Best Football Odds Today - Betting Lines & Spreads

American football is the most followed sport in the USA, attracting amazing bonuses, competitive football odds, and extensive markets. With more than 300 million fans worldwide, it is obvious why nearly all sportsbooks offer the sport for betting.

In fact, online sports betting sites operating in the US favor National Football League or NFL gamblers more than other bettors. Most have extensive coverage of games sourced from American Football Conference leagues and the NFL. Read on to learn more about the NFL, NFL odds, and popular NFL markets.

Understanding Football Odds and Bets

NFL gamblers use betting odds to determine the profitability of a particular NFL market. After all, it is only using the odds that you can calculate the amount you will win if your bet is correct. This explains why players always compare NFL betting lines across different bookies. But before addressing the importance of Football odds comparison, below are details about NFL odds you need to understand.

How to Read Football Lines?

Reading football betting lines is simple. NFL odds work the same across different sports. But if you are a new player, know that football lines come with a plus and minus sign at the front, not unless you're using the decimal odds format. Odds with a minus sign represent the favorite, whereas odds with the plus sign represent the underdog. Also, the odds values indicate how much you will earn for every $100 you stake.

How to calculate winnings?

Calculating winnings is easy in American football, especially if you know how to read them. There are two formulas you can use to calculate your expected winnings. If you want to find how much you will win backing the underdogs, you use the formula (Stake x Odds)/100. On the other hand, to know your expected favorites winnings, you apply (Stake/Odds) x 100. Stakes stand for the amount you are willing to wager for the bet.

What to know when Betting On Football in the USA?

Lastly, you need to know a list of things when betting on football in the USA. First, confirm your state and read its gambling regulations to ensure you can place NFL bets. So far, some of the states where you can enjoy sports betting without dodging the authorities include Iowa, New Jersey, and Connecticut. You can also comfortably gamble in Arizona, home to State Farm Stadium, which currently hosts the Arizona Cardinals. When it comes to the NFL betting sites, read the betting rules carefully and confirm:

Which types of bets are offered?

Knowing the type of bets an operator offers is crucial since it is the only way to tell the kind of predictions you can make. An ideal NFL betting site should have enough markets with the following included.


Moneyline bets are the easiest gambling options in Football. The bet type requires you to pick the NFL team that will win the event outright. For example, you can pick the Green Bay Packers to win their match against the Cincinnati Bengals.


Point Spread, as it is otherwise known, is a handicap bet where the operator comes with an advantage and a disadvantage based on the anticipated victory margins of the teams. A good example is when a gambling site disadvantages the Tampa Bay Buccaneers by -7 in their game against Kansas City Chiefs. With such a spread, Tampa Bay must win by 7 or more goals for your bet to win in case you have decided to bet on the favorite.


Any player seeking to bet on the expected teams' combined points in an NFL game should go for Totals. The Over/Under betting option requires you to predict whether the sum of the teams' points will be over or under a specific number. For example, in a match between Minnesota Vikings vs Las Vegas Raiders, you can predict the total points will be over 48.5. To win, the two teams have to score 49 points and above.

Prop bets

NFL prop bets is a rising market that allows you to bet on events that happen in and out of the game and don't affect the outcome of a match. Courtesy of this bet, you can gamble that Payton Manning achieving over 299.5 passing yards. Also, in a Kansas City Chief game against the Los Angeles Rams, you can use the prop bets option to gamble on anytime goalscorer.

Future bets

Future bets are a popular football market. They allow you to wager on events that will happen sometime in the future throughout the NFL season. The most common futures bets in the NFL is determining the Super Bowl winner. Note that NFL futures always come with better betting lines than other NFL fixtures.


Parlays or ACCA betting is a form of gambling where you combine different events. Most gamblers place this bet to boost their odds and get better payouts at the end of the match. However, for you to win, all the bets must be correct.

Why Compare Football Odds on Oddspedia?

Oddspedia is a diversified sport betting resource with a comprehensive NFL odds page. You can access and compare NFL odds, NCAAF odds, or even XFL odds from 30+ sportsbooks. The odds refresh automatically so that you don't miss out on exciting betting lines, especially when placing in-play bets. These and the reasons below explain why you should compare odds on Oddspedia.

Odds Comparison helps you win more on Football

You will win more on football if you make a thorough odds comparison. This is whether you are only interested in the NFL Vegas odds, odds for other NFL games, or USFL odds. After all, the high odds you will get will be used to calculate the expected winnings of a bet. To benefit more, search odds in as many sportsbooks as possible because, in the end, it is worth the effort.

Find the best Football odds for Today

Odds change daily. This is mostly seen on futures bets where odds reduce as the event draws closer. In this case, odds comparison will help you find the best college football odds today. Go through the Oddspedia Las Vegas page and confirm which Vegas odds are available today.

Track line movement

Tracking line movement is the only way to know how odds are shifting and which markets have rising odds. It is, however, difficult to even notice the changing odds if you don't make a comparison.

Find the Best Football Sportsbooks

When comparing odds, you will be surprised how easy it is to find the best football betting sites. To proceed, take your time and go through other details of the bookie. For example, check the bonuses if you are analyzing BetUS odds, the best bookie for football markets. Also, confirm the gambling license and the NFL games covered. This method will help you discover other top football sportsbooks like Outlast and FanDuel. The process may seem lengthy, but it is not, especially if you're using Oddspedia.


Which football markets should I bet on?

You should bet on any football market that you understand best and has high odds. However, the most recommended options include Moneyline, Futures Bets, and Totals, among many others.

Which football markets should I avoid?

You should avoid NFL Parlays or Accumulators as much as you can. Even though the bet can boost your odds significantly, you need all bets in the parlay to be correct for you to win. This can be quite challenging.

How to calculate football betting odds?

In the United States, football betting odds are displayed in the American format. This format involves the favorite being represented by a minus sign next to a number. This number tells you how much you’d need to stake to win $100. All other odds involve figures next to a plus sign. This tells you how much you’d win for every $100 staked. It’s a good idea to look at a few markets on Oddspedia to get a feel for how the odds are displayed.

What does +200 moneyline mean?

+200 Moneyline on football means that the team is the underdog. It also means the operator will pay you $200 if you bet with $100.

Which bookie has the best odds for football?

Betfair NFL always has the best odds for Football. It is also the best site to enjoy extensive NFL markets regardless of the game and tournament.

What is the puck line?

Puck line is a betting market where you gamble on goals accumulated by each NFL team in a match. Puck line in NFL is based on Over/Under, unlike the Correct Score, which requires you to predict the actual number of points that will be accrued in a game.

How does Oddspedia's odds comparison work?

Oddspedia odds comparison page offers you access to high odds from 100+ markets. The odds are refreshed automatically. Your task is to visit the page and choose the best odds for a particular NFL market. You can then place bets on the site linked to the odds.

What is a moneyline?

Moneyline is a betting market that is equivalent to Match Winner. It requires you to predict which team will win an NFL game. In Moneyline, expect odds like Green Bay Packers +300 and Minnesota Vikings -300.

Are there successful betting strategies for football?

Yes, there are a couple of successful betting strategies. For example, you should always do research before placing bets. Furthermore, make sure you only bet on markets you understand best.

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