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Best betting sites with Playplus

Welcome to our ultimate guide on how to make the most out of PlayPlus when it comes to your favourite betting sites. 

PlayPlus is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to fund a US sports betting account so we decided to produce this extremely handy guide to everything you need to know about using PlayPlus to finance your casino and sports betting wagers. 

PlayPlus is one of a growing number of e-Wallet options and is essentially a prepaid debit card that bettors can use to fund their online accounts within the US. 

More and more sports betting operators are facilitating the use of PlayPlus so check out our guide on how to make the most of your PlayPlus account when it comes to betting on sports.

How to start betting with Play+?

Everything You Need To Know In 5 Easy Steps!

How to start betting with Play+?
Open A Play+ Account

Register, create a Play+ account and add some money.

Visit Your Desired Sportsbook

Log in to your sports betting account and register the payment method

Access The Cashier Page

Go to the cashier/payments page and select Play+

Deposit Funds

Enter the total amount of funds that you wish to deposit and click on the deposit button.

Confirm Deposit

Confirm that the funds have been added to your balance at the sportsbook and continue betting.

About PlayPlus - what makes it a good choice?

PlayPlus takes all the hassle out of the payment cycle and restores complete convenience to the user. The PlayPlus app is available to download free of charge from Google Play, Apple’s App Store and, for Android users, from APKPure.com.

First things first – security. PlayPlus account holders and their funds are held securely at a partner bank that is insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), ensuring that users have zero liability on any unauthorized purchases or withdrawals from the account. 

PlayPlus also guarantees that it monitors accounts and transactions 24/7, 365 days a year so your money is as safe as it would be anywhere in the world. 

Convenience is a key asset for PlayPlus users because you can instantly upload funds from your sports betting account onto PlayPlus and that money is then immediately available for you to use anywhere where the Discover is accepted. It will instantly be reflected in your PlayPlus balance and that is the amount that you then have to use on your PlayPlus card, which is accepted almost everywhere. If you don’t have your card, simply use the contactless facility on your iPhone or Android.

With PlayPlus, you can forget about those withdrawal fees or the annoying ATM fees that most of us have to suffer, as well as avoiding any risk that comes with carrying large amounts of cash around. Skip the entire process by uploading winnings onto your PlayPlus account and get spending, completely free of charge. 

It couldn’t be easier to download funds into your PlayPlus account. You can do so using Visa, Mastercard, Discover card or a checking account.

If cash is still king for you, simply use your PlayPlus card at any of the thousands of ATMs worldwide.

The days of waiting in a line at a casino are gone and that means more time to enjoy your winnings. Simply withdraw your winnings to your PlayPlus account and head straight to the bar!

Not only that, some online casinos offer free bonus funds to any player using a PlayPlus card for the first time, while many offer cashback on deposits over $100. The cashback amounts might be small but they can add up to significant amounts over a lengthy period of time.

Using your Playplus card for purchases and ATM withdrawals is completely free of charge, although there is a $0.75 charge for ATM balance enquiries and a $2.00 fee if you want to transfer funds from your PlayPlus account to your bank account.

There is a standard casino cash advance spending limit of $5,000 per day, while a card balance limit of $25,000 also applies.

When it comes to loading limits, the standard maximum amount that you can load onto your account in any one day is $2,000. There is a weekly limit of $4,500 and a monthly limit of $10,000. 

PlayPlus users can check their balance at any time. Simply visit www.Play+.mycardplace.com and log into your account.

You can also get balance alerts sent as text messages to your mobile device, or by email to your inbox. In most cases, the operator’s customer services department will also be able to provide balance information. 

How to use PlayPlus for betting

How to open a PlayPlus account

Opening a PlayPlus account is super easy. You can either sign up for free either online or in-person at a participating casino. You must already be registered with that casino or hold a casino loyalty card. Each casino or sportsbook operator has its own enrollment instructions. 

You will be asked to provide the usual set of identity criteria, including details like address verification and confirmation of your identity via your passport or driving license. You will also be asked to provide your social security number but don’t worry, you will be asked for this information no matter what deposit method you choose. 

Approval is normally instant and your PlayPlus account to your existing casino player account. From that moment on, you are free to load up your account and head into the games room. 

You will receive a personalised PlayPlus card in the post, usually within a week, along with a PIN number, which will enable you to access funds via an ATM or use your card in stores, restaurants and bars around the world. 

How to deposit funds onto you PlayPlus account

There are a couple of ways to top up your PlayPlus account once you are up and running. 

Users can transfer funds from their sportsbook account via the operator’s app or website, or they can deposit funds in person at the participating casino, using a debit or credit card, check account, cash or casino chips.

You can do so 24/7, 365 days a year, and deposits are applied to your PlayPlus account instantly. 

Check out our step-by-step guide to depositing onto PlayPlus:

  • Log in to your online gaming or sportsbook account
  • Go to the cashier and select ‘PlayPlus’
  • Select ‘enroll or ‘add funds’
  • After enrolling, enter your credit or debit card details
  • Select an amount to deposit to your PlayPlus account

You can also fund your PlayPlus account with eCheck. Simply log into your Watch and Wager account and visit the deposit page. Simply follow the below process and get playing!

  • Click the Deposit button for the PlayPlus funding option
  • Select Online Banking
  • Enter the amount you wish to fund your PlayPlus account
  • Click Add Funds
  • Review amount and select your bank
  • Enter your bank login information
  • Click Agree & Sign In
  • Select your account
  • Click Pay Now

How to withdraw funds from your sportsbook account

There are several ways to access the funds in your PlayPlus account and all are accessible at any time of the day. 

If it’s cash that you are after, simply use your PlayPlus card as you would with any debit or credit at any ATM. PlayPlus will not charge you for an ATM withdrawal but some ATM machine operators charge for the service, both inside and outside of a casino. 

To avoid ATM fees, why not withdraw cash from within the casino’s cashier cage or from one of the casino’s self-serve machines. 

You can withdraw to a debit or credit card, or a checking account from the operator’s app or website at any time of the day but each PlayPlus program is different so withdrawal speeds may vary. Check the terms and conditions of your casino’s PlayPlus program. 

Which countries accept online betting with PlayPlus?

PlayPlus is available at casinos throughout the US but the proliferation of online casinos and now online sports betting operators means that PlayPlus is becoming an increasingly popular e-wallet option among bettors across the nation.

PlayPlus is available in every US state but the number of operators differs in each state, indeed some states are still a long way off legalizing online sports betting. In these states there is still some time to wait before players can take advantage of a bookmaker’s PlayPlus program.

In states like Nevada and Wisconsin, there are up to 10 casino and sportsbook operators that have PlayPlus programs but states like Kansas and Wisconsin can offer potential players just one or two options. 

The best online betting sites that accept PlayPlus

Most of the biggest gaming and sports betting operators have a PlayPlus program in operation. 

The numbers vary from state to state but in most states, there are at least four or five casinos that have a fully-fledged PlayPlus program. 

In states like Nevada, big gaming operators like BetMGM, Caesars Entertainment and Golden Gate all offer their registered users the PlayPlus facility and the number of operators doing so is only going to increase across the country as, state by state, new sports betting laws are being introduced. 

New sports betting operators to the US like William Hill, who are now operational in a number of states, are also coming on board with PlayPlus programs of their own.

PlayPlus Betting Bonus

All casinos and sports betting operators that facilitate PlayPlus offer deposit bonuses and that include depositing using your PlayPlus account. 

BetMGM, for example, is offering a $25 no deposit free casino game plus a 100% welcome bonus up to a whopping $1,000. 

Several high-profile casinos are now offering four-figure deposit matches but be sure to check the small print because you don’t want to have to be churning the bonus over several times if you want a chance of cashing it in. Some casinos require customers to roll over the deposit amount up to 50 times, which basically means you have almost zero chance of coming away with any of it by the time that is complete.

Once you have deposited using your PlayPlus account, simply complete the rollover requirements and your deposit bonus will then be credited to your gaming account.

PlayPlus FAQs

How do I sign up for a PlayPlus account?

PlayPlus accounts are opened via the operator app or website. Simply log into your existing gaming account and click on the PlayPlus funding option. Once your personal details have been verified and you have agreed with the operator’s Terms and Conditions, then enrolment is immediate. Simply add your bank card or eCheck and fund your account. Your personalized PlayPlus card will be mailed to you within 10-14 days of you signing up. 

How much does PlayPlus cost?

It is completely free to sign up to each and every PlayPlus program. Deposits and withdrawals are free via credit/debit cards and use of your PlayPlus card for purchases are completely free of charge. However, some operators charge a fee for cash withdrawals at the ATM. For example, Golden Nugget Online charges $2 for ATM cash transactions. 

How does PlayPlus work?

PlayPlus provides an easy, secure and convenient way to fund betting accounts without needing to resort to cash or other funding sources. PlayPlus users can seamlessly transfer funds from their casino or sports betting account to their PlayPlus account, which is accessible using your personalized PlayPlus card, which is accepted anywhere in the world that accepts Discovery. You can also use your card to withdraw cash at ATMs. 

Conclusion: Finding good bookmakers that accept PlayPlus

The key to payment options is to find the one that best suits your lifestyle. If you are the type of bettor that likes to have instant access to winnings so that you can celebrate at the bar, then PlayPlus is a great option for you because you can withdraw funds instantly from your casino or sportsbook account to your PlayPlus account and access them via your PlayPlus card. 

Most good bookmakers operate PlayPlus programs but they are not all the same so do some digging into their Terms and Conditions to make sure that you understand exactly what is on the table. 

When it comes to bonuses, don’t get sucked into four-figure welcome bonus offers. Generally speaking, the greater the deposit bonus, the more times you are going to have to turn it over, and that severely hinders any prospects of you actually having any funds left to download onto your PlayPlus account.

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