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Check out all the rugby results on this page with live updates on what's happening on the pitch. You can find the strongest leagues on the planet like the French Top14 or ProD2 or the English Premier League. You will also have Six Nations results and live scores from the most important rugby union tournaments.  

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The rugby calendar is undoubtedly marked by the Six Nations that takes place in the European winter, between February and March. On this page you can find all the rugby events in the world, with the updated calendar and the starting times of the matches, depending on the country you are in. There are more than 80 competitions, with full-season data available on Oddspedia.  

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About Rugby Union - FAQ

How many players are there in rugby?

In Rugby union, there are 15 field players. They are divided on the field into the following positions: forwards, opening, centre, scrum half and full back.

What is the “third half” in rugby?

The third half in rugby is the time after a match when you drink beer and eat to get your strength back. Rugby is considered a gentleman's sport and, after the match, the local team invites the visiting team to eat and drink in a specially equipped room. In amateur rugby, it is a must.

How many changes can be made in rugby?

In international rugby matches there can be up to 8 substitutions. A team can substitute two or three players from the front row - it will depend on the regulations - and up to five of the other players.

What is a touchdown in rugby?

A touchdown in rugby is when the ball goes over the side or when a player who has the ball steps on the line or goes over the line. Players from both teams then line up in parallel, leaving a one-meter corridor between them. The pitcher throws the ball straight and the players of both teams jump up, helped by their teammates, to try and get the ball.  

What is the difference between Rugby Union and Rugby League?

The main difference between rugby union and rugby league is that the former uses 15 players, while the latter is played with 13. In addition, in rugby union there are 8 substitutes, while in rugby league there are 4. Finally, in rugby league there is no "line" when the ball leaves the field on the sidelines.

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