Pre-Match Betting vs Live Betting: Which Has The Best Value For Your Bets? Cover

Pre-Match Betting vs Live Betting: Which Has The Best Value For Your Bets?

by Oddspedia Experts
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Choosing between pre-match and live betting has always been a conundrum among punters. While both choices offer diverse betting opportunities, one is considered much more profitable than the other. As a result, this read will review Pre-Match Betting vs Live Betting and give you a definite answer on which option offers the best value for your bets. Stay tuned!
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Pre-Match Betting Explained

Pre-match betting entails wagering on events that are yet to begin. This form of gambling allows you to place bets minutes, hours, days, weeks, and even months before the commencement event.

With such a time frame, you can extensively research the teams and players and perform odds comparisons for better prices. You can also discuss your findings with like-minded bettors in the Oddspedia betting community.

In most cases, pre-match betting gives you access to diverse financial markets, thereby not limiting you to the bets you can place. It is an ideal option for amateur punters who are yet to master sports betting and expert bettors who want enough time to do research.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Understanding the merits and demerits of betting on events that are yet to start is crucial as it clarifies the suitability of the form of gambling.
Pre-match betting gives users enough time to analyse the teams and players. You can scrutinise team performance and other relevant statistics to help you make informed betting decisions.

Sadly, pre-match betting has pitfalls, such as a lack of flexibility. Once you place a bet, it remains locked in until the results are out, regardless of the waiting period.

Pros vs Cons
Thumb Up
Thumb Down
  • It has a wide range of betting options
  • Allows comprehensive analysis
  • It is less risky
  • Have access to player/team statistics
  • Less competitive odds in some markets

Popular Markets

One of the main upsides of pre-match betting is the diversity of markets. Bookmakers offer users up to 1500 betting options, sometimes more, depending on the sport. It would help if you made the predictions you want. Long-term and short-term markets, with the following being the most popular options:

  • Match Winner
  • Outright Winner
  • Double Chance
  • Draw No Bet
  • Handicap

Tips for Successful Pre-Match Betting

Whether tennis, basketball, or football betting, there are strategies you can use to increase your chances of making correct predictions. For example, perform comprehensive research before placing bets. Analyse the team's last five performances and confirm players' form. After that, compare the two competitors head-to-head and use the information to your advantage.

It would help if you also manage your bankroll. First, develop a betting budget for the week or month. Then, use the bankroll management tools offered by bookmakers to set deposit and bet limits.

Finally, compare your research findings with our predictions and join the betting community to discuss your bets.

Live (In-play) Betting Explained

Live or in-play betting is a method of gambling that entails placing a bet even after the event has started. You can make your predictions 1 minute, 30 minutes, or even 70 minutes into the game. With live betting, you don't have to worry about missing out on a bet because it has started.

This method, however, requires vigilance. You need to follow the game closely and appropriately make predictions based on the direction of the match. Here, you are presented with live odds, which change as the game continues.

On the other hand, data on the status of live markets keeps shifting from open to closed, so timing is crucial.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The popularity of live betting exploded in the gambling industry due to its multiple advantages. With live bets, the odds are likely to get better with time. After all, the prices keep changing as the teams play.

Another notable advantage is that it forces punters to follow the games more closely than they would otherwise. But then, there is limited time to complete your analysis, which may impact your prediction.

Pros vs Cons
Thumb Up
Thumb Down
  • Allows betting on ongoing events
  • Markets have better odds
  • Access to live results and statistics
  • Some matches are showcased live<br/>
  • Live odds can be difficult to track
  • Provides fewer markets

Popular In-Play Sports Betting Markets

While live betting is known to offer fewer markets than its counterpart, expect a couple of options that will guide you in making predictions. However, this form of gambling only has short-term options!

To expound further, here is a list of popular sports betting markets you will encounter:

  • Point Spread
  • Total Goals Over/Under
  • Correct Score
  • Next Goalscorer

Tips for Profitable Live Betting

With valid betting strategies, you can place profitable live bets. That said, here are tips worth considering. First, analyse live results and statistics to understand the game's flow before betting on any live event.

To streamline the process, start with a pre-live bet before wagering on the live matches. This will allow you to gather enough information on the events, thus giving you a lot to go by when reviewing live results.

Lastly, take advantage of live free bets. Some of the top bookmakers offer customers promotions dedicated to live bettors. Using the offers, you will place more bets while spending less money.

Which Should You Choose?

Deciding whether to place live or pre-live bets can be quite taxing whether you are new to gambling or a professional bettor. However, that shouldn't be the case. Upon scrutiny, pre-match betting is highly recommended if you wish to minimise the risk by doing comprehensive research before placing bets.

It is also perfect for bettors seeking a wide range of betting opportunities. After all, you get limitless options. With over 1500 markets per game, you can make any prediction.

On the other hand, live betting is necessary if you want the thrill of gambling in real-time. This form of gambling requires quick analysis of live statistics/results and prompt decision-making.

Moreover, it would help if you were comfortable with higher levels of risk. In the long run, there is usually less time to do comprehensive research, which is mandatory for making informed bets.

All in all, pre-match betting is a suitable choice if you are after value bets.

Choice of Bookmaker - It Matters!

A decent number of bookmakers offer pre-match and live betting services. But then the coverage differs. Some bookies are well suited for pre-match betting, with over 10,000 daily matches across different sports. Such online sports betting sites also have thousands of pre-game markets.

On the other hand, there are options with many live events from various sports, like football and basketball, with quality live odds. However, if you want the best of both worlds, you may be forced to choose separate bookies for live and pre-live betting.

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Pre-match and live betting are exciting forms of gambling with their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. Live betting allows you to wager on ongoing events and boasts competitive odds.

On the other hand, pre-match betting is only available for games that are yet to start with fixed odds and multiple betting markets. However, they both have limitations which you need to understand before picking your desired form of gambling.

Either way, despite having slightly lower market prices, pre-match betting is highly recommended if you're after value bets.


What is the difference between pre-match and live betting?

Pre-match betting is wagering on events before they commence, while live betting entails gambling on matches that are in play.

💰 Are the odds different for pre-match and live betting?

Yes, the odds for pre-match and live betting are different. While pre-match odds might change after hours or even days, live betting odds keep changing as the game continues.

⏱️ How does the timing of my bet affect the potential outcomes?

Timing your bet will determine the market prices and the intensity of your research, ultimately affecting the outcome of your bet in pre-match betting. For live betting, good timing will see you enjoy competitive odds. You'll also manage to use live scores and statistics to your advantage.

Can I change my bet during a live game if I initially placed a pre-match bet?

You cannot change your bet during a live game if you initially placed a pre-match bet.

⚠️ Which type of betting is considered riskier?

Live betting is considered riskier because it involves working with limited time and information. Meaning you will need more time to do the necessary research.

🥊 Are specific sports or events better suited for pre-match or live betting?

Yes, specific sports, such as boxing and MMA, are well suited for pre-match betting because they offer fewer live markets.

💰 How can I maximise my winnings by combining pre-match and live betting?

Combining pre-match and live betting, comparing odds, and picking the highest market prices can maximise your winnings.

🔍 What factors should I consider when deciding between pre-match and live betting?

When deciding between pre-match and live betting, you should consider your own betting experience, skills, and risk tolerance.

🔀 Is it better to focus on one type of betting or switch between pre-match and live betting, depending on the situation?

Switching between pre-match and live betting is better, depending on the situation. This will help you take advantage of value bets.

☑️ Which type of betting is recommended for beginners or experienced bettors looking for the best returns?

Pre-match betting is recommended for beginners or experienced bettors looking for the best returns. This form of gambling gives punters enough time to research and compare odds from different bookies.
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Last updated 29/03/2024
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