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Welcome to Oddspedia, a great destination for fixtures, results, Euros odds, news, and more. Here you can find all the latest on the Euros lines and many other ongoing leagues and competitions across not only football but also a wide variety of sports from around the world. 

Not just a repository of information, Oddspedia is also a community of like-minded bettors looking for great Euros odds. Our users can share opinions, make predictions and weigh in on the Euros betting lines for any given matchup. This way you can get a sense of which way the wind is blowing before laying down a wager on Euros betting lines. 

The UEFA European Football Championship, or Euros for short, is one of the world’s premier sporting events. Not only do we see a collection of some of the world’s greatest footballing nations go head-to-head, but the timing of the competition means the stakes are enormous. 

The Euros only being held every four years (five in this case) means that players may only get one or two chances to compete at their prime. There are few competitions in this world that attract the attention and fervor of the Euros, making it a can’t-miss betting opportunity.  

Euros Fixtures & Live Scores Today 

On this page, you’ll be able to find all the latest information on fixtures, results, and live scores at a glance. Not only that but also live updated information on goalscorers, group standings, yellow cards, players sent off, and more. In short, anything you might need to stay up to date with the competition and with the Euros odds bookmakers are offering.  

You can find your way through all this by navigating with our calendar feature. Simply select a date and you will be shown all of the upcoming fixtures or past results for that day. 

Once the teams participating in the knockout stages of the tournament have been decided and Euros betting lines start to become available you will also be able to see who will be playing each other in the round of 16, with participants in the quarter-finals and onwards being updated once the previous matches are completed. 

It’s worth noting however that the bracket seeding is not random and that the finishing position of the various teams that qualify from the group stages will determine the bracket composition for the knockouts.

As is tradition the Euros take place in the summer after the conclusion of the majority of Europe’s professional football leagues. Originally scheduled to take place in 2020, this edition of the Euros had to be delayed until 2021 for safety reasons. The tournament will kick off on June 11th with Turkey playing Italy in the Stadio Olimpico in Rome. 

The rest of the group stage matches will play out until June 23rd, with a brief gap before the knockout stages begin on June 26th. The tournament will then conclude with the finals held on July 11th at Wembley Stadium in London at which point we’ll all find out who was the right pick for the Euros title odds.

Euros Stats, Standings & Top scorers 

In this section of the site, you can take an in-depth look at the statistics and performances of the various teams and players in pursuit of the best Euros betting odds. Any bettor worth his salt will know that a gut feeling can only get you so far. If you really want to make the most of your wager and select the best Euros betting lines, you’ll need to do your research and dive into the numbers to get an edge on the rest. That’s exactly what this section is built for.  

You can find all the data you need on individual players, be they star strikers, solid defenders, or tactical midfielders, and use that data to better inform your Euros odds selections. You might notice that one team’s keeper is usually a brick wall, but lately, he’s had a shaky form with set pieces. Or perhaps a lesser-known striker from a lower league team has been in the form of his life. These precious pieces of context can make you a smarter bettor and a more profitable one.  

Also of note are the head-to-head matchups, where you can look through all of the past encounters between teams in friendlies, qualifiers, and previous tournaments to get clues about Euros betting lines. Sometimes information like this can be extremely helpful for national sides, especially if there have been few changes to the squads, but it can also be deceptive if big changes have been made or if players were injured. 

You’d be wise to make sure you keep abreast of the various national team squad selections for this reason in case there are any big names left out. That’s why it’s always key to check the context before relying too heavily on past matchups for Euros betting lines. 

Euros News 

Here you can find all the freshest updates from teams, players, coaches, and fans alike. Anything that makes the news in relation to the Euros will be aggregated here in one easy and convenient location for you to peruse while considering Euros odds. 

This saves you the hassle of doing the rounds of multiple sites to get the latest information, and by letting us take care of that, your time is freed up to focus on your Euros betting lines and the games that matter to you. So more trying to put a Czech newspaper article through Google-Translate to find out if a player was injured in training. 

Additionally, we also keep a close eye on players’ and coaches’ social media feeds, something these days that can really move Euros betting lines. News these days is just as likely to come from an article in the Sunday paper as it is to be published to a player’s Instagram at 11 pm on a Thursday. And make no mistake, oddsmakers will be keeping a close eye on these feeds to detect anything that might change the Euros betting lines they are offering. 

That means that if you want to stay on your toes it’s a good idea to also keep track of any major stories coming out. That’s why we do just that on this page, helping you stay in the know when Euros odds are shifting.  

Further down the line once the semi-finalists and finalists are settled we’ll start to see more granular news and headlines centered around the finalists and Euros Champions’ odds become the focus. By that point stories in the press will likely have less impact on Euros betting odds, teams will have played several games and oddsmakers will have a better idea of their strengths and weaknesses. 

Euros Odds & Betting on matches 

Another key function here at Oddspedia is our odds comparison, by sorting through all the available offerings and showing you the best available Euros odds we are taking the work out of comparing odds.  

What’s more, our Euros odds comparison is refreshed in real-time meaning that any changes will be reflected instantly. This way you can place bets safe in the knowledge that you are getting the best value. 

Crucially our selection of bookmakers includes only reputable operators. We make sure to screen each bookmaker before adding them to Oddspedia’s platform, allowing you to have peace of mind that you are only using highly reliable operators whom you can trust when shopping for Euros betting lines. 

Now we know that odds comparison can sometimes seem like an unnecessary chore for bettors, something that adds time to your betting when you just want to get your picks in and watch the game. But remember, a slight difference in the Euros odds can mean a big difference in winnings. Especially if you are placing a larger bet, say on Euros winners odds, or combining selections. It can be the difference between making an extra $25 or just leaving money on the table. 

Recommended betting sites and promotions 

Broadly speaking we still recommend that you compare Euros odds to make sure you can get the best deal, but there are a few other areas that can set bookmakers apart.

Bonus offers for new sign-ups can be appealing, especially if placing a single large bet like selecting a winner for the Euros. Many operators offer risk-free bets, returning your stake if you lose. BetMGM is one such operator, offering an outstanding new-customer bonus that could certainly entice bettors to choose them for their Euros betting lines.

When you get right down to the nuts and bolts betting involves real money moving back and forth. So when something goes wrong, you want to know that you can get in touch with the operator quickly and have your issue resolved quickly. This is an area where some larger operators like Unibet may have an edge, with 24hr support available via call, chat, and even email.

Although this may not come into play as much for the Euros where broadcast rights are sought after, many operators offer live streaming of games for customers. Bet365 is perhaps the most well-known for this practice, and it can really add to the experience.

Euros Expert Predictions &  Today’s free tips 

One of our most innovative features here at Oddspedia is our community of bettors. On this page, you can find expert predictions from our betting community alongside free tips and advice on current Euros odds and markets. Our community of expert tipsters provides key insights into the various Euros betting lines on offer. 

What’s more -  we even have a public consensus module that takes the combined input of all users on the site and puts them together to create an aggregate reflecting the overall opinion on a particular market or bet.

The great value of collecting predictions and opinions from other users is of course to gather knowledge from other sports bettors and fans outside of our own circles. And with continent-spanning competitions like the Euros, this kind of feature can be even more insightful. Not only do the players involved in this tournament hail from all over Europe, from Iceland to Israel, but they also play competitively all over the world. They could play their club football in South America, Asia, Africa, or indeed anywhere in the world. So to get a true understanding of the tournament it helps to get opinions on Euros betting lines from all corners of the world and all walks of life.

Of course, you might not be willing to take advice on Euros betting lines from just anybody. That’s perfectly understandable, and that’s why you can view detailed statistics on how each tipster has been performing. This way you can choose to only listen to those who are consistently beating the averages. 

You can even sort tipsters by success, letting you easily find the highest quality advice when selecting Euros odds. Further filtering options are available to select by date, matchup, or even by the type of bet you’re looking to place.


Oddspedia is a fantastic place to find everything you need to bet on Euros odds this summer. Whether you are brand new to football betting, or an experienced punter with decades of wagers under your belt. 

Our range of features can help inform you with live updated fixtures, results, and news from every corner of Europe, while our odds comparison can help you find the best Euros betting lines on offer. In addition, you can also use our free tips and advice to source opinions on various matchups over the course of the tournament.

Our aim is to provide you with all the tools to ensure a seamless betting experience where you can focus on the fun, and let us focus on doing all the work. With Oddspedia you can have a one-stop-shop for Euros odds, stats, results, and more.

Remember that we regularly update our platform, so check back with us in the future for more information on football betting across different tournaments and leagues. We also offer support for a wide range of other sports and leagues from around the world, including Tennis, Basketball, Cricket, Baseball, and many more. So remember, enjoy your betting and keep comparing those odds!

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