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eSports live scores

eSports is a fast paced industry with blockbuster games coming left, right and center. That is why at Oddspedia, we keep you up to date with the latest live eSports scores today so you know exactly what is going on in the world of online gaming. We cover all of the most popular eSports titles like Dota 2, CS: GO, League of Legends, Overwatch, Call of Duty and many more. With the amount of games we cover, there is every chance you’ll find your favorites amongst our eSports odds options. 

Giving you in-depth statistics

Our team of experts collect in-depth stats on the live eSports matches going on including things like the head-to-head records, current form and the latest news about the teams involved in the match. Users who have eSports betting lines going will need to stay on top of the eSports live scores and stats that we provide in order to stay up to date with the latest happenings. 

Not only do we provide you with detailed stats but we also let you know exactly how many betting markets are available for you to choose from and how many sportsbooks we are receiving them from. From there, you can check out the best available odds currently available for that match from the best value underdogs to the most competitive favorite odds. Should you want to find out more about the live scores or specific games on our site, you need only use our search bar to filter out the games you don’t want to see. 

eSports stats

Now you know that you can find the latest eSports live scores on our site at Oddspedia but you are by no means a one trick pony, oh no. We provide more than just eSports live scores for our readers as we go that extra mile to bring you the most in-depth stats coverage of every game.

Our stats cover a whole host of different eSports aspects. You can check out the previous head-to-head record of the two teams in action. What’s more, you can check how well these teams have been performing in the matches leading up to the one you are currently viewing. This gives you a fantastic overview of what you can expect to happen in the match you're betting on. Although, eSports is fickle and anything can happen, which is what makes it so exciting! 

Not only do we provide detailed stats but we also show you the best available pre match odds available from the best sportsbooks that we reviewed. You can also check how these odds change during the live match for those of you who are interested in making an in-play bet. These odds are adjusted from map to map so keep an eye on these changes as they are updated frequently throughout these best of threes.

eSports live streams

Wagering on some quality eSports odds today is super exciting, there’s no doubt about that. You know what makes it even more exciting? Watching the game you just placed your bet on. At Oddspedia we show you exactly where you can watch these matches and what sportsbooks are offering you an eSports live stream to check out the games. This way, you can really stay on top of the action at all times. eSports streams add an extra element of tension and investment to your bets. 

All you need to do is navigate to the match that you bet on and click on the watch your event live button. From there, you will be taken to the best possible free eSports stream for the match. Remember, you can always use our live calendar that shows you all of the upcoming matches happening in all of the tournaments and leagues. You can even set reminders for yourself so you will be given an alert before the match starts. This way you’ll never miss an opportunity to place a bet on some of the best eSports odds in the game. Your experience on our Oddspedia site is wholly customizable, so you can tailor your experience exactly the way you want it. 

eSports news

Staying abreast of the latest eSports news can play an important role in your betting successes and failures. We give you the latest news on any transfer rumors between teams, as well as what some of the players are saying on their social media accounts. To find our latest eSports news all you need to do is navigate to the eSports section of our site and click on news. Here you will find all the latest information on the comings and going of the players and what’s been happening in the latest tournaments. Our team of in-house writers dedicate hundreds of hours to bringing you the most accurate news on eSports around.

Bringing you news from the biggest news outlets

While our in-house eSports news writing team plays a vital role on our site we always try to diversity our news offering by incorporating the biggest news outlets stories as well. We bring you news from the biggest US news outlets out there who are at the forefront of eSports journalism. 

You’ll never miss a beat with our news section at Oddspedia as we always strive to give you news quickly but most importantly, we give you high quality news from the best news providers in the US. 

eSports predictions

Aside from finding the eSports live scores and detailed eSports stats on our site, you can also find a host of betting tips and predictions through the community at Oddspedia. Our team of experts give you free eSports betting tips and predictions that you can read at any time. 

We don’t just give you the run of the mill win or lose eSports predictions. At Oddspedia, we go further by giving you betting tips and predictions for the best accumulator and Asian handicap bets as well. These betting tips will extend to giving you the best possible advice for betting on the biggest eSports events like the Dota 2 International or the League of Legends World Championship.

We don’t just flood you with all of our own betting tips and predictions either though as we allow users on our site to post their own betting tips and predictions in the community forum. Users can then be rated on the quality of their tips and begin to build up an overall rating. So, get stuck into the community yourself and offer up some of your own tips at Oddspedia!

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That brings us to our conclusion of the best eSports streams, odds and live scores. You should now have a better idea about what we at Oddspedia can do for you when it comes to finding the latest eSports live score and eSports odds. You can always check back with us to see the stats on the latest eSports matches as well. 

Our site has been curated so that it serves as your right hand man for eSports betting. Our Oddspedia eSports comparison tool will make your life so much easier in finding the best value odds available for the biggest eSports tournaments! 

esports betting guide - FAQ 

How to choose a betting site for esports? 

The easiest way for you to go about picking one of the best eSports sportsbooks around is by using our eSports comparison tool right here at Oddspedia. We make your life so much easier as our reviews, sportsbook promos and comparison tool are able to cut your search time in half. All you need to do is keep a couple of things you would like to see on these sites in mind and then use our comparison tool to help you find the perfect eSports sportsbook. 

How esports betting odds work? 

eSports odds lines work the same as any other sports. Certain factors are taken into consideration which then impacts the given probability for either result of the match in question. 

How to predict eSports results? 

Making an eSports prediction can be a pretty tough thing to do. With that being said, Oddspedia enables you to access our in-depth stats to help you make better betting decisions. At the very least, more informed decisions. Our stats give you the past results, the head to heads records and the actual stats from individual games which give you a bit more of an edge when you make your eSports prediction. 

Is it possible to make money betting on esports?  

Yes, there is no reason why you can’t win money by betting on the eSports odds. With that being said, it is easier said than done. You will need to bet wisely, as winning one bet and losing another don’t get you anywhere. You need more wins than losses to truly make steady money in the betting world. You can find all the help you need at Oddspedia to try and turn your betting losses into betting victories with the best eSports lines. 

Are there successful esports strategies? 

There are some strategies you can use that will improve your eSports betting prowess. However, we have to always mention that some of these strategies are not well received on these sportsbooks’ sites, so check out our guides at Oddspedia and do some research on your own to see which of these betting strategies you should avoid to make sure your account doesn’t close on the best eSports betting sites. 

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