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Edmonton Oilers
Florida Panthers - Edmonton Oilers
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Free Hockey Predictions - Expert Hockey Picks for Today’s Games

Hockey ranks among the top ten most popular sports in the world. When betting on this sport, you need to leverage the services of Oddspedia. This website offers hockey picks for various competitions, including the NHL. All hockey picks on the site are offered for free. It is worth noting that these predictions are offered by highly skilled cappers. You can verify their level of skill by checking their statistics.

Free Hockey Predictions and Picks

You can track the performance of capper predictions at Oddspedia, and this system helps bettors find the best NHL picks. It also motivates the cappers to work harder in coming up with accurate predictions. As you go through the picks on this site, you will be able to learn how to make your own NHL picks.

Hockey Picks - Find the Best Bets Today

At Oddspedia, cappers make forecasts for many different betting markets. That means you can either place single bets or parlay bets. Let's look at the difference between these two bet types.

Single bet picks

With single bet picks, you will only have to pick one selection. This doesn't necessarily have to be a money line bet; it could be any of the markets offered on hockey games. Single bets aren't as lucrative as parlays, but they are fairly safe.


You can also use NHL predictions at Oddspedia to make parlay bets. These wagers are made up of multiple selections and can give you a chance to earn large amounts of money from a small bet.

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Wide Range of Hockey Betting Markets

Oddspedia cappers offer NHL picks for betting markets like the money line, total goals, and race to points. It is important to understand how these betting markets work.

Money Line picks

With the money line bet, you have to choose the winner of the hockey match. Here is an example:

  • A bet that the Boston Bruins will beat the Vancouver Canucks

Against the Puck Line Picks

Against the puck line bets are placed on the underdog of the game. With this bet, the underdog has to win the game or lose by the less than the puck lines. For example:

  • Montreal Canadiens +1.5 vs Los Angeles Kings -1.5

Totals Betting Picks

Totals betting in NHL games allows you to predict the number of goals that the hockey teams will score. Here is an example:

  • Totals goals over/under 3.5

Hockey Future Picks

Hockey future bets are wagers placed on events that will take place at a later time in the hockey season. Here are some common examples:

  • The winner of the NHL
  • The MVP of the NHL playoffs

Race to Points Picks

This betting market allows you to predict the hockey team that will reach a certain number of goals first. For example:

  • A bet that the Los Angeles Kings will reach a score of 2 goals before the Montreal Canadiens

Halt Time Betting picks

With half-time bets, you will have to make predictions on events that will be settled in that segment of the game. For example, in a match between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Chicago Blackhawks you can predict:

  • The half-time winner
  • The half-time total goals

Winning Margin picks 

The winning margin is simply the difference between the score of the winner and that of the loser. Here is an example:

  • A winning margin of 2+ goals in an NHL game

Hockey Predictions Available on All Major Leagues and Competitions

You can get predictions for domestic hockey leagues like the NHL or National Hockey League. In addition, the site covers lots of leagues from all around the world. These include the Champions League, the KHL, and the SHL.

Oddspedia offers stats and live scores of these competitions. When choosing a betting site, you should still use the services of Oddspedia. This is because it compares the odds on different sportsbooks.


The NHL is a North American ice hockey league. It involves 32 hockey teams, and these are from the USA and Canada. Some of the most popular teams include the Tampa Bay Lightning, Jersey Devils, Vancouver Canucks, and Florida Panthers.

The NHL is the fifth-wealthiest sports league in the world by revenue. It also has a large viewership. The Montreal Canadiens are the most successful in the league, and they have won 24 titles so far.

Champions Hockey League

This is a European ice hockey league that was launched in 2014. As a major tournament in Europe, it attracts some of the top teams across the continent. Some teams that have played in this league include the Frolunda HC, JYP, Rogle BK, and Mountfield HK.

Hockey Expert Picks from Professional Cappers

Oddspedia has been able to bring together the best cappers in the sports betting community. It has achieved this by holding regular competitions among cappers. You can tell that they are skilled at making forecasts since the site tracks the success rate of their predictions.

How We Rate and Rank Hockey Cappers

Oddspedia uses different statistics to rate and rank its cappers. These include the return on investment, yield, and hit rate. From the statistics, you will also be able to see the average odds for each tip placed. The statistics also indicate the performance for certain betting markets and hockey leagues.

Hockey Picks Tonight from Expert Cappers

Oddpedia is the best place to get hockey picks for tonight's games. The site also has odds for hockey games that will be held in the future. You can use these predictions to make successful wagers in online sportsbooks.

More About Oddspedia's Betting Community

If you are interested in NHL betting, you should consider joining the Oddspedia betting community. With an account on the site, you will be able to track successful cappers' predictions for many different betting markets. Viewing NHL forecasts on the site will also help you learn how to make your own NHL picks. Community members will always leave comments for your predictions.


Become a part of our cappers community

Post Your Own Hockey Prediction at Oddspedia

To post your own NHL picks at Oddspedia, you should follow these steps:

  1. Sign up on Oddspedia
  2. Click the button labeled 'Create prediction' and choose 'hockey'
  3. Select a league and match from the list provided
  4. Choose a betting market to leave a prediction for
  5. Make your forecast and click 'Publish'

Once the forecast is published, community members will be able to like the post and discuss it in the comments.

What Is Important for A Hockey Pick?

When making hockey predictions, you have to consider a few factors. We will discuss some of these factors below.

League Standings

The league standing will show you how strong each team is. It will show you the number of points each team has received, as well as the number of games won.

Current Form

The current form of a team will indicate whether the team has been sustaining many wins or losses in its recent matches. If the hockey team has won most of its recent games, it will probably win the current one as well.

Power Rankings

The power ranking is meant to show how strong each team is in comparison to the others. It is a simple representation that indicates the team that is likely to win the current NHL game.

Head-To-Head Comparison

Head-to-head comparisons are made between two hockey teams. With these statistics, you will see the results of the teams' previous matches. A team that has won the majority of clshes will be likely to win the current match.

Player Availability

You need to find out if any of the key players will be missing from the matches. The suspension and injury reports will show you whether any of the players will be missing.

Team News

Keeping up with the team news will help you get an idea of the team's morale. This way, you can determine which team can win in an NHL game. Some news you should look out for include manager changes, takeovers, and point deductions.

Find the Best Hockey Picks for You

It is quite easy for you to sort the forecasts at Oddspedia. This is because the site has functional filters that let you sort predictions by betting markets, sports, and the time of the match. You can also filter the results by the number of NHL forecasts, and these can range from 10 predictions to more than 100.

It is important to use the capper rating to find the best hockey picks. Another filtering option is the status of the match. You should note that Oddspedia has NHL predictions based on community voting cappers. When using these predictions, you can filter the results by probability percentage, the number of forecasts, odds, and the times of the matches.

Expert Hockey Picks for Increased Winnings

If you want to make profits in the long term, you should use Oddspedia forecasts when engaging in NHL betting. In addition to having the most skilled cappers, the site has a community of experienced bettors. Members of this community usually hold discussions on various matches and can guide you to the best wagers to place.

Top 3 Hockey Cappers
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Compare and Take the Best Hockey Betting Lines Directly from The Prediction

Oddspedia offers real-time odds comparison services. That means you can quickly find the sportsbooks with the highest odds for specific NHL betting markets. The site will only display sportsbooks that accept US citizens.

In addition, note that these betting sites are reputable and extremely secure. When you click the odds, Oddspedia will automatically redirect you to the betting site, where you will be able to place a wager.

Find the Best Free Bets & Promo Codes

You can also use Oddspedia to find the best bonuses and promotions for hockey betting. The site offers summaries of the offers on different betting sites, and the details are always updated on time. It is important to read through the terms of the promotions to determine whether the offers are good.

Why Are Our Hockey Picks so Good?

Oddspedia is able to offer the best hockey picks because of its ranking system which motivates cappers to post good forecasts. It is also worth noting that the platform holds competitions regularly. Cappers who participate in these contests can win cash prizes. As a hockey bettor, you can use the filters on the site to find specific forecasts.

FAQ – Hockey Predictions

Where Can I Find the Best Hockey Picks for Today's Games?

You will find the best hockey picks for today's games at Oddspedia. This is because the site displays its top cappers, as well as their success rate. It also takes steps to attract the best forecasters in the sports betting sector.

Can I Win Prizes with My own Hockey Picks on Oddspedia?

Yes, Oddspedia usually sets up competitions for cappers, and the winners of these contests walk away with generous cash prizes. You can keep checking the site for announcements of these competitions.

Which Are the best US sportsbooks for Hockey bets?

Bet365 is considered the best US sports betting platform for hockey games. This site is accessible on desktop devices, smartphones, and tablets. You can also place NHL bets on sportsbooks like Sugar House, Caesars, and Fanduel.

Where Can I Get Sure-Bet Hockey Predictions?

Oddspedia tracks odds in lots of sportsbooks and is able to display sure bets. To come up with these sure bets, the site applies mathematical formula, where a profit will be guaranteed no matter the outcome.

Can I Get Free NHL Picks from Oddspedia?

Yes, all the NHL picks on this website are offered for free. Oddpsedia also allows you to make predictions on the NHL season, and members of the community will comment on these posts.

Which Is the Best Hockey Prediction Site?

The best hockey prediction site is Oddspedia. This website offers NHL spread betting picks for many different hockey betting markets, including the NHL moneyline and total goals. You will also be able to sort the predictions using different filters.

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