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League of Legends (LOL) Quick Start

League of Legends is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA). It was created by Riot Games and ever since its launch in 2009, it has grown into a very popular video game. The game has had hundreds of international tournaments with millions of money to win.

League of Legends Schedule - All The LOL Games!

It does not matter how many LOL games there are per day or for the season they will be here at Oddspedia. Users can easily navigate the LOL schedule on our calendar. So, it is clearly visible to view which teams and how many games will be played each day.

Oddspedia will post the details of each game, live scores and the location where it will be played. The site also provides a schedule to know when your favourites will play next to make the best bets.

The site has made navigation easier since all events are arranged in a calendar. So, if you want to view any event, you just have to select a specific date and see all events for that day.

Upcoming Games

Get ready for League of Legends action and place your bets on the upcoming matches:


LOL Live Scores and Results

Among all the video games in the eSports category, League of Legends stands out. It’s one of the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena's most loved games. If you want to thrive at LOL betting, you have to watch different matches and stay updated. Find more information about names such as Misfits, pro-gamers from the UK, and performances in different Championships. The championships are held all year round and you will always find a LOL match going on weekly. Here, you will find all the information and latest news about League of Legends. We offer information on all the LOL games, LOL tournaments and LOL contenders. 

You can view different live scores and results of LOL matches. The LOL scores on the website are updated regularly and in real-time. The League of Legends live score information includes details such as point leaders, match status and match results. 

Live Streams - Watch League of Legends For FREE!

Live betting adds extra fun, entertainment and tension to watching a match. If you want to livestream LOL events, you can do so on Twitch. Oddspedia.com will also guide you on some of the best live betting sites that offer League of Legends streaming. These bookies will often offer live streams on other games like Heroes of the Storm or Dota 2.

Brief History of LOL

The main idea of creating League of Legends came up when the original developers of Dota, Steve Feak and Steve Mescon founded a video game company. The company was known as Riot Games and it was founded in 2005. The two men wanted to develop a stand-alone MOBA game. The whole idea took a total of four years to materialise. League of Legends was announced in 2008. So many fans were looking forward to the game’s release and the word was spread around. As a result, by the time LOL was released, it became a straight success. The full game was released in 2009 and it has 17 Champions to choose from back then. Currently, the game has 40 playable Champions and there are many other improvements.

League of Legends Gameplay - How It Is Played?

The game’s structure consists of different divisions and sub-divisions that compete in different matches. During the game, participating teams start on opposite corners of a map. The team that destroys the opponent’s Nexus at the end of the match is the winner. For this to happen, they have to destroy the opposing team’s players and AI-controlled enemies, referred to as minions.

In the League of Legends matches, the map is split into three lanes. The lanes are to be used as walkways leading to each team’s Nexus. The lanes are designed as routes that lead players towards one another and towards enemy turrets. Each team has to come up with their own strategy on how to manoeuvre through the lanes. Their strategy should include tactics on how to push forward and destroy the opponents.

During the game, players will earn some gold and experience. You can use this to level up a weak champion by upgrading weapons and defences. In a tournament, the game is played by multiple teams in a best-of-five or three setups. Just like many eSports, LOL operates a tournament structure for major events. This means you will have exciting opportunities to bet on League of Legends.

Tournament Structure and LoL Prize Pools

Professional LOL players have one goal which is to lift the Summoner’s Cup and win the multi-million prize. These rewards go to the best team in the world during the League of Legends World Championship tournament. This tournament is held annually. The World Championship is usually spread over a month and it consists of six main events. The events are held in six different cities and players can be on them. The events include Play-in Stage, Group Stage Round 1, Group Stage Round 2, Quarterfinals, semi-finals and finals. LOL is so popular that people are competing all year round in leagues, regional championships and supporting events. 

The main competing regions are Europe, North America, South Korea and LIP. Apart from the World Championship, the second-largest event is the Mid-Season Invitational. The event might be smaller than the Championship, but there are many LOL bets to place in this event. Other top LOL tournaments include - LCS, LEC, LCK, LPL and LVP Superliga.

League of Legends Team News and Latest Player Updates

To become a good LOL bettor you have to watch many games and stay updated about the LOL gaming world. Just like any other game, the game has rules and tons of information. If you start betting on LOL you should check the latest results, match history, tournaments and roster changes. Oddspedia ensures that you are updated with all the game’s headlines, match results, transfers and rumours. All you have to do is go through the news column. If you stay updated with all the information and changes in the scene you stand a better chance with LOL betting.

League of Legends FAQ

How trustworthy are the League of Legends betting sites?

There are many League of Legends betting sites but only a few of them can be trusted. A legal betting site should have a license from a known regulatory body. You should only sign up on a licensed site.

Can I watch live streams of League of Legends?

Yes, you can livestream LOL matches. Many League of Legends sites offer live streaming services. You can also stream these matches on Twitch, Facebook and YouTube.

Where can I find the upcoming League of Legends matches?

Oddspedia.com provides information about League of Legends matches. You can go to the LOL page to find info about any upcoming matches.

How can I access the live scores and results from League of Legends on Oddspedia?

Simply visit Oddspedia's website and navigate to the League of Legends section. There, you will find up-to-date live scores, match results, LOL Odds, and comprehensive stats.

Which are the best LOL ranking teams?

The best League of Legends ranking teams include Gen G Esports, Fnatic, JD Gaming, Invictus Gaming, Funplus Phoenix, Cloud 9 Gaming, G2 Arctic,  T1 Challengers eSports, LCK Challengers, DWG Kia Challengers, Rogue Warriors, Cream Real Betis, Mad Lions Madrid, DRX Challengers, KRC Genk eSports, Movistar Riders, etc.

Is oddspedia coverage of LOL free?

Yes, Oddspedia's LOL coverage is free to use, allowing you to enjoy the excitement of League of Legends action without any charges.

Are the live scores and results updated in real-time?

Yes, indeed they are! All the live scores and results for esports on Oddspedia are updated in real time. Ensuring you stay informed about every aspect of the game and match outcomes as they happen.

What are the best LOL teams to bet on?

The top teams from each region qualify for the biggest LOL event, the World Championship. At the moment, countries like China and South Korea have the best teams in LOL.

Is League of Legends Betting Legal?

League of Legends doesn’t incorporate any gambling, but it has been introduced in the gambling market. But, betting on LOL is completely legal as long as you bet on a legal betting site.  

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