Best Ice Hockey Odds Today - Betting Lines & Spreads

Betting on hockey is only as exciting as the hockey odds offered by a sports betting site. Thanks to the competitiveness of the NHL and pro players like Bobby Orr and Wayne Gretzky, hockey has cemented its place as one of the most followed sports in Canada and the US.

This has seen avid hockey gamblers increase tremendously, with new punters joining the list daily. Despite the sport's popularity in the online betting scene, not so many people understand hockey odds, a topic this read will be addressing in detail.

Understanding Hockey Odds and Bets

The first thing you have to do before you consider gambling on hockey is to understand the hockey odds. In brief, hockey odds, also called hockey lines, are the parameters used to calculate your expected winnings if the bet you placed is correct. To have an easy time wagering on hockey events, you must know:

How to Read Hockey Lines?

Hockey lines or odds are the numbers assigned to every individual hockey betting market presented by a sportsbook. The lines guide you on how to bet and help you understand how much you expect from a bet. When reading hockey or NHL odds, you need to know the positive signs represent the underdog and the minus sign the favorite. This is mostly the case when dealing with Moneyline bets. Overall, NHL lines or odds play a significant role in hockey betting.

How to calculate winnings?

Knowing how to calculate winnings for different NHL betting lines is very important. It is the only way to determine the profits you will make for every successful bet you place. To calculate the winnings, the NHL betting site will payout for the underdog whose odds come with a positive sign; use the formula, winnings = (stake x odds)/100. If you are calculating for the favorites or odds with a negative sign, you use the formula, winnings =(stake/odds) x 100. The formula works regardless of the NHL betting lines and markets.

What to know when Betting On Hockey in the USA?

There are multiple things to have at the back of your mind when betting on hockey in the USA. First, find out whether it is legal to place sports bets in your state. Currently, multiple states in the USA allow all forms of gambling, for example, Iowa, Indiana, and Colorado, home to Colorado Avalanche. Another item you need to note is whether the sportsbook you are eyeing accepts players from your state. Finally, go through the sportsbooks' betting rules and learn more about the betting limits and payout rate, among other elements like:

Which types of bets are offered?

The types of bets offered by a bookie complement NHL betting odds. Therefore, you need to study different hockey bets before you start gambling. Some of the main markets worth noting include puck line, NHL spreads, and futures bet. Other wagering options include:


Moneyline is the most straightforward betting option that requires you to pick the winner of an NHL game. For example, you can predict that the Toronto Maple Leafs, one of the initial eight NHL teams, will win a match against the Tampa Bay Lightning in a Stanley Cup playoffs match.


Spread is another crucial betting option where the operator handicaps a team to level the playing field. In NHL games, the term puck line is mostly used. If the point spread is +1.5, the favorite team must win by more than two points. 


Totals is also a common wagering option that you can use if you want to bet on the cumulative goals or points accrued in a game. The total is usually predicted in the form of Over/Under a particular number like 5.5.

Prop bets

Sportsbooks often use NHL prop bets to expand the betting markets. Prop bets can be on individual players or the entire team. For example, if Florida Panthers are playing Vegas Golden Knights in the finals to determine who will end up on the President's Trophy winners list, you can place prop bets like anytime goalscorer. You can also gamble on the shots on net by a select player and the number of saves a goaltender will make. 

Future bets

As the name suggests, NHL futures are markets that require you to predict events that will happen in the future. A good example is betting on who will win the Stanley Cup even before the tournament starts. These bets usually have better odds compared to other markets. 


Parlays are bets made by punters interested in earning significant profits. To bet on parlays - you combine multiple events within the NHL season or Stanley Cup on a single bet slip. This will bump up the betting odds, something that most players prefer.

Why Compare Hockey Odds on Oddspedia?

Like any other sport, you should compare NHL odds on Oddspedia if you are after efficiency. The site provides you access to high odds from ore than 30 sportsbooks. It is also the only platform covering more than 100 betting options which means you are not limited. Other reasons to compare odds at Oddspedia include:

Odds Comparison helps you win more on Hockey

Going through game odds on different sportsbooks increases the probability of finding better prices. On the other hand, this will help you win more in hockey. Fortunately, Oddspedia has an NHL odds page where you will find a list of all odds from different markets and sportsbooks. The section contains only the highest odds. You will find the highest NHL Las Vegas odds or Stanley Cup odds. The page also offers excellent live NHL odds for gamblers that prefer betting on hockey live scores.

Find the best Hockey odds for Today

Finding the best hockey odds on short notice can be challenging. That is not unless you are using Oddspedia as your betting resource. The site guarantees the best hockey odds for today regardless of the NHL teams and markets. Simply open the hockey odds section and scroll to view the offerings.

Track line movement

Tracking line movement is simplified at Oddspedia since the one-stop-shop refreshes hockey odds regularly and indicates when the line has moved. This allows you to keep up with the odds changes, especially when placing live bets. It is, by far, one of the main advantages of using the website to compare odds.

Find the Best Hockey Sportsbooks

Using Oddspedia to compare odds allows you to find the best sportsbooks for hockey betting. Apart from serving you the highest odds in the market, you also get the names of bookmakers with the odds. Each bookie suggested has a review on the site which you can read to figure out its suitability. You can use the review to confirm the safety of the sportsbook and the kind of markets available.

Besides, Oddspedia will help you find bookies with fantastic bonus offers like Outlast, BetUS, and FanDuel. In short, with the help of the platform, you will need only a few minutes to perform a comprehensive odds comparison and land the best gambling site for placing hockey bets.


How do betting lines work in Hockey?

Betting lines in hockey are meant to calculate your hockey winnings for a particular market. Furthermore, you can use them to determine the likelihood of a particular event happening.

How to calculate ice hockey betting odds?

Calculating ice hockey betting lines is a little more complex than you might think. Ice hockey odds are curated by taking into consideration a number of different variables in the match and then calculating a probability for each side’s chances. These variables could include things like the teams’ injury records, their current form, their record in that particular ground and so on. There are tons of things to consider when bookmakers give you odds on a fixture. Check out our Oddspedia site to have ice hockey betting lines explained in more detail. 

What does +200 moneyline mean?

+200 on a Moneyline means the team is an underdog and likely to lose the event. Furthermore, +200 shows how much you are likely to win on every $100 stake you make.

What is the difference between puck line and money line?

Puck line is a point spread in hockey that allows you to bet on the number of goals a team will win or lose by in a game. On the other hand, Money line is a market where you pick the winner in a matchup.

Which bookie has the best odds for hockey?

FanDuel has the best odds a hockey punter can ask for. The bookmaker offers high fixed odds and live odds across different markets. You will also find great odds at the BetUS sports betting site.

What does a +1.5 point spread mean in hockey?

+1.5 point spread is a common betting market in ice hockey. The market means the favorite has to win by two or more goals. On the other hand, the underdog can lose by a single goal or win outrightly.

What does reverse puck line mean?

Reverse puck line is a bet directed at the underdogs stating that they will not lose by 2 or more goals. Like the puck line, the reverse puck line is very common in hockey betting.

How does Oddspedia's odds comparison work?

Oddspedia's odds comparison entails sorting only the highest odds from top US bookmakers and making them available for you to use. The site refreshes odds automatically, making sure you always get the latest odds.

Are there successful betting strategies for Hockey?

Yes, there are a couple of successful hockey betting strategies that you can use. For example, manage your bankroll, do research, and always compare the odds before settling for a particular bookie.

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