helps you win more on Cricket

One importance of odds comparison when placing cricket bets is that you get to win more. The concept is easy. By checking the odds sportsbooks offer, you will always land a betting site with better odds on the market. In turn, this translates to a better payout if your bet wins. So, if you are betting on an Indian Premier League event, compare the odds and increase your chances of making better profits.

Find the best Cricket odds for Today

If you take your time to compare cricket betting odds, you will get the best odds for today. Note that some sportsbooks take time before updating their odds, but you won't notice this unless you compare cricket betting odds. In the process, you will get the best odds for today.

Track line movement

You don't need to be a betting expert to effortlessly and successfully track line movements. Instead, you just need to compare odds, and as you do so, you will notice which lines are moving and in what direction. Only then will you notice lines with increasing odds.

Find the Best Cricket Sportsbooks

Odds comparison will help you find the ideal cricket sportsbook for betting on the ICC World Cup and matches from other top cricket competitions. Therefore, before adding an event on your bet slip, go through sportsbooks and don't just be fixated on finding the best odds but also check the range of markets they offer.

Once done, confirm the sportsbook promos, betting terms and licenses from a gambling commission. From there, you will be able to tell which betting sites in the US are suitable for placing cricket bets. Some of the top-rated sportsbooks known for offering the best cricket gambling experience include:

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How do betting lines work in Cricket?

Cricket betting lines are designed by sportsbooks using a special algorithm to dictate how much a player will earn for a particular bet. They also help distinguish favorites from underdogs.

Which Cricket markets should I bet on?

You should bet on cricket markets you understand best. Besides, note that markets such as Moneyline and Series Winner have proven to be the most popular cricket markets to bet on.

Which sportsbook has the best odds for Cricket?

BetVictor is the sportsbook with the best cricket odds regardless of the match and tournament. Also, the sportsbook offers a wide range of markets, making it suitable for new and expert punters.

How does Oddspedia's odds comparison work?

Oddspedia offers you the highest odds from 30+ sportsbooks and multiple markets. As soon as you visit the site, you find a detailed analysis of active or upcoming matches outlining the odds you seek, among other stats.

What is the best Cricket betting strategy?

The best cricket betting strategy is to use team composition to your advantage. However, you will need to do adequate research to determine the team and players' form.

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