Live field hockey scores - Latest fixtures and today's games

If you're a passionate field hockey fan in the United States, having access to a reliable odds comparison platform can greatly simplify your betting experience. Oddspedia is your all-in-one solution for field hockey scores and betting, offering the best odds in the market, top sportsbooks, and a wide range of betting options. Bettors also have access to pre-match and in-play odds, as well as valuable content related to field hockey betting.

Field hockey scores

By using Oddspedia, bettors gain access to the full 2023 field hockey schedule. Live scores from the current match day or previous match days, along with all the necessary betting information, available on the go. Oddspedia provides real-time results from all ongoing field hockey games, whether in the United States or internationally. For every action on the field, this odds-comparison platform provides detailed information, including the name of the point scorer and the timestamp. Additional information available includes the total points scored in the game and any ongoing promotions.

Field hockey in the United States and around the world follows a sporting calendar, and the number of games in a day varies based on the time and day of the week. During a season, a tournament can feature up to 10 games. Popular tournaments in the United States include the USA Field Hockey National Championship, National Indoor Tournament, and various collegiate competitions. Internationally, events like the Pan American Cup and World Cup draw attention.

Field hockey live streaming

Bettors can catch all live field hockey games on Oddspedia, ranging from domestic matches to international championships. The platform offers audio-visual coverage of the game's progress, points scored, and all the action on the field.

However, please note that not all field hockey games are available for live streaming on Oddspedia. It's advisable to check whether your preferred sportsbook offers live streaming for the game you're interested in. Oddspedia provides information on which sportsbook is live streaming specific games, so you can easily stay updated.

Field hockey stats

The most common field hockey statistics revolve around points scored and the scorers. Many betting markets are based on these stats, including bets on the top scorer of a game, the game winner, and the tournament winner. These stats are invaluable for bettors, especially those engaged in live betting.

Other essential statistics include point assists, the overall goal scorer, and the tournament's standout player. A single field hockey game offers more than 40 betting markets, giving bettors a wide selection to choose from.

Following each weekend or tournament round, Oddspedia provides information about the team's position and performance overview. This data helps identify top-performing teams and players while ranking others based on their efforts. In the long term, such data shapes markets like tournament winner odds.

Bettors who prefer pre-match field hockey bets can utilize head-to-head statistics to understand the historical performance of competing teams, which significantly influences the odds. Recent team forms also contribute to these statistics, ensuring a comprehensive analysis of the teams' potential performance.

In essence, every aspect of the game is essential in determining odds value and predicting the most likely outcome, assisting bettors in making informed betting decisions.

Field hockey news

In addition to offering field hockey odds comparisons, Oddspedia boasts a dedicated news channel. This channel curates information from reputable sports outlets, providing users with a comprehensive overview of developments both on and off the field hockey pitches. This includes updates on player transfers, injury reports, potential starting lineups, and rumors swirling around field hockey celebrities.

Apart from accredited sports media sources, Oddspedia also sources news from field hockey teams, players, and official social media pages. It's important to note that all information undergoes thorough verification and due diligence before being shared on the platform. In summary, Oddspedia serves as your one-stop destination for all field hockey news, whether it's related to events in the United States or across the globe."

Field hockey betting odds and lines

Similar to ice hockey, one of the most popular sports worldwide, understanding field hockey odds can help you find great bets. But when you think about sports betting, field hockey might not be the first sport that comes to mind. Luckily, Oddspedia has everything you need to understand field hockey odds and bets. And with live scores, player stats, and odds comparison tools, you are in the right place to find the best online betting sites. 

The basics of field hockey betting odds and bets

Field hockey is a team sport where each team is trying to score more goals than their opponents. For this reason, the most common bets arise from picking who you think will win. The odds show you who the field hockey betting sites believe will win, and by what margin. But there are many other great bets you can make.

Important things to consider when betting on field hockey in the USA

Once you understand the field hockey betting odds and find a lucrative market, you are almost ready to place your bet. But there are some other things you need to consider first. In 2021, the USA decided to legalize single-event wagering in several states. However, each state has the power to regulate its own sports betting, so the laws may change when you cross state lines. You can use Oddspedia to discover which sportsbooks and mobile betting apps operate legally in your state. 

Types of bets you can find

In field hockey, many bets rely on predicting the winner of a game or a whole tournament like the Field Hockey World Cup. Knowing the outright odds of a team winning is useful for moneylines and spreads. Field hockey is data-driven, so lineups and team news are available before a game. You can use these to find lucrative bets such as totals and props. 


In a Moneyline bet, you predict the winner of a field hockey game. If the Guelph Storm are favorites to win a game, they will have a minus number next to them. Their opponents will have a plus number since they are the underdogs. 


Spreads in field hockey are handicap bets. The sportsbook applies a spread to even the playing field. If the Erie Otters show -1.5 on the spread, the minus indicates they are the favorites. They will need to win by 2 points if your bet is to be successful. 


Totals are a betting option that does not rely on predicting the winner of a field hockey game. You calculate how many goals you think the teams will score in the game. The sportsbook will present you with a number, and you bet whether the combined score will be over/under that number. 

How to use field hockey data on Oddspedia to increase your chances of success

Successful bettors know that you should bet on the numbers. The probability of winning, player stats, and team news should dictate if you should make a bet or not. Oddspedia's odds comparison features, as well as many other sports betting tools, can help you make better decisions. 

Compare odds for higher bet payouts

Oddspedia compares the current odds on offer from more than 80 sportsbooks. The odds update in real-time, so this ensures that you are seeing the best field hockey odds right now. This is especially useful when live betting as you get valuable information when you need it most. Knowing you are seeing the highest odds on offer, you can maximize your profits when you win. And with more than 100 markets, you are sure to find lucrative wagers. 

Get the best field hockey lines and odds for today

When you place a bet on a field hockey game, you should always look for the best odds. And when you use the betting tools on Oddspedia, you can find those odds at a moment's notice. The odds you see are the best odds available today, regardless of the game or market you choose. 

Track betting line movement

Seasoned bettors track line movement as this can be a great way to find a lucrative bet. Luckily, Oddspedia makes this easy for you since the odds refresh regularly. The odds you see are always up to date and indicate when the line moves. This is especially useful when field hockey live betting. 

Utilize betting stats

The more stats you have available, the more successful your field hockey betting will be. Oddspedia has all the stats you need to make informed bets in one place. You can see the current odds and markets for any game. You can also see detailed stats from their previous head-to-head meetings. Knowing their previous home and away results can be a valuable resource. And the news section gives you access to inside information regarding anything that might affect the result. 

Find the best field hockey sportsbooks

If you use Oddspedia to get the best odds for any market, you are already in a position to make better profits. But as well as providing the best odds, Oddspedia finds you the best sportsbooks in your state. Online betting sites such as Caesars Sportsbook, BetMGM, and bet365, regularly are top of the list as the best sites in the USA. Clicking on any of the suggested sportsbooks will take you to a detailed review. You will see if they have a dedicated app, customer support, and a wealth of other details. And most importantly, you will see any sportsbook promotions, free bet credits stake and bonuses on offer. Finding sportsbooks with bonus offers can boost your bankroll for field hockey betting. 


What are moneylines?

Moneylines are the simplest bet to understand and should be the first market you look at. Each team has a number to represent their probability of winning. You simply choose which of the two field hockey teams you think will win. The number also dictates how much you stand to win. 

Which are the best field hockey markets to bet on?

The best field hockey market to bet on is the moneyline. You can use Oddspedia to see the previous head-to-head results between the two field hockey teams. Using this information, you can find which team is most likely to win the game. 

Are there field hockey markets I should avoid?

While every market has value sometimes, try not to bet on the underdogs too often. While you win big when they win a game, the odds are against you. The favorites win more often than not in field hockey, usually 65% of the time. 

What does +200 moneyline mean?

A plus sign on the moneyline indicates that a team is the underdog and is not expected to win the game. But if a team shows +200 on the moneyline and they do win, you will receive $200 for every $100 you stake. 

Which sportsbook has the best odds for field hockey?

No one bookie has the best odds for field hockey since the odds change all the time. But Caesars Sportsbook is always near the top since they offer great odds for every field hockey market. 

How does Oddspedia's odds comparison work?

Oddspedia constantly checks the odds offered by more than 80 sportsbooks for each market. The results are displayed in a tier system, with the best odds listed at the top. By choosing the field hockey betting site with the best odds, you maximize any profits you make.

Is there a betting strategy I can use for betting on field hockey?

Over the past 2 seasons, the favorites have won more than 65% of the time in field hockey. You can use this statistic along with the head-to-head stats on Oddspedia to find favorable wagers. Combine this with the team news section to make an informed bet."

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