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eSports betting is becoming increasingly popular and so Oddspedia works hard to bring you all the information that you might need to enjoy the experience. You can use the website to see at a glance all of the eSports betting odds, eSports prices and eSports fixtures.

They show you everything you need to be able to make informed decisions both in regard to which bet to make and which bookmaker to place the bet with, thanks to their eSports odds comparison. Plus you can see instantly the matches that are up and coming, thanks to the eSports matches today section.

Oddspedia eSports: Тhe best odds for eSports and all competitions

The really great thing about Oddspedia is that we have access to all the hot odds for available for multiple eSports titles. This is a bit different to going directly to a particular bookmaker who might only be able to show you information about eSports that are taking place directly on their platform. With Oddspedia you can see easily eSports on tonight and this is broken down into categories. You can see, for instance, different eSports leagues across different platforms. There are games that are played across platforms including Call of Duty or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, with Oddspedia showing you all of the different games available for bets. We also direct you where to go to place your bets. There might only be one bookmaker available because the game might be played directly on their platform but if there are multiple providers offering bets we will show you a price comparison.

How to bet on eSports Explained: Tips & Guide

How eSports Odds work?

eSport stands for electronic sports and it essentially involves betting on players battling it out on video games. The players competing are usually professionals who participate in organised leagues to win the chance to attend the World Championships and ultimately be crowned champion. The eSports odds offered by a bookmaker represent the chances that an individual player will win the match. For example, if a player was offered odds of 4/1, they would have a 20% chance of winning a particular opponent. This is calculated using the formula 1/(4+1)x100. It also means that for every £1 you spend you will receive £4 back if the bet is successful.

Why to Compare eSports betting odds?

Comparing eSports odds helps you make the best decision when it comes to placing your bet. Understanding the odds can really help you make the best decisions because you can see who is more likely to win a particular match. They can also help if you like taking chances on an underdog in the hope that you could maximise your winnings if your gamble pays off Comparing the odds also helps you choose which bookmaker to place a bet with, should multiple bookmakers be accepting bets on a particular match. They ultimately help you to see which bookmaker is offering the most favourable odds for your particular situation.

Which types of eSports bets are available?

eSports bets are usually centred around a match or a tournament and are based on who will be the outright winner for the bout. There are different types of bets available, however. These include:
Moneyline bets - based on who will be the winner from a particular match. These are good bets for those who like bets to be speedy.
Handicap bets - These are designed to lengthen the odds. They ultimately place a handicap on a person or team deemed the most likely to win to even up the playing field.
Correct score bets - bettors can try and predict the final score of the match.
Specialist betting - these usually need to be played live but bets can be offered on such things as who will be the first player to 10 kills or who will draw blood first.

Which eSports betting strategies to consider?

When it comes to betting strategies, especially in eSports, research is always going to be your best friend. Find out what you can about each player or team. Look at what they have done in previous meet-ups so that you can try and analyse how they will perform in subsequent bouts. We suggest avoiding newcomers as a bet because you won't know much about them. Maybe watch them for a couple of games and see if you like the way that they play. Also, watch out for teams who alter their team members close to a match. This is often a sign that something is awry and it often hampers the predictability of the team. 

Are there any special eSports betting rules?

One thing to bear in mind is that eSports are often played as a best of three. It is worth knowing, therefore, that should a player win 2 matches, thus making playing the last match unnecessary, that all bets for that particular round will be void. Rounds are also made void if a computer glitch means that they have to be started again. If you like playing specialised bets, you should always read up on the individual rules regarding that bet with whichever bookmaker you choose. They can differ between bookmakers so make sure you know what you are looking for before the game starts.

Which are the best sites for eSports betting?

There are many good sites offering eSports. It really is a growing phenomenon and bookmakers are bending over backwards to give punters a good experience when it comes to placing their bets. Bookmakers such as bet365, Unibet and 1xbet offer an extremely good platform to watch the games live as well as good options when it comes to specialised live bets. They give you everything you need to really get in there and enjoy the match in your own particular way.

Where to bet live on eSports?

The best way to choose the right bookmaker for placing live bets on eSports is to go to Oddspedia. From there you can see who is offering the type of bets that you like to make for a particular match or league and you can also see who is offering the best odds. If you already have a bet in kind that you would like to place, knowing who will give you the best odds will tell you who will give you the highest payout should you be successful. Going with the highest payout is normally the best place to start, although you might want to assess the platform as you make that bet. If it isn't right for you, try elsewhere next time. 

How to predict eSports results?

eSports results can be difficult to predict because there are a number of factors that can affect them and there is also the random nature of the computer game itself to take into account. That being said, looking back at previous matches can tell you how well a player or team have been performing, which can help you make an educated guess. Looking back at any previous meet-ups between the two players involved in your bet should also provide you with a wealth of information to help you make an informed decision.