Bowls Live Scores

Keep updated about the current bowl matches on Oddspedia. The site provides real-time scores and other events of interest in all the bowls live games. It also boasts of an extensive list of competitions worldwide, both major and small. Therefore, you expect to find any match that currently underway to be on the site.

There is comprehensive information about any game in the live section. You can pick players who have earned the highest points, the length of the match and any interruptions in the game. It is more like watching the game without seeing the players. If you were not in a position to watch the matches on the day before, hit the yesterday button for all games that played and details of each of them.

Oddspedia also has a bowls calendar that enables you to check results of matches that took place a while back. To get the bowls results of any date, click the day and a list of all the games on that day will show up. From here, you can go to the exact match you wanted to view or explore various matches on the page.

The site also offers a bowls schedule that lists the games that are scheduled for the next five days. If looking to make selections for immediate betting, check the bowls fixtures today and pick the match you feel has the best chance of winning. However, if you want to follow an individual player throughout the league, use the bowl upcoming matches list to find the date that he or she will be playing. During a league, you get over five games played in a day with as many as ten when there is more than one competition.

You can access the bowls live scores in the in-play section of the site. On the other hand, the schedule is great for following some of the major bowls leagues like the Professional Bowlers Association, Leicester and District Football League, Triple Bowls League and Bowls Victoria, among many others.

Bowls News

Oddspedia keeps you updated about all the bowls news from around the globe. If you want to know who is transferring to a new club, transfer fees, new signings and players that will not be in the next competition, the site has it all. Besides, it posts all the rumours and backstories involving all the popular players professional or personal lives. 

All the information that you will find on the site is authentic, up-to-date and relevant. The site syndicates news from leading sports publications from different countries. Therefore, no matter where you come from, there will be relevant news for your country if anything related to bowls happens. On the other hand, Oddspedia offers the most recent bowls latest updates. Any change of decisions, change of events dates, new sponsorship details and boardroom wrangles will be here.

You do not just get the mainstream bowls headlines. The site also presents rumours and opinions from opinion leaders in the sport. You will also find bowls social media news from the official profiles of players, team managers, and clubs. When they hint of a move, changes in team composition, or any other relevant information, you will be the first to know on Oddspedia.

Odds Comparison - Get the Highest Odds from Top Bookmakers


When you have made your analyses and it is time to stake, please visit Oddspedia to check the bookmakers that are offering the best odds for the selection. The site features over 80 reputable sportsbooks and provides the name and logo of bookmakers with the highest game odds under every market. All the markets in bowl games are covered. Therefore, you have the chance to maximise your earnings by betting on the sites recommended on the platform. 

If you find that you have not joined the suggested bookmaker, click the logo and sign up immediately. You can also check if the bookmaker has any bonuses for new customers. Oddspedia showcases the best bonuses for your jurisdiction for easy selection. The arrangement of the markets and odds is similar to that of the bookmaker. Therefore, when you select a market, the recommended sites will show up below the odds. Compare the posted odds with the odds on your favourite bookmaker and use it to help you make that extra coin. Odds comparison combined with other features gives you the best chance to win big from betting.

Live Bowls Betting Odds

If you find it tough to bet before the match started or wanted to have a preview of the teams in play beforehand, you can still enjoy high odds in the in-play section. Oddspedia works with various sportsbooks, just as in the pre-match section, to determine the ones with the highest odds. This, in turn, enables live bowls punters to enjoy higher returns for their bets. You will enjoy higher odds in addition to shorter wait times for your selected game to be concluded and deeper insights into team performance before risking your cash.

To enjoy the premium odds, check in-play on Oddspedia bowls page and explore games currently underway. For each selection you make, you will find the highest odd below the market name and the suggest high-odd bookmaker below both. Compare the odds with your sportsbook. If your bookmaker has lower ones, click the logo on Oddspedia to place your bet with the suggested site. The odds you find are the latest updates from partner bookmakers and will be the same thing you find in the featured site. Use the live scores to determine your ideal market and then pick the best odds to increase your bet earnings.

A Guide to Betting on Bowls – FAQ

How do you calculate bowls odds?

The profit you make is the product of your bet amount and the odds. If working with fractional odds, just multiply the amount on the numerator by the stake and then divide by the denominator. Consider this example; if a selection has 4/2 odds and you stake with $10, the winnings will be (10 x 4) /2, which equals to $20. For decimal types of odds, multiply your odds by the bet amount and then subtract the stakes value to get your profit.

How do you choose a betting site for bowls?

Look for bookmaker reviews and pick a few with high ratings for excellent service and fast payouts. Next, check if bowls game is included in the list of available games in your choice bookmaker. Ideally, it should also have extensive coverage of the sport and offer several markets under each. A good start is the Oddspedia bowls odds comparison section as it has a list of leading sportsbooks working in various jurisdictions.

How does bowls odds work?

The odds translate into your profit and communicate the probability of success. The bookmaker considers predictions from the betting community, its estimation of the likelihood of the event occurring and variables such as weather and choice of the arena. Events that are less likely to occur have high odds and vice versa for ones more likely to occur. Do not just rely on bowls betting sites as these variables may change.

How do you predict bowls results?

Before predicting an outcome of an event, determine what actions can lead to the event. For example, a win requires the player to be good at throwing bowls. Then, compare the player with the opponent to determine if the opponent may cause the event not to happen. Finally, estimate the probability of the event happening when all forces are at play.

Is it possible to make money betting on bowls?

You can turn in profits from betting on bowls. However, you need to take your time to analyse possible outcomes using the tools on Oddspedia. Then, determine how much you will be bet, bearing in mind the possible risk of a loss. Consider cumulative wins rather than one or two large bets with likely high wins.

Are there any successful bowls strategies?

You may focus on the underdog simply because the side has higher odds than the favourites. However, keep away from the Moneyline and look for markets such as handicaps, draw no bet, among others. Bowls teams also enjoy a home ground advantage. Therefore, you may change your prediction based on the past performance stats and the standings of the opponent.

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