Best Table Tennis Odds Today - Betting Lines & Spreads Explained

Table tennis can offer some lucrative bets, but only if you understand table tennis odds. The game of ping pong is simple to play and the rules are easy to follow. But to be successful in table tennis betting, you will need to know the various betting lines and spreads. This guide will help you understand table tennis betting odds and how to use them to your advantage.

Understanding Table Tennis Odds and Bets

Ping pong is a simple game where one or two players try to outplay their opponents. It is a fast-paced sport and players score a lot of points. This opens up many betting markets as there are many factors that determine the winner. So you need to understand each type of bet available.

What To Know When Betting On Table Tennis In The US?

Once you understand the odds and bets available, you are ready to bet on table tennis matches. But you need to check if it is legal in the state you are physically in. While many states have legalized online gambling, some have not. And even if online gambling is legal in a state, there may be different rules from state to state. Once you know it is legal to bet online in your state, you need to find the best sportsbook. You can use Oddspedia's review comparisons to find the best sportsbook near you. The list will only show sportsbooks and sports betting apps that are legitimate and fully licensed in your state.

What Types Of Bets Are Offered?

Sportsbooks offer many betting lines for table tennis tournaments and events. There are no ties, so you will find many Moneyline and spread bets. And since the players play a lot of points, you will find totals and over/under that can lead to a winning table tennis bet.


Whenever you encounter a sport where players try to score more points than their opponent, you should consider the Moneyline. A +150 Moneyline means you will make $150 profit if you bet $100 and that player wins. This is a particularly good bet if you believe that one player is more likely to win the match.


There are also good bets you can make on a match when there is a clear favorite. Once you can read table tennis odds, you should consider betting the spread. A player with a +4 spread is the underdog, and that player is getting a 4-point advantage. With this in mind, it may be wise to bet on the underdog sometimes.


Table tennis leagues are a great source of betting lines as you can check the previous form of the players. But when a match is too close to call, you should consider betting on the total points scored. This betting strategy works well if the players are evenly matched as they will likely score a lot of points.

Why Compare Table Tennis Odds on Oddspedia?

Oddspedia comparison tools work as you might expect. They compare the odds offered by various sportsbooks and display the ones that are best for you. Think of it as visiting all the best sportsbooks in your state and noting the odds they offer. And the best part is this happens in real-time.

Table Tennis Odds Comparison Helps You Win More

When sports betting, you want to find the best odds for a bet that you think you will win. If the bet turns out to be a winner, you will have made the best possible return on your money. Oddspedia will show you which bookie is currently offering the highest odds for any bet.

Find The Best Table Tennis Betting Odds For Today

Knowing that you can find the best table tennis betting odds is half the battle. Now you need to find the games that are happening today. You can use Oddspedia's search function to get a list of all the table tennis matches happening right now, and the odds and betting lines.

Track Line Movement

While you may be confident in the outcome of a match, there are still other factors to consider. The best table tennis sports bettors know that many factors can affect a game's result. So monitor the line movement as sportsbooks also change their odds when they have more information.

Find The Best Table Tennis Sportsbooks

Once you know how to read the spreads and bets, you need to locate the best table tennis betting books. You can use Oddspedia to find which sports betting site you should give your bet slip to. It may seem overwhelming when you first see a list of sportsbooks offering similar odds. But rest assured, all the sportsbooks Oddspedia lists are legitimate, so go for a name you recognize. Bet365 and Betway usually offer some of the most competitive odds for table tennis. There are also sites like FanDuel and DraftKings that often offer higher than usual odds for many sports events. Oddspedia will also show you their bonuses and sportsbook promos.

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Should I bet on Table tennis?

Yes, once you understand the odds, you can find some great table tennis betting lines. Since it is a fast-paced sport, the odds and lines change fast. So many sports bettors prefer in-play betting and follow the table tennis game live.

How Do Spreads Work in Table tennis?

Bookies do not want punters to all bet on the same player, as they may lose money this way. This is where spreads come into play. If a match is one-sided, the sportsbook will apply a spread. This gives an advantage to the underdog and handicaps the stronger player. A +4 spread will give the weaker player 4 points at the start of the game. This balances the probabilities and the sportsbook can offer good odds for both players to now win.

How to calculate table tennis betting odds?

Odds on Oddspedia are displayed in decimals - meaning 1.25, 1.71, etc. This is used to calculate how likely an outcome is to happen, but more conveniently, it shows how much money you’ll win if it does. All you have to do is multiply your stake by the odds and the take out the stake. For example, betting £10 on 1.71 odds will result in £7.10 in winnings, should you manage to get it right! 

Why Do People Bet on Negative Table Tennis odds?

When you fill in your bet slip, the most common bet you will make is a Moneyline bet. A Moneyline with odds of -200 means you must spend $200 to win a $100 profit. But the negative sign means that the player is the favorite and they are more likely to win.

Which Betting Sites Have the Best Table tennis Odds?

Once betting moved online, bettors gained access to a wealth of information. So the best table tennis betting sites change all the time. But Bet365 and Betway always offer great odds for table tennis. And 1xBet often offers odds higher than other betting sites from time to time for random sports.

Does a Minus Sign Mean Favorite to Win

Yes, when you see a number with a minus sign next to a player or team, this indicates they are the favorite to win. The minus sign refers to the amount you will need to bet in order to win $100.

How Do Table Tennis Betting Lines Work?

Table tennis is a sport with no ties, the strongest player wins. So most lines revolve around betting on the outcome. But since there are a lot of points scored in a match, some lines will take into account the number of points scored.

Are There Successful Betting Strategies for Table tennis?

Since table tennis only has one winner, you can use the following table tennis betting strategy. Most betting sites are not familiar with every table tennis player. So you can do some independent research into a match with good odds. Check social media and find out which player is in the best form currently and bet on that player.

    )    (       (       (      (            (       (
 ( /(    )\ )    )\ )    )\ )   )\ )         )\ )    )\ )     (
 )\())  (()/(   (()/(   (()/(  (()/(   (    (()/(   (()/(     )\
((_)\    /(_))   /(_))   /(_))  /(_))  )\    /(_))   /(_)) ((((_)(
  ((_)  (_))_   (_))_   (_))   (_))   ((_)  (_))_   (_))    )\ _ )\
 / _ \   |   \   |   \  / __|  | _ \  | __|  |   \  |_ _|   (_)_\(_)
| (_) |  | |) |  | |) | \__ \  |  _/  | _|   | |) |  | |     / _ \
 \___/   |___/   |___/  |___/  |_|    |___|  |___/  |___|   /_/ \_\